On the Move: Mobility Behavior Survey Results

The University of Bremen and Technologiepark Uni Bremen e.V. present the results of the mobility survey.

Interesting insights into the daily mobility behavior of employees and students were obtained as part of the mobility survey conducted in the summer, which was initiated by the environmental management team at the University of Bremen and the Technologiepark Uni Bremen e.V. association.

A total of 1,881 people took part in the online survey, which was conducted in June and July 2023. This representative sample showed that together, employees and students travel almost 30,000 kilometers per working day. The survey also shed light on the variety of means of transport used and the individual circumstances that significantly influence decisions on the way to work or to the place of study.

A significant trend emerges in the distribution of means of transport: 50.9% of university and technology park residents use bicycles as their preferred means of transport, followed by 18.9% who choose the car. This was followed by a high preference for local public transport, which was used by 17.8% of respondents. A further 7.6% stated that they use alternative means of transport, while 4.7% walk.

What was also surprising was the willingness of a considerable proportion of participants to switch from their own car to public transport, provided it is attractive and inexpensive. These results illustrate the awareness and readiness to support more environmentally friendly forms of mobility.

In light of this, the University of Bremen has announced the forthcoming presentation of a comprehensive mobility concept tailored specifically to the needs of university members. This concept will be published at the end of February and aims not only to meet individual needs, but also to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions through mobility. Another area of focus is the creation of new roofed bicycle parking spaces and the associated opening of the new bicycle workshop, which will be run by students. This project not only supports sustainable mobility, but also provides a hands-on opportunity for students to actively participate in shaping their university environment.


Scientific consultation and implementation of the mobility study was carried out by Dr. Elke Goltz, university lecturer for empirical social research and statistics.


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