Political actions and news use of the Fridays for Future movement in Germany

Doctoral project

Patrick Zerrer, M.A.

When we think of political action, we often think of crowds of people pushing their way through the streets with flags, signs and slogans. However, this image of political action is incomplete. Political action takes place both in the 'analogue' world and in the digital in a wide variety of forms. Fridays for Future is a good example of this. But what motivates these people? And what role does media and news use play in this? In order to gain a comprehensive picture, an interdisciplinary approach will be pursued, which is characterised by the linking of the Social Identity Model of Collective Action (SIMCA) with other concepts. For the methodological implementation, a panel design and the methods of online surveys, tracking of smartphone use and automated content analysis of journalistic articles will be used.

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