Do you have questions or need counseling or support?

Here you will find a list of contact persons and support services at the University of Bremen.  We have compiled contact information for university members in various life and study situations, including counseling on gender equality issues and discriminatory situations, information for students with special needs, and tips on reconciling university and family life.

List of Contacts

for Students and Staff

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ADE supports students in dealing with conflicts, if they are discriminated against, or have experienced violence. This includes experiences of bullying, sexual harassment, and stalking.

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Gender Equality

The University of Bremen is actively committed to achieving gender equality. The Administrative Unit for Equal Opportunities/ Anti-Discrimination offers a wide range of development and continuing education opportunities for all university members.

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Studying with Special Needs

In order to allow persons with a disability or a chronic illness to study independently, the university provides specific counseling services. The university also offers support in students’ day-to-day university life, for instance, by providing a quiet room and short-term assistance services.

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Caring responsibilities

In order to support students and employees in their everyday university life, this section provides information on how to reconcile studying, researching, or working with caring for children or other family members.

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Psychological Counselling Centre

The Psychological Counselling Centre (PBS) offers students assistance with personal and study-related problems, such as test anxiety or fear of failure, stress, social difficulties, and family conflicts.

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International Students

The University of Bremen has special orientation offers for international students before and during their stay. It provides information and support in questions about formalities, visas, bank accounts, and residence permits.

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