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We will anchor our vision and the strategic goals outlined above within the University and implement the appropriate measures. In this context, all areas of the University must address the following questions: What do the goals mean for us? Where must we define them in concrete detail? Where can we operationalise them? How can we contribute directly towards achieving the goals? What measures are we able to participate in and what measures can we implement ourselves?

Dependability, transparency and commitment between the University Executive Board and the individual organisational units are ensured by

  • the University Development Plan, which defines the number of professorships in the Faculties and their respective fields,
  • planning meetings held between the University Executive Board and the Faculties,
  • the target agreements with other units and centres, and
  • the cooperation agreements with non-university research institutes.

We will implement the Strategy 2018–2028 in a participatory and transparent manner in several steps, thereby fully involving the University's elected self-governing bodies:

  • We will develop roadmaps for the nine target areas. The roadmaps will specify the measures to be implemented as well as the target values and time horizons and ensure that diversity and equality are systematically taken into account.
  • Based upon this overarching strategy, we will then develop sub-strategies in the areas of research, teaching and learning, innovation and public engagement, internationalisation, diversity and digitalisation.
  • The strategies of the Faculties and the high-profile areas will be further developed in relation to the Strategy 2018–2028.
  • The University Executive Board will incorporate the Strategy 2018–2028 into the discussions on the State of Bremen’s Science Plan and use it as a basis for the target agreements to be negotiated with the State of Bremen in coming years, as well as to determine the necessary increase in basic state funding.
  • A major structural renewal and restoration programme will underpin the implementation of the strategy. This will provide an opportunity to satisfy the growing demand for space and new requirements in teaching and learning, research, innovation and public engagement and at the same time address the challenges of digitalisation.
  • The University Executive Board will monitor and evaluate the steps implemented along the way to achieving the objectives of the Strategy 2018–2028 and support the attainment of individual goals by initiating strategic projects and measures itself.
  • The University of Bremen will update its strategy in the light of its own development and changes in its environment for the years 2018–2028. To this end, after four years, the University will ask its committees and units to report on the implementation and put forward proposals for the further development of the strategy. The update will take place in the context of a renewed university-wide consultation process.

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