Successful Reusable Cups: Student Invitation to Join the Crowd-Funding Campaign

"Cup2date" is a successful project run by Bremen students of Economics. The idea to supply 28 bakeries and cafés with returnable cups for “coffee to go” has attracted keen interest. Now the team needs support from a crowd-funding campaign.

The idea and its implementation:

The four students, who are participating in the competition organized by the association "Unternehmen für Bremen", are enrolled on the master's program at the LEMEX, the chair for small and medium-sized enterprises, business start-ups and entrepreneurship occupied by Professor Jörg Freiling. "We wanted to offer a sustainable alternative solution for the many discarded coffee-to-go cups," says Lucian Suhrhoff from the Cup2date team. And the idea has so far been very well received. Anyone who buys their coffee in such a disposable cup can return it to one of the participating cafés, where it is cleaned and made ready to use again. The cups are made of a food-grade, dishwasher-compatible and recyclable plastic. Although it might sound somewhat illogical to replace cardboard with plastic, it is not. You have to know that the conventional disposable paper cups have a plastic coating, which means you cannot cleanly separate the materials from each other and recycle them. The students have designed the sustainable “Bremer Becher” with an illustration of their own.

Objectives of the campaign

By participating in the crowd-funding campaign, which runs until June 20, they are pursuing two goals. "In the first stage we want to raise 7,000 euro, which," says Suhrhoff. "…will allow us to buy and design a lot of new reusable cups. We intend to illustrate the cups with a skyline of Bremen." The second goal, the acquisition of 15,000 euro, should enable them to expand into a nationwide sales network and develop their own logistics. They want to launch a business start-up. "If people support us with money, they will in return receive a thank you from us. This could include, for example, a joint coffee and cake party, Barista courses or Bremen coffee specialties," emphasizes the team spokesman.

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If you would like to know more about this topic, feel free to contact:

Merle Ridder
University of Bremen
Faculty of Business Studies and Economics
Projekt “Cup2date”
Phone:+49 176 721 35 104
Email: teamprotect me ?!cup2dateprotect me ?!.de

Zwei Männer und zwei Frauen lächeln in die Kamera
The Team (from the left): Walter Steinhauer, Jana Pernak, Merle Ridder, Lucian Suhrhoffa