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Study Program SoSe 2023

Kunstwissenschaft und Filmwissenschaft, M.A.

Modul B1 Archive, Sammlungen und Ausstellungen

1. Fachsemester. Bitte wählen Sie zwei Seminare aus.
Course numberTitle of eventLecturer
09-51-M5-2Personal Cinema - (self-)portrait, diary and (auto-)biographical film (Veranstaltung in englischer Sprache) (in English)

Seminar (Teaching)

weekly (starts in week: 1) Thu. 14:00 - 16:00 GW2 B3770 (2 Teaching hours per week)

The seminar will again deal with different modes of filmmaking and confront us with a whole range of less well-known material outside mainstream cinema. The focus this time will be on different forms of first-person filmmaking as it may express itself in very different types of films. This concerns of course the home movie and the experimental film, but there will also be essay films, travelogues and even feature films. What are their different (aesthetic) strategies to bring about a personal cinema?

Christine Rüffert