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Objective 7 – Building bridges to the world

The challenge

Global networking as a result of digitalisation, European programmes, international partnerships and alliances as well as international rankings are just a few of the highly diverse aspects that characterise the worldwide scientific community today. Over the past few decades, science and academic education, especially in the European Union, have benefitted to an unprecedented extent from increasing cross-border cooperation and easier international access. Nevertheless, open international exchange among academics and academic freedom are at risk wherever democratic values are flouted. Universities consistently build bridges by cultivating personal contact and establishing joint programmes based on clear standards in the areas of research, the promotion of early-career researchers, and study programmes.

Our approach

Ever since it was founded, the University of Bremen has been an active advocate of just and peaceful conditions worldwide. It maintains strategic international partnerships, develops its international campus, and fosters the global mobility of its students. The University actively participates in European university networks, promoting matters of joint interest, developing benchmarks, and setting quality standards. In the years to come, it will engage even more strongly in international projects on the level of the individual subjects and establish institutionally stable relations in the areas of research and education as well as the promotion of early-career researchers. By doing so, it will play its part in ensuring that academic education and science continue to cross borders, facilitate access, and foster international understanding.

Our goals

  • To anchor research in stable international cooperation networks and encourage the exchange of Bremen academics with leading institutions worldwide.
  • To increase the proportion of international academics at the University of Bremen.
  • To promote the international mobility of our students and staff, encourage the use of different languages on the campus, and develop intercultural competences in all areas.
  • To intensify our alumni activities, build global networks, and maintain connections with our worldwide alumni as bridge builders over the long term.
  • To offer new opportunities at the University of Bremen to academics whose work opportunities are restricted and threatened elsewhere in the world.
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