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Business Psychology, M.Sc. (in cooperation with Faculty 7)

The master’s program in Business Psychology was started in winter semester 2009/2010 as a four-semester full-time study program ending with the award of the academic degree “Master of Science” (M.Sc.). 
Applicants for admission must have successfully completed bachelor’s studies (or an equivalent first degree) in one of the following subjects: Business Administration, Economics, Industrial Engineering and Management, Business Psychology, Psychology.
The program organizers endeavor to balance student groups with about 50 % economists and about 50 % psychologists. By the closing date for applications, applicants must have earned at least 130 CPs towards their first degree. 
Students should have partially developed skill sets and be interested in:  

- an interdisciplinary learning group, 
- interdisciplinary qualifications, 
- practice-oriented training in methods, 
- behavioral approaches to management education, 
- self-organized studies. 

The Bremen curriculum differs from other German master’s study programs in Business Psychology owing to 
· the interdisciplinary cooperation between the subject areas Work-, Organization Psychology, Economics and Work Science and
· and a specialization in qualitative methods of empirical social research. Applicants should therefore have a sound grounding in quantitative methods (12 CP Statistics/Mathematics).
· the structure of studies foreseeing a time widow for an internship or studies abroad in the 4th semester: the extensive possibilities for recognition enable great flexibility of choice of internship or studies abroad. 
· internationalization at home in the frame of the international conference "Work, Identity and Globalization" as an alternative to spending time abroad.

The contents of the master’s study program Business Psychology take account of the ongoing social transformation impacting on the requirements and structural conditions for firms and their employees and new requirements in respect of vocational self-management and entrepreneurial initiative. 
In view of these profound changes impacting forms of living, working and business organization, the master’s study program Business Psychology endeavors to make a contribution towards coping with present and future problem issues. Students acquire the advanced skill sets in theory and methods that enable them to acquire the knowledge and competences requisite in research and practice to lead social systems with economic efficiency, social accountability, and ecological sustainability. 

The present social change questions industrial-social values, life forms, working- and organisation forms. In all areas of life the results of an increasing flexibility can be observed: The globalisation of the markets changes the conditions and structural conditions on enterprise and employees.
Occupational images are subjected to a radical change by the increasing informalisation and mechanisation, they disappear completely or have to be conceived. The expansion that comes with it from the service company puts new requirements for the professional selfmanagement and for enterprise initiative.
In the service society employment increases under precarious conditions. Subsequently phenomena of the deregulation and delimitation appear. Research, science and education are requested to pay their contribution in view of the radical changes to the coping of the problem positions. Beside the investigation of the effect connections of the flexibility the question for resources for a new regulation and for a creation of this connection on economic, organisational and psychosocial level are justified.

For inclusion in a master's degree is the completion of studies at the Bachelor's level requirement.
The subject-specific entry requirements are set out in the current Aufnahme-/Zulassungsordnung (admission regulations).
It also includes the different deadlines for the provision of evidence.
More information at Application and enrolment

For Information surrounding application and enrolment please visit the website of Datenbank Studium

Students in the study program acquire the skill sets requisite for subsequent roles in management, leadership, and personnel and organizational development, as well as for tasks in consultancy, work analysis, and work organization. Owing to their interdisciplinary competences, graduates are excellently qualified to assume responsible positions in a wide range of different sectors and institutional contexts – whether in the health sector, business firms, the administration or not-for-profit organizations.

A current overview of all contacts can be found on the German version of this website. 

You can find current module descriptions (Modulhandbücher or -beschreibungen), study schedules (Studienverlaufspläne) and other course-specific information on the German version of this site.

Language requirements

M.Sc. Business Psychology is a German-speaking study program. Therefore the prerequisite for enrollment is that you can prove sufficient knowledge of German, at least at C1 level. Accepted German language certificates are published on the internet.

A further admission requirement is a language certificate evidencing English competence at the level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Contact person

Marion Roy
Visiting address: Grazer Str. 2/ room 0210, 28359 Bremen
Post address: Universität Bremen, Fachbereich 11, POB 33 04 40, 28334 Bremen
Phone: +49-421-218-68504

Student counseling

Dr. Michael Schottmayer
Visiting address: Grazer Str. 2c/ room  1080, 28359 Bremen
Post address: Universität Bremen, Fachbereich 11, POB 33 04 40, 28334 Bremen
Phone: +49-421-218-68773