YUFE Alliance Calls for Strengthening of European Values

The YUFE alliance of young European universities, of which the University of Bremen is a member, is concerned about anti-democratic developments in Europe. At a meeting in Cyprus, the university presidents called for a return to European values.

Ahead of the European elections in June 2024, members of the YUFE Strategic Council are stressing the importance of a common European identity. In their Cyprus Declaration, they not only express their concerns about anti-European developments, but also highlight the important role of universities in the further development of the European Union.

The president of the University of Bremen, Professor Jutta Günther: "As an alliance of ten young European universities, we see it as our task to play a key role in paving the way for an open and socially inclusive European future. We want to be a counter-movement to the anti-European sentiments that are increasingly developing."
President Günther emphasized that the universities educate the next generation of students and instill European values in them. These shared values are important in order for Europe to remain competitive and independent in a globalized world.

YUFE: Universities Play Central Role for a United Peaceful Europe

In their Cyprus Declaration, the YUFE partner universities therefore call for the strengthening of a common European identity based on democracy, social integration, and diversity. According to the statement, it is only with continued support that the YUFE alliance will be able to fulfill its mission to carry European values to Europe's universities in politically volatile times in the future. President Jutta Günther: "European universities play a central role in a united, peaceful, and prosperous Europe."

Download: Cyprus Declaration

About YUFE

The YUFE Alliance already gives students the opportunity to take academic courses at their respective partner universities in pilot projects. Further opportunities include language courses/tandems/cafés, professional and social skills training, civic involvement activities, physical, virtual, and mixed mobility opportunities, international internships, and support for entrepreneurial initiatives. The alliance also offers exchange and training opportunities for staff from the areas of science, administration, and technology. The first YUFE post-doc positions have already been awarded. In addition, there are opportunities for events and further training for all university employees. YUFE also aims to connect the respective cities and regions while promoting cooperation and exchange.

The YUFE partners for the second promoting phase in 2022 are:

• Maastricht University (administration) – The Netherlands
• Nicolaus Copernicus University of Torún – Poland
• Carlos III University of Madrid - Spain
• University of Antwerp - Belgium
• Universität Bremen - Germany
• University of Cyprus - Cyprus
• University of Eastern Finland
• University of Essex - UK
• The University of Rijeka – Croatia
• The Adecco Group France
• The Educational Testing Service Global

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European universities play a central role in a united, peaceful, and prosperous Europe.