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Module G

In the fourth term, you will work on your master thesis and defend it. The thesis will take 24 weeks, which have to include your defense date. (If you participate in the lab rotations between the terms, you will be able to work on your master thesis in the third term - see our examination regulations)

You get 30 credit points for this module.

Please note that you have officially to apply for admission to a master thesis. For the application you need the following:

  1. student status reportwith all signatures and grades
  2. the certificate of the current enrolment
  3. our BMB form no. 1, duly filled in and signed

Please turn over these documents to Mr Ingo Neumann, room B1070. He will forward them to the examination office. Mrs. Ernst from our examination office has the official lists of available supervisors, second referees and examiners.

Within short you will receive a letter (our BMB form no. 2) in which the examination office confirms your admission to the master thesis.

After having finished your master thesis you have to hand over three printed copies of your master thesis together with our BMB form no. 3 to the examination office. Please be so kind as to give a further copy to the supervisor of your defense.

With our BMB form no. 4 you must apply for admittance to the thesis defense. Your master defense has to take place at the latest four weeks after your two referees have handed over their reports to the examination office (but still within the 24 weeks period of your master thesis application!). Enclosed please find a list of all possible examiners.

During your thesis defense your committee has to write the minutes (our BMB form no. 5). After the defense the minutes must be forwarded to the examination office. Your final certificates will be officially handed over by the chairman or the vice chairman of the examination board.