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ProMentes: Looking for Leaders and Mentees

The career-oriented ProMentes mentoring program at the University of Bremen will be back once more in September. For ten months, experienced leaders from the fields of economy, culture, and administration will be available to advise students who are ready to enter into the working world.

In a tandem relationship, the mentors support the graduates in career planning, opening networks, and by providing feedback and insights into their own career biographies. This is helpful for both parties. The leaders are able to find out more about the contents of the degree programs and the aims of the young generation. Within the framework of the accompanying program, existing networks can be expanded and newly developed.

Successful Program

“The response remains great. The program has established itself in Bremen,” says the coordinator Wiltrud Hoffmann from the University of Bremen. “We are pleased that many leaders from varying sectors are taking part and wish to pass their knowledge and experience on.”
23 leaders are currently providing support to students and graduates. Since the start of the ProMentes program, 275 tandem relationships (mentor-mentee) have been created. Nearly all of the mentees entered into working life - some of them decided to continue with a degree or write a dissertation.

The mentees from the current program come from the fields of industrial engineering, public health, public decision making, business psychology, media culture, and transcultural studies, to name a few.

Interested leaders who wish to get to know committed young talents and pass on their experience can apply now. The same applies to students in the last phase of their studies and graduates about to embark on working life and wish to make use of professional support.

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Wiltrud Hoffmann
ProMentes - Profession / Mentoring / Networks
University of Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218-60340
Email: wiltrud.hoffmannprotect me ?!vw.uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de

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