University of Bremen Foundation Honored

The University of Bremen Foundation has received quality certification for its good management of trust foundations. In total, ten organizations were honored with the certification for quality and transparency in the field of foundation management.

“The certification is great acknowledgment of our work. It shows that people who want to be active for science, are looked after well at the University of Bremen,” says the Director of Finance and Administration and foundation board chairwoman, Frauke Meyer, happily. “Other grantors are very welcome!”

The certification is valid for three years and is awarded by the Association of German Foundations. It was awarded as part of the Digital day of German Foundations on June 8, 2021. Prior to awarding, an independent selection committee assesses if the strong awarding criteria has been adhered to and hands out the quality certification to grantors who have proven their skills in managing trust foundations in reality. The basic principles of good management of trust foundations describe the assessment criteria for certification awarding in detail. The quality seal offers grantors orientation help when choosing a suitable trustee and is to protect against dubious business practices.

About the University of Bremen Foundation

The University of Bremen Foundation is active itself as a charitable foundation and also manages five trust foundations. The “Make a Donation, Create Knowledge” initiative, which marks the university’s 50th birthday, provides information about the motivation and experiences of grantors and those who are sponsored online, in podcasts, at events, and with a book that will come out in the fall. Here are the five trust foundations:


Since 20212, the KELLNER & STOLL FOUNDATION FOR THE CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENT ("KELLNER & STOLL-STIFTUNG FÜR KLIMA UND UMWELT") has been dedicated to supporting research and early-career researchers in the field of environmental and resource protection, climate change, climate protection, and renewable energies. The foundation was the first trust foundation of the University of Bremen Foundation.

Manfred and Ursula Fluß Foundation:

The Manfred and Ursula Fluß Foundation ("Manfred und Ursula Fluß-Stiftung") has been supporting research and teaching at the University of Bremen together with the University of Bremen Foundation since 2015. Their projects include the Deutschlandstipendium scholarship program, conferences, and the “From the Files to the Stage” project.

Iris and Hartmut Jürgens Foundation - Chance at a New Life:

Since its establishment in 2015, the sponsoring focal points of the Iris and Hartmut Jürgens Foundation - Chance at a New Life ("Iris und Hartmut Jürgens-Stiftung – Chance auf ein neues Leben") have been medical-diagnostic and therapeutic research, as well as projects for refugees.  The focal points stem from the long-term work of Iris Jürgens in the field of refugee aid and the lung illness that caused the grantor Hartmut Jürgens to lose his life far too early in 2017.

Karin and Heinz-Otto Peitgen Foundation:

Since 2015, the Karin and Heinz-Otto Peitgen Foundation (“Karin und Heinz-Otto Peitgen-Stiftung”) has been dedicated to supporting applied research that aims for digital innovation - especially in medicine - and strengthens the quality of this field of the future at the university. Additionally, the foundation helps projects that promote the equal opportunities of children through the innovative implementation of digital media and methods, regardless of their social-economic background.

Dr. Heino Rose Foundation:

The Dr. Heino Rose Foundation (“Dr. Heino Rose-Stiftung”) was established in September 2017 as the fifth trust foundation under the umbrella of the University of Bremen Foundation. The foundation’s aim is to promoted research and teaching as well as young academics at the University of Bremen.

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They are pleased about the honor: Director of Finance and Administration and board chairwoman Frauke Meyer (left) and Dr. Christina Jung from the foundation with the certificate.