ProMentes: Students in Graduating Phase and Dedicated Executives Required

In September, the University of Bremen's career-oriented mentoring program ProMentes will enter its twelfth round. For ten months, committed executives from business, culture, and administration will advise and mentor students and graduates who are about to enter professional life.

The aim is to make it easier for students to start their careers, to put companies in touch with qualified and motivated young professionals, and to establish and develop connections and networks between students at the University of Bremen and companies in the region.
Mentors support and advise graduates on career issues, provide a realistic insight into future fields of work, give feedback, and open up new networks. But the experienced executives also benefit. Insights are provided into current study content and contact to motivated young professionals is established. Both sides additionally profit from the development of new networks.

Successful Program

"The response continues to be very strong. The program has established itself in Bremen," says coordinator Wiltrud Hoffmann from the University of Bremen. "We are pleased that many executives from different areas want to participate and share their knowledge and experience."
24 executives are currently supporting students and graduates. Since the launch of ProMentes, 300 tandems (mentor – mentee partnerships) have already gone through the program. Almost all mentees have entered the workforce, and some have decided to pursue further studies or a dissertation.

Participants in the current program include mentees from degree courses in Professional Public Decision Making, Media Culture and Globalization, German Studies, Production Engineering, Transcultural Studies, Public Health, Electrical Engineering, and Engineering Management.

The application deadline for students in the final phase before graduation and graduates who are on the threshold to professional life and would like to take advantage of the professional support is April 24, 2022. Interested executives who would like to get to know the committed young talent and pass on their experience can apply throughout the year.

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In September, the University of Bremen's career-oriented mentoring program ProMentes will enter its twelfth round.