Winter Offers from the Languages Center

The Languages Centre of the Universities in the Land of Bremen (SZHB – Sprachenzentrum der Hochschulen im Land Bremen) offers intensive courses in nine languages from February to April. These courses are aimed at students, applicants, and all interested parties from Bremen and the surrounding area.

From Italian and English to Russian and Portuguese: from February to April 2023, those interested can learn nine different languages in the intensive courses offered by the Languages Centre of the Universities in the State of Bremen (SZHB – Sprachenzentrum der Hochschulen im Land Bremen). The courses last between one and two weeks and take place in person according to current planning.

The beginner courses in Italian, Polish, Russian, and Portuguese, as well as the English courses at the B1 level, are recognized as educational leave in accordance with the Bremen Education Leave Act (BremBZG – Bremisches Bildungszeitgesetz).

It also offers the opportunity to build on your English proficiency level: the language center offers two-week intensive courses from levels B2 to C1, which can also be used as proof required for admissions.

Individual Learning: Tutor Program, Writer’s Help Desk, and Tandem Language Learning

In addition, the tutoring program takes place during the semester holidays. Interested parties can learn languages on their own with individual support. Together with the tutors, they define the learning objective and speed as well as the learning materials themselves.

For all those who are looking for feedback on all types of English-language texts and further assistance in English writing, the Writer’s Help Desk offers individual online advice by appointment. In addition, the language self-learning center at the university is also available as a learning location during semester breaks – for example, as a meeting place for tandem language learning.

The semester-accompanying language program for the summer semester 2023 starts on April 11, 2023.

Further Information:
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A person writes in a foreign language on a whiteboard.
From Italian to English to Russian and Portuguese – the Languages Centre of the Universities in the Land of Bremen (SZHB) offers intensive courses in a total of nine languages.