Corona: Regulations to be Lifted on April 3

The corona regulations at the university will change on April 3, 2022: 3G access checks at buildings and social distancing will no longer apply. All buildings will be freely accessible. There will also no longer be a requirement to wear a mask in university buildings.

The Bremen State Government informed the universities in Bremen State of the new regulations on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. The reason for said amendments is the new Infection Protection Act, which was passed at the federal level last week, and with which most corona restrictions in public life have been removed. The state of Bremen is still taking advantage of a transition period until April 2 and will not implement the corona regulations under the new Infection Protection Act until then. The university campus is also still subject to mandatory masks and 3G rules until April 2.

Level 0 of the Level Plan for Teaching

Thus, level 0 of the Level plan for Teaching will apply from April 3 onwards. This means that all lectures, seminars, practical sessions, and tutorials will be able to take place in person once more without any restrictions as of the summer semester. Student working spaces will also be able to be booked again as usual.

In light of the high infection numbers, the University Executive Board recommends that students and staff wear an FFP2 mask indoors - for their own protection and the protection of others. They also ask that those people who are not yet fully vaccinated get their vaccinations.

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