Corona: Classes Remain Digital until January 16

In light of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant in Bremen, the current regulations for digital classes at Bremen’s universities will be extended until January 16. This was decided by the Senator for Science and Ports. Formats that cannot be digitalized will be offered in person.

The University of Bremen is currently on level four of the Level Plan for Teaching. This level means that all lectures and the majority of seminars take place digitally. Laboratory sessions and other formats that cannot be digitalized will continue to take place face-to-face on campus, as will classes in degree courses that contain laboratory sessions, of which the face-to-face continuation is important to ensure the ability to study.

The regulation was actually intended to expire on January 9. After the government and state meeting concerning corona that is planned for Friday, the science department will speak with the management teams of the universities in Bremen State next week in order to assess the situation and plan the further course of the winter semester. The top priority will be enabling an examination phase as planned.


Flags on the campus of the university