Accident and emergency call (internal phone number) : 9-1111

  1. Where did it happen? 
    Place of accident, as exactly as possible.
  2. What happened? 
    Short description of emergency
  3. How many? 
    How many injured an sick people need help? 
  4. What kind of injury /sickness ?
    e.g..: unconsciousness, fractures, burns, intoxication, dyspnoea, chest pain
  5. Wait for queries! 
    Don't hang up before the other side tells you to end the call! 
  6. Please inform the central control room "Zentrale Leitwarte" via Tel.: 07 
  7. Show arriving emergency services the way!

University Emergency Number

In case of accidents and emergencies, please always inform the control room (Leitwarte). The emergency number is +49 421 218-07.

For all emergencies within the university, please dial -2400.

Duty Points in Case of Fire or Emergency

In case of fire or emergency, the University defined new duty points.

It is of important for you to know where to gather in case of emergencies.
Please find the duty point nearest to you building in the map or the table below.

Feel free to contact us for any questions: sekrref2protect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de.

Assemply Points in Case of Fire and Emergency

Nr.GebäudeZugehöriger Sammelplatz
1MARUM 1 + 2Leobener Str., parking lot at MARUM
2ZHG, NW3 (C-Block), UFT, FVGLoebener Str., James-Watt-Str.
3Energiezentrale (EZ), Zwischenlager für Sonderabfälle (SZL), Housing CenterLeobener Str., open space next to MARUM-Pavillon
4LMT, LFM, IWT, IW (1+2), FZB, RSGParking lot at Badgasteiner Str.
5NW2 (A + B-Block), Mensa, ZWBCelsiusstr., between Mensa, Galileo Residenz and Mensasee
6ZB, Mensa, Glashalle, Studierhaus, Studentenhaus, MZHBibliothekstr., between Mensa lake and Stop Zentralbereich
7VWG, GW2Enrique-Schmidt-Str., open space in front of post office
8CartesiumEnrique-Schmidt-Str., in front of Cartesium
9SFG, Sporthalle, Sportturm, UnibadEnrique-Schmidt-Str., behind the SFG, in front of the Unibad
10NW1Otto-Hahn-Allee, in front of the  NW1
11GW1Universitätsallee, parking lot at the GW1
12Geo, Bias, LIONKlagenfurter Str. , in front of the SuUB, Bias
13BH (Betriebshof), OEGKlagenfurter Str., in front of the OEG
14GW1 HörsaalgebäudeUniversitätallee / Achterstr.
15SuUBBibliothekstr., Boulevard off Mensa
16NW1, Kfz-Halle, MST (Mikrosystemtechnik)Hildegard-von-Bingen-Str.
17Grazer Str.Turning area Grazer Str.
18Biogarten AltbauHochschulring, Biogarten
19Cognium, NeurobiologieHochschulring, Cognium
20BIMAQ / Linzer Str. 13Parking lot on the right side behinde the building (at the boundary to the O2-Area)
21ZARMBetween the buildings Zentrifuge/Verbrennungsgebäude
22WIWILeft in front of the building, parking lot
23WINGIn front of the building, entrance and exit to Wilhelm-Herbst-Str.
24WH5In front of the building, fountain