Psychologie (Bachelor)


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    Psychologie (Bachelor)

Title on graduation
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Standard course length
6 Semester

Language of delivery

Application period (beginner)
winter semester: 01.05 - 15.07.

Restricted admission

Researcher Bachelor by choice as

  • single major subject

Study description


Psychology is an empirical science dedicated to the description, explanation and prediction of human experience and behaviour. It seeks answers to the question(s) of how we feel and think, why we act the way we do, what drives us and how we become the person we are.
In order to specifically pursue these questions, the subject is divided into basic areas such as general psychology, differential psychology, developmental psychology, biological psychology and social psychology and methodological areas such as research methods and evaluation, as well as areas of application: psychological diagnostics, educational psychology, clinical psychology and psychotherapy, neuropsychology and work and organisational psychology.


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