Transparent and Fair Appointment Negotiations

The German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (DHV) has awarded the University of Bremen the seal of approval for fair and transparent appointment negotiations for a further five years. This means the university has successfully passed the re-audit procedure for the second time.

According to the DHV, the structure of appointment negotiations and procedures at the University of Bremen has continued to develop positively. From the point of view of the scientists, the already very good and constructive atmosphere for discussion has improved once again. The success of the university’s appointment policy is reflected in the exceptionally high rate of successful recruitments for new appointments and a very good success rate in hold negotiations. In the past three years, the University of Bremen was able to recruit the candidate placed at the top of the short list in 89% of all cases, and successfully completed 80% of hold negotiations. This is also an excellent value compared to other “seal of approval” universities.

High Praise from the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers

On an especially positive note, the DHV points out that the University of Bremen has followed the recommendations of the DHV and, in particular, has increased procedural transparency by establishing an electronic appointments procedure monitor and creating an interdisciplinary guideline for appointment negotiations. It is also to be welcomed that all appointment negotiations – regardless of pay grade – are conducted by the university management with the involvement of the respective faculty. According to the DHV, this shows a special appreciation of young scientists in particular.

It is also exemplary that a wide range of support services and welcome events make it easier for new recruits to get started at the University of Bremen. The University of Bremen sets positive standards both when it comes to balancing family and career and when it comes to supporting “dual career” issues. A comprehensive range of human resource development opportunities is also pioneering.

President: “University of Bremen Creates a Basis of Trust”

The President of the University of Bremen, Professor Jutta Günther, was delighted with the new award: “It shows that the University is continuously and successfully engaged in the further development of appointments procedures and negotiations. In doing so, the university is creating a basis of trust for scientific work right from the start,” she says. Director of Finance and Administration Frauke Meyer adds: “The DHV seal of approval helps to reflect on processes and to become even more service- and addressee-oriented. The wide range of tips and suggestions is helpful in further improving university practice in appointment negotiations and procedures.”

Information on the Procedure:

The re-audit procedure is based on the quality seal procedure. Its main basis is a weighted questionnaire with 42 questions as well as additional special re-audit questions that the DHV has developed on the basis of its consulting experience in appointments procedures. The DHV advises scientists in about 70% of all appointment and hold negotiations in Germany. The evaluation of the University of Bremen focused on fairness, appreciation, transparency, and reliability in appointment and hold negotiations. Statements from the reviewed university were also incorporated into the evaluation. In addition, there were interviews with professors appointed to the University of Bremen about their experiences in the appointments procedure and the experience of the DHV legal advisers was also taken into consideration.

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