20th Anniversary of CAMPUSiDEEN Competition – Business Ideas and Concepts Honored

Once again, the CAMPUSiDEEN competition has honored the best business ideas and business concepts in Bremen's higher education landscape. Six winning teams were recognized at the awards ceremony on October 12.

Prizes worth a total of 20,000 euros were awarded at the ceremony held at the Bremen Chamber of Commerce. Out of a total of 54 entries, prizes were given to the first three places in each of the two categories "Business Ideas" and "Business Concepts." The competition was aimed at students, alumni, and employees of the University of Bremen, the University of Bremen, the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, the Bremen University of the Arts, and Constructor University, as well as their institutes and research institutes. This year, the ideas competition is celebrating its 20th anniversary and can look back on around 800 submitted business start-up ideas. "The ideas competition is one of the most successful events of its kind at German universities. I am impressed by how our students manage to come up with great new entrepreneurial ideas time and time again. In this way, they have been providing important impetus for Bremen as a location for science and business for two decades," said Professor Michal Kucera, Vice President for Research and Transfer at the University of Bremen.

From Voice Assistants to Biofuels – an Overview of the Winning Teams

The first prize in the category "Business Concepts" was awarded to Dr. Maximilian Schmidt, Jean Le'Clerc Arrastia, Dr. Daniel Otero Baguer, and Dietrich Schreiber (University of Bremen) for "aisencia." Every second person is confronted with a cancer diagnosis in the course of their life. aisencia offers an AI-supported application. It digitally combines the organization of tissue samples, detection and measurement of diseased tissue, and the diagnostic report in one piece of software. The second prize was awarded to Melanie Walther, Dr. Pascal Böwer, and Tim Thiedemann (University of Bremen) for BionicFuel. BionicFuel uses fermentation to produce an alternative for conventional fuels from compost and garden waste, as well as crop residues. This can be used as a 1:1 substitute in gasoline engines. Third prize went to Darius Pallus, Dr. Thomas Janicki, Simon Czapski, and Amir Razagh-khah (University of Bremen). With, they are developing software that digitizes and simplifies the creation of freight documents in the transportation industry. It saves time and costs, and is legally compliant due to its blockchain technology.

In the "Business Ideas" category, first place went to Jasmin Zahiri and Hossam El-Hadad (University of Bremen and Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences). In view of the current shortage of skilled workers, they developed the idea for the AI-driven integration platform "Talents2Germany." The platform is designed to help international job seekers get started in the German job market by analyzing their profiles and providing culturally and technically appropriate matchmaking, among other things. Stefan Wellsandt and Mina Foosherian (University of Bremen) won second place for their idea for COALA – an intelligent voice assistant for company activities. In the future, company employees will be predominantly engaged in demanding mental tasks. COALA supports this by, for example, providing information in line with individual work experience and thus improving employees' working conditions. Third place was awarded to Sophia Brüssermann, Madlen Schröder, Oliver Krause, and Leon Suchomel (University of Bremen, Bremen University of Applied Sciences) for "Tabu Teen." Mental illnesses are increasingly being diagnosed in teenagers. At the same time, there are long waiting lists for therapy places. Tabu Teen is an adventure game app for preventing mental illness and strengthening mental health, which places great emphasis on promoting individuality and self-acceptance.


CAMPUSiDEEN is organized and carried out by the university network BRIDGE. The network includes the University of Bremen, the Bremen University of Applied Sciences, the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, the Bremen University of the Arts, the Constructor University Bremen, and the Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH. CAMPUSiDEEN 2023 is supported by the following partners: AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven, Bremer Aufbau-Bank, encoway, ESA BIC, Bremen Chamber of Commerce, Kanzlei Nachtwey IP, Die Sparkasse Bremen, Stiftung Bremer Wertpapierbörse, and team neusta.


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The winners of the CAMPUSiDEEN competition
Out of a total of 54 entries, prizes were given to the first three places in each of the two categories "Business Ideas" and "Business Concepts."