Rudolf Hickel Receives the Bremen Senatsmedaille

Happy news for economist Professor Rudolf Hickel – and it makes the University happy, too: The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has bestowed on him the Bremer Senatsmedaille [a medal of honor awarded by the Bremen Senate for services in art and science]. Hickel, who counts among Germany’s most prominent economists, was awarded the medal for his outstanding contributions to the University and academia.

Expertise Much in Demand

Rudolf Hickel, a professor of the University for almost forty years, heads the University’s Institut Arbeit und Wirtschaft [Institute of Work and Economy], where he is still lead researcher in the department “Regional Development and Financial Policy”. Besides his work in the “Research Group Alternative Economic Policy” the controversial economist is known for his multitudinous political and journalistic contributions on German and international economic policy. Hickel’s particular gift of clarifying complex issues and proposing solutions in easily understood terms made him a much sought-after media personality. His views are likewise highly respected by policy makers.

Competent and critical

“His academic work and expertise have earned Rudolf Hickel recognition as a competent and critical research far beyond the borders of Bremen”, commented the Mayor of Bremen, Dr. Carsten Sieling, who underlined the economists “outstanding services to the University and academia in Bremen”.

Porträt von Rudolf Hickel
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hickel