Berninghausenpreis for Outstanding Teaching

The Berninghausen Prize for Outstanding Teaching is awarded by “unifreunde” (the association of friends of the University of Bremen and Jacobs University Bremen) on recommendation from the University. Prizewinners are chosen for their commitment and exceptional creativity in the area of academic teaching. The prize is named after its donator and earlier Chairman of “unifreunde”, Friedo Berninghausen, who founded the association and continues to provide generous support to the University. There are three different categories, each worth EUR 2,000, and the prize has been awarded since 1992.

Prof.Lothar Probst, member of the Social Sciences Faculty, was selected for an outstanding introductory module entitled “An Introduction to the Political System of the Federal Republic of Germany”. The jury found that in this lecture, which is delivered to a group of over 300 students, Lothar Probst succeeds in inspiring, “enthusiasm and fascination for the subject in the way he manages to incorporate current political affairs and research findings.” His students especially appreciate that he finds time to give them sound and individual counseling.

Dr.Tanja Henking and Dr.Andreas Maurer, Law faculty, were awarded the Berninghausen Prize for a teaching project entitled “Moot Court”. In a series of role plays, their students simulate all the phases of court proceedings. Their instructors stand by to offer expert support in resolving the issues and problems that arise. In their grounds for awarding the prize, the jury praised the “outstanding combination of social practice and career preparation.”

This year’s prize also goes to Dr.Hans Konrad Nettmann, Faculty of Biology/Chemistry, who received the highest number of student recommendations. In their evaluations the students refer especially to “his incredibly broad knowledge” and above all to the “high degree of authenticity and enthusiasm” he brings to the subject. His teaching is inspiring and he motivates students to participate in critical dialogue. Konrad Nettmann puts everything into his teaching and has the knack of “communicating with his students at eye level.”

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