How to study at the University of Bremen

Studying at the University of Bremen

Before the start of the current semester the International Office will offer virtual info sessions where international exchange students are introduced to the study system of the University of Bremen (e.g. courses, language courses, Stud.IP, exams and so on).
All international exchange students will receive the invititation links via email in time before the sessions.

Please read our Guidelines for Academic Research and Writing.

Course Catalogue / Classes and Exams

Link to Course Catalogue University of Bremen
The final version of the course catalogue is published in August/September for the winter semester and in February/March for the summer semester.

All questions regarding the choice of courses, ECTS points, Learning Agreement and more should be directed to the departmental coordinator.

List of Erasmus coordinators
List of international cooperation coordinators (worldwide)

Language Requirements

German: B2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - excerpt)
English: B2 (only for courses taught in English)
Most courses at the University of Bremen are taught in German. International exchange students should have sufficient knowledge of German in order to be able to follow courses and lectures successfully.

Classes and Exams

Information about the types of courses (lectures, seminars, exercises), types of examination (papers, exams, presentations) as well as information about how to write academic papers can be found on the website of each department or study course. One module often consists of different types of classes which should be selected in consultation with the departmental coordinator.

The type and date of exams will be announced by the teachers during the first few weeks of the semester. Most exams take place in the last week of the semester or up to three weeks after the end of the semester.

The Transcript of Records for ERASMUS students will be produced by the ERASMUS departmental coordinator. In order to receive the transcript, students must hand in an ECTS course certificate for each course taken.

Information about the ECTS course certificate and the Transcript of Record is available here.

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Stud.IP / Email Account

Each student of the University of Bremen receives access data for a personal email account ( from the "Zentrum für Netze" (ZfN ; IT services). The email account is accessible here.

The access data is used for the email account with ZfN as well as for Stud.IP. It is necessary to check both inboxes on a regular basis.

The access data will be communicated via email as soon as the enrolment at the University of Bremen is completed.

Stud.IP is the course management system at the University of Bremen. Most lecturers and professors use Stud.IP for their courses.

Teachers can:

  • Manage course registrations and organize group work
  • Upload further material for courses
  • Contact course participants

Students can:

  • Search and register for courses
  • Generate their course schedule
  • Download and upload course material
  • Discuss problems, questions and opinions in the discussion forums
  • Contact teaching staff or fellow students

The inboxes of both accounts, ZfN-account and Stud.IP-account, should be checked regularly.
A short introduction into Stud.IP and webmail can be found here.

Learning German during the semester

International exchange students have the possibility to take part in a German language course during the semester provided that they successfully pass a placement test. Participants of the German intensive language course are able to register for the subsequent course at the end of the intensive course. International exchange students who are not taking part in the German intensive course must take a placement test in Bremen a few days before the semester starts. The dates of the placement test will be announced on the website of the language center (FZHB).

The first 4 "Semesterwochenstunden" (6 ECTS) are free of charge for nominated exchange students of partner universities. For additional German language courses a fee will be charged.

More information about the German intensive language course during the orientation weeks.

Center for Languages in Bremen

The Center for Languages / Sprachenzentrum (SZHB) is responsible for providing interdisciplinary and curricular language courses at the university and the Hochschulen and also offers further courses and study options such as autonomous language learning in the independent language learning centres (ILCs), tandem learning, tutored independent study or individual coaching. German language courses are offered by the Department for German Language at the Goethe Institute.

More information here:
General: Sprachenzentrum Universität Bremen
Overview German Courses

Life at the University of Bremen

Mensa & Cafeteria

Students can choose from a variety of food offered at a discounted price in several canteens and cafeterias on campus.

- Overview of canteens and cafeterias
- Overview of the daily menues on campus

Mensa card

The Mensa card is a simple way to pay at all of the University's canteens and cafeterias around town as well as at the University library (e.g. to print or copy). The Mensa card is available at the Service Point of the Mensa during the opening hours currently only Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 13:00. To receive the Mensa card, students must deposit 5 euro and present a certificate of enrollment. More info


The State and University Library Bremen (SuUB) is the city's largest and oldest academic library. As the designated central library of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen, the SuUB supplies literature to universities and colleges across Bremen and Bremerhaven, while also acting as the state library.

Library card

In order to borrow books or use the computers in the library, a library card is needed. Students can apply for it online or at the library. To register, the following documents are needed:
- Registration of residence ("Meldebestätigung"),
- Certificate of enrollment and
- National ID card or passport.

More information on the SuUB Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen


Students can choose from a wide variety of sports activities and take part in courses offered in the sports facilities on campus or in town for a small fee.

More information on Hochschulsport Universität Bremen 

Study Buddy program

The Study Buddy program is designed to help international exchange students find their way around the university and the city of Bremen.
Every international student participating in the program is matched with a student from Bremen as their „buddy“. The buddy will provide support for everyday life in Bremen.

The program is a great opportunity to make friends, socialize with people from other cultures, improve foreign language skills and have fun.
The program starts during the first few weeks of the semester.

More information on Study Buddy