YUFE Will Start Online Courses

Studying abroad despite current travel restrictions? This is possible with the virtual courses of the YUFE Introduction Offer. Students can register for online seminars at one of the ten participating European universities.

The YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) network brings Europe to the home of students and staff of its partners. Despite the restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic, students can gain a first, virtual insight into studying abroad. Be it Cross-cultural Management (Nicolaus Copernius University of Torún), Sustainable Urban Design (University of Cyprus), Women in Philosophy (Carlos III University of Madrid), Transnational Law (University of Bremen), or a variety of language courses: The range of courses offered are beyond subject and country boundaries.  

A total of up to 100 students from all over Europe (approximately ten from each of the universities in the YUFE Alliance) can participate in the courses. They can take up to two online courses and one language course. For the participating students, this can be a stand-alone activity or represent a stepping-stone into the more complete YUFE Diploma Supplement Track.
The YUFE network lives from the mobility and exchange of students and staff in Europe. Currently, some borders are closed and social distance to protect people is a top priority. In these times, online education is becoming increasingly important. This is why the YUFE Alliance has decided to intensify the development of its Virtual Campus. This online platform is intended to connect citizens, students, and university staff throughout Europe virtually.  

Those who participate in the virtual introductory courses will be one of the very first students at a European university and will contribute to the pioneering work towards building an international higher education for all.

About YUFE

The Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) Alliance brings together ten young research-intensive universities – including the University of Bremen – from as many European countries and four non-academic partners. They are committed to creating the leading model of a student-centered, non-elitist, open, and inclusive European university. In YUFE, students, executives, and staff from within and outside academia are working side by side to contribute to a more equitable, diverse, and effective education system in Europe and globally.
YUFE’s vision is to enable students to compile their own curriculum from all courses offered across the ten YUFE universities towards a YUFE Diploma Supplement and, in the future, a true European degree. In addition, the YUFE Virtual Campus hosts all the members’ online course offer. The official language is English but you will be able to learn the language of the host country that you will visit physically or virtually. You will have opportunities to volunteer or follow internships within YUFE. Your diploma will also list your achievements relating to language learning, professional training, job shadowing, community volunteering, and all the other opportunities YUFE offers. Academic and non-academic university staff are also to benefit from joint projects and exchange opportunities in the YUFE Alliance.

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Dr. Sarah Wilewski
YUFE Institutional Coordinator
Phone: +49 421 218-60384
Email: yufe-infoprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de



Applications Are Open Now
Applications Are Open Now: YUFE Introduction Offer