Podcast posts on climate and environmental protection


At frequent intervals, we would like to introduce you to podcasts that are particularly worth listening to.
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DER SPIEGEL:  Podcast "Klimabericht"  (climate report)

The effects of climate change are becoming apparent worldwide in the increase of extreme weather phenomena and ecological disasters. However, man-made global warming also has profound effects on social life and the economies of countries. What must policymakers do now to accelerate the ecological turnaround? Do we need more government regulations to ensure that people behave in a climate-friendly way? What is holding us back from changing our consumer behavior and living more consistently in a more ecological way?
In its podcast series, DER SPIEGEL reports on the many social and political aspects of climate change and the problems of adapting to the ecological transition.

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LUISA NEUBAUER:    1,5 Grad – der Klima-Podcast

What does it mean to be deprived of one's future? What does it mean when habitats become uninhabitable? What is humanity's most dangerous crisis doing to us and how do we get out of it? In the new Spotify Original podcast "1.5 Degrees," Luisa Neubauer, activist and co-organizer of the Fridays for Future movement, explores these questions and more about the greatest challenge of our time: the global climate crisis. She meets people whose work, insights and resistance are essential in the fight against the climate crisis and visits places where the effects of the crisis can already be seen and felt.

WDR 5  Tiefenblick:  Alles Müll

Our garbage is a mirror of prosperity and consumption - and a huge business sector: many industries are making money from garbage. At the same time, waste leads to environmental and health problems that demand a rethinking.