New semester and new music

The new winter semester at the University of Bremen coincides with the new music season, which launches two concert series in the Theatersaal: Music lovers can listen to the Midday Concerts, every Tuesday from 12:30 to 12:55 – entry free. The audience may (quietly) partake of snacks. And then there are the Evening Concerts (Thursdays, 20.00), which take place alternately with Afternoon Concerts every second week (Sundays, 16.00). Entry for these concerts costs eight euros (reduced price five euros).

The opening Evening Concert on 28th October is marked by a special highlight. The “great lady” of electronic music, Annea Lockwood, will give a guest performance at the University of Bremen. Since the 1960s the virtuoso from New Zealand has been a leading figure in the field of electronic and experimental music. She is also famed for linking her music to social issues. The concert, which begins at 20.00 in the Theatersaal, comprises her current program: “Abstraction and Engagement - Music, stories, protests, spiritual journey”. She is accompanied by David Behrmann (guitar & laptop), Thomas Buckner (baritone) and Theodore Mook (cello).

The concert features two works, “My Dear Siegfried” and “In Our Name”, which each in their very own way deal with the topics of pacifism and political persecution, incorporating writings by political prisoners.  Annea Lockwood lives in New York, where she is a professor of music. One of the very first e-musicians, she integrates everyday sounds and nature sounds in her music.

Other concert events are announced on the Internet at The start of the new winter semester also marks the start of a new season for the University Orchestra, Tango Orchestra, Choir and the Big Band. If you are interested in getting involved in any of these: