"Identifying and Intensifying Cooperation Potential"

Intensive cooperation between the University of Bremen and Airbus Bremen has existed for years. A networking meeting has now been held to take stock and plan new ventures.

The aim of the meeting was to expand cooperation and collaboration in research projects between the university and Airbus and extend it to new research fields. Participants from the university included President Prof. Dr. Jutta Günther, leading researchers specializing in the areas of space technology, industrial mathematics, satellite communications, and additive manufacturing, as well as staff from the Transfer Office and the Academy of Continuing Education. Dr. Joachim Betker (site manager of the Bremen Airbus plant) and additional employees from Airbus Operations, Airbus Aerostructures, and ArianeGroup, among others, represented airbus.

"The University of Bremen has a lot to offer with regard to aerospace – in research, teaching, and transfer. Together with Airbus, we want to identify new cooperation potential and intensify existing partnerships," commented Jutta Günther. One of the professorships that Airbus established in the past is the endowed professorship for Integrative Simulation and Engineering of Materials and Processes at the University of Bremen. In addition, collaborations between individual working groups at the university and Airbus have existed for many years at the research level in bilateral and third-party funded projects.



A man and a women are smiling into the camera
The University of Bremen and Airbus have been working together for many years. Further joint projects are planned to follow. Airbus CEO Joachim Betker and University of Bremen President Jutta Günther both attended the networking meeting at the University of Bremen.