May 10: Information Day for Prospective Students

Prospective students are once again invited to find out everything they need to know about studying at the University of Bremen on Wednesday, May 10, 2023. The bachelor's degree programs and the Law degree program will introduce themselves at the event.

Starting at 8:30 a.m., prospective students can expect a wide range of activities, from an overview of the offered study programs to information on learning techniques, stays abroad, and foreign languages during their studies. In a lecture as well as at booths of the BAföG Loan Office and five foundations, interested visitors can find out more about the various options for financing their studies. Starting at 9:45 a.m., subject representatives will present the university's undergraduate degree programs.

Four Program Suggestions for Prospective Students at Different Stages of Decision-Making

Depending on their personal interests, prospective students can choose one of four tracks. Each track is composed of various activities and events on a specific topic:

Track 1: Studying - is it an option for me?
Students from various fields give an insight into their everyday life as a student on campus. The question of whether studying is worthwhile is the subject of an event organized by the German Employment Agency (“Agentur für Arbeit”). Additionally, the "Arbeiterkind" group will present ways to finance your studies.

Track 2: Studying – sure, but what?
Those who are sure about their decision to study, but are still looking for the right degree program, can attend an event with tips on deciding what to study. This track also includes subject presentations and campus tours from a student perspective.

Track 3: Studying – yes, and how do I apply?
The Central Student Advisory Service explains the application procedure for a study place, followed by subject presentations and taster events.

Track 4: A combined degree and apprenticeship or vocational training?
For the first time this year, high school students can also find out about the vocational training opportunities at the University of Bremen. The combined degree and apprenticeship program in Computer Science will also be presented.

Music Education Admission Test and Taster Events

In the afternoon, interested visitors can gain insight into the content of various degree programs during classes and guided tours. The French degree program will open its theater studio, and the Research Centre for East European Studies will present its valuable library collections from the Cold War era during a tour. Those interested in the Media and Communication Studies degree program can attend a media practice seminar on journalism as a career. Visitors who register with the relevant student council by May 3 can sit a mock entrance exam for Music Education.

Central Point of Contact: Central Student Advisory Service Information Booth in GW2 Building

The central point of contact at the Information Day for Prospective Students is the Central Student Advisory Service information booth in the stairwell of GW2 Building. There, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., visitors can receive information about the offered study programs and get directions to the event locations. Students and competent contact persons will be available at numerous other information booths of the degree programs and service facilities to answer study-related questions.

Further Information: (in German only)


Betina da Rocha
Central Student Advisory Service
University of Bremen
Email: zsbprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de
Phone: +49 0421 218-61152





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The bachelor's degree programs and the Law degree program will introduce themselves at the Information Day for Prospective Students.