PRAXIS Summer Camp: Students Work on Practical Tasks

63 students from various fields at the University of Bremen, Constructor University, and partner universities are working on a total of 18 projects at the PRAXIS Summer Camp for 21 companies and institutions from the region as well as for a company from England.

This is the seventh time that the PRAXIS Summer Camp has been held at the University of Bremen. This time, students will develop apps and marketing strategies, and design new processes. The current topic of attracting skilled workers is being addressed in the joint project "Employer Branding Strategy" by the companies encoway, OHB Digital, and TOPAS Industrial Mathematics. Another project team is working on retaining skilled workers by designing a web app to measure a "happiness indicator" for the company neusta aerospace. There are also several project topics from the areas of Data Research and Analytics, since "data is the new oil."

Soft Skills Development

The 2023 PRAXIS Summer Camp gives students the opportunity to apply the methodological skills they have acquired during their studies in practical business situations and to develop their soft skills. Not only students with a purely commercial background, but also students from fields such as industrial engineering, business IT, as well as computer science and digital media are represented in the teams. Special soft skills are addressed and trained in transdisciplinary teams. Since international students who do not speak German are also involved, English is the language of discussion and presentation in the majority of cases and in addition, intercultural skills will be honed. Teamwork as well as communication and management skills are trained in direct application at the PRAXIS Summer Camp.
It is a safe environment for students to experience the real world of work, to try things out, and to learn a lot in the process. The 18 projects are supported by an academic coaching team of nine young academics.

Number of Interested Companies on the Rise

While there were initially six companies and 43 students involved in 2017, the number of interested companies has steadily increased. "Word has spread throughout Bremen's business community that the teams are doing excellent work – and quite a few companies are also seizing the opportunity to make contact with talented and committed future graduates right away," says Maren Hartstock from the faculty's Practice and Transfer Office. "After all, three weeks of good work are more convincing than many a job interview."

Network Expanded

This year, for the first time, the PRAXIS Summer Camp organization team from the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics is working in cooperation with TOPAS Industrial Mathematics. TOPAS is providing support in a variety of ways, such as organizing five projects in cooperation with other partner companies and coaching eight projects. The team was able to attract the project partner "#MOIN Modellregion Industriemathematik" as a premium supporter. As in previous years, with "future concepts - digital innovation projects," an initiative of the Senator for Economics, Ports, and Transformation, the LEMEX chair held by Professor Freiling from the Faculty of Business Studies & Economics is supporting the hands-on teaching format "PRAXIS Summer Camp."

Press Invite

Students and companies will present the results of the individual projects during the final showcase from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, August 25, 2023. Media representatives and interested parties can register by sending an email to

Further Information:

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PRAXIS Summer Camp
The 2023 PRAXIS Summer Camp gives students the opportunity to apply the methodological skills they have acquired during their studies in practical business situations and to develop their soft skills.