Strong in Research

The University of Bremen has been among the top 50 European research universities for more than 50 years and is an inspiring center of research – diverse, cooperative, and not afraid to experiment.

It is a young, mid-sized comprehensive university that is internationally well-connected and has celebrated particular success in acquiring third-party funding. This applies to both fantastic individual researchers, as well as larger cooperative networks.

Its profile is particularly marked by its five high-profile research areas: Marine, Polar and Climate Research; Social Change, Social Policy and the State; Materials Science and their Technologies; Minds, Media, Machines, and Health Sciences.

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MARUM Excellence Cluster

MARUM– Center for Marine Environmental Sciences aims to better understand the role of the oceans in the Earth’s system  - especially in regard to global changes - by employing state-of-the-art methods and partaking in international projects. The excellence cluster “The Ocean Floor - Earth's Uncharted Interface" builds on the DFG research center “Ocean Margins“ that has been supported by the DFG since 2001 .

U Bremen Excellence Chairs

The U Bremen Excellence Chairs program underscores the strong international networking of existing research strengths and enhances their visibility. It promotes the University of Bremen’s internationalisation efforts on a high level. The chairs are funded within the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. They are anchored in the university’s high-profile areas and other areas of high potential.

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Corona Research

Since 2020, the pandemic has had a firm grip on many areas of life. At the university, the virus has meant that normal teaching and research activities have not always been possible. At the same time, researchers in many areas have been working on and looking at corona and its consequences over the past months.


Research Institutions and Projects

Research at the University of Bremen is carried out in working groups and institutes within twelve faculties and at MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences. Find an overview of research institutions, funded projects, and Central Research Units here.



Excellence Initiative and Institutional Strategy

In 2011, the University of Bremen was granted University of Excellence status, as one of just eleven universities in Germany. The status was given on the basis of its institutional strategy entitled Ambitious and Agile. In addition, the MARUM Cluster of Excellence and the BIGSSS Graduate School received funding. Find out how the University has used its grants to advance research here.


Collaborative Research Centres

There are currently seven Collaborative Research Centres funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) at the University of Bremen. Collaborative Research Centres are long-term research institutions at universities, designed to last up to twelve years, in which scientists work together within the framework of an interdisciplinary research programme.


Careers in Academia

The path to becoming a professor or obtaining tenure in academia can be through a position as a research assistant, a junior professor, the head of a Junior Research Group, or a position in a third-party funded project. In addition to the professorship career path, the University of Bremen also offers a career path to Senior Lecturer and Senior Researcher. Here you will find information about the various career phases and the support offered by the University of Bremen.



PhD Studies at the University of Bremen

Over 2,000 doctoral students from Germany and abroad make a vital contribution to the University of Bremen’s research strength. The University offers young researchers an attractive framework for doctoral projects in its faculties and institutes, graduate programs and non-university research institutions, which are part of the U Bremen Research Alliance. Information for doctoral candidates can be found on the BYRD site.


Support for Researchers

The University offers a wide network of support services for its researchers. These range from its Central Research Development Funding to third-party funding, application coaching, personnel development, the BYRD graduate center, the Equal Opportunities Office, and the Welcome Center, the University offers support and points of contact for its members.


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Managing Research Data

The management of research data that begins with the development of a research question, followed by the collection of data and leading to a final publication, is becoming increasingly important in the context of promoting digitalization. This is why the University of Bremen has adopted its own research data strategy.


Knowledge and Technology Transfer

The University of Bremen places particular significant on the transfer of ideas, research results, and people from the University to business and society. It sees itself as the innovation engine of the region.