Start the Year with Fresh Language Skills

In February and March the Languages Centre of the Universities in the Land of Bremen (SZHB) is offering a wide range of opportunities for language learning. The program includes courses for beginners as well as advanced learners, paid educational leave courses, and autonomous learning opportunities.

Eleven different languages form the focus of the one to two-week intensive courses, among them Arabic, Chinese, sign language, Korean, and Dutch. All courses are led by experienced language teachers and, with the exception of a few Spanish courses, take place in person.

The beginners' courses in Italian, Polish, Russian, and Portuguese, as well as the B1-level English courses, are also recognized as paid educational leave in accordance with the Bremen Educational Leave Act. The courses are aimed at students, student applicants, and all interested parties from Bremen and the surrounding area. The English B2 to C1 program focuses on teaching academic language skills. Student applicants can obtain any necessary certificates for admission to university here.

Individual Learning: Tutoring Program, Writer's Help Desk, and Self-Study Center

Guided yet self-determined learning is made possible by the tutoring program, which also takes place during the lecture-free period. The Writer's Help Desk offers the opportunity for feedback on English-language texts of all kinds and further assistance with writing in English with individual one-to-one consultations by appointment. Furthermore, the Language Self-Study Center in the university's GW2 Building is open all year round as a place to learn, for example as a meeting point for language tandems. All of these services are free of charge for students at the University of Bremen.

The language program for the 2024 summer semester will start on April 2, 2024.


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Languages Centre of the Universities in the Land of Bremen

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