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Job Vacancies

Professorship (f/m/d)
in the field of Theoretical Physics for Climate Research

Faculty 1 Physics/Electrical Engineering

Classifications W 2 - full-time
Reference number: P110/22
Closing date: 09/30/2022
Public vacancy

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The University of Bremen in Department 1 (Physics / Electrical Engineering), Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP) seeks to fill a


Professorship (f/m/d)

Salary class W2

in the field of

Theoretical Physics for Climate Research

Reference number P110/22


commencing as soon as possible, subject to vacancy.


If the general requirements under civil service law are met, civil servant status is granted for life.

Job description

The University of Bremen invites applications for a W2 professorship in the broad area of “Theoretical Physics for Climate Research” with a focus on studying the complex dynamical climate system with Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are looking for an internationally recognized person who will lead the research and teaching in this field. The professorship should contribute to synergies between the existing research topics in the faculty. Teaching of the full theoretical physics curriculum will be part of this position. In the Bachelor's and Master's program in physics, basic courses and lectures should be offered over the entire scope of theoretical physics, as well as in-depth courses on the complex dynamical system and on AI. The willingness to participate and to develop interdisciplinary, innovative courses is appreciated.

It is expected that the candidate investigates the complex dynamical climate system not only with established methods from theoretical physics, statistical physics, non-linear dynamics, and mathematics, but also fully exploits and develops new opportunities arising from modern computational methods and physically-informed, causal and explainable AI to bring together theory, observations and models for an improved understanding of the Earth system for example in climate dynamics, extremes and risk research.

The Professorship is invited to collaborate closely with the other research groups of the Institute of Theoretical Physics ( Synergies could be explored in jointly developing and applying innovative methods for complex systems in climate science, solid state physics, biological systems, neurophysics and more generally physics of life. In addition, the successful candidate can benefit from close collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP, IUP plays a pioneering role in developing new remote sensing missions. The three IUP observation-based research groups are complemented by two research groups focusing on modelling. Further collaborations with the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven, as well as with the MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Science and the Data Science Center (DSC) of the University of Bremen complements on-site expertise. This provides the opportunity for the successful candidate to fully exploit theory, observations and models to study the physical principles of the complex Earth system and its interactions, and to contribute to the University of Bremen’s goal to continuously expand competences in climate research and engage in international and new national collaborations as a climate university.

The successful candidate will work in close cooperation with the IUP “Climate Modelling” research group ( and its associated department at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Institute of Atmospheric Physics ( This opens further opportunities for collaboration beyond the University of Bremen, for example within the ERC Synergy Grant on “Understanding and Modelling the Earth System with Machine Learning (USMILE, team and the “Causal Inference” Group at the DLR Institute for Data Science in Jena (


Prerequisites for employment are a successfully completed academic university degree in physics and an outstanding doctorate in physics or similar field, as well as a special qualification in scientific work, verified by a Habilitation or habilitation-equivalent achievements and internationally visible independent research results and collaborations. Candidates should have a track record of excellent research and international network, and should be able to effectively lead a research team. Applicants are expected to have strong expertise in theoretical physics of complex dynamical systems for climate research and in developing and applying modern computational tools and AI techniques. The combined use of theory, models and observations should be part of the portfolio of the applicants. Experience in the acquisition of third-party funding and in the implementation of third-party projects as well as pedagogical aptitude, teaching experience at a university are expected. The ability and willingness to teach in German and English is expected. We expect non-German speaking applicants to be willing to learn German and to teach in German after two to three years.

The promotion of young academics, participation in academic self-administration, and the willingness to engage in continuing education in higher education are part of the extended range of duties of the professorship.

General hints

The appointment is based on § 18 BremHG and § 116 BremBG.   
The University of Bremen offers a range of measures to support new employees. This includes advice from the Welcome Center, childcare facilities, dual career assistance and opportunities for professional development, including language lessons. The aim of the University of Bremen and Faculty 1 is to increase the proportion of women in science. The university has received several awards for its gender equality policy and is certified as a family-friendly university. Women are therefore explicitly encouraged to apply. International applications and applications from candidates with a migrant background are expressly welcomed. Priority will be given to handicapped candidates if the professional and personal qualification is equivalent.

Applications with the usual documents, as well as degree certificates and concepts for research and teaching within the framework of the professorship, should be submitted by September 30th, 2022 stating the reference number P110/22 to:

Universität Bremen

Fachbereich 01 Physik/Elektrotechnik

Otto-Hahn-Allee 1     
28359 Bremen

or electronically in a single PDF-file to the following email address:

For further information on this professorship, please contact Prof. Veronika Eyring (veronika.eyringprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de) and Prof. Jens Falta (+49 (0)421 / 218-62701, faltaprotect me ?!uni-bremenprotect me ?!.de).


The University of Bremen provides detailed information on appointment procedures and negotiations at or