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New study: "Constructively through crises?"

A study by ZeMKI member Dr Leif Kramp together with Dr Stephan Weichert analyses cases of corona journalism and discusses the perspectives of constructive and solution-oriented approaches in journalism practice.

In their study "Constructively through crises? Case Analyses of Corona Journalism" the communication and media researchers Leif Kramp and Stephan Weichert examine the constructive reporting of German-language media in the Covid 19 pandemic. A central finding of the case analyses is: Constructive journalism can support the discursive character and strengthen the diversity of social debate culture. But: activist-motivated journalism also brings with it a credibility risk. Political or personal motives of individual journalists must be clearly identified. It is important to prevent media from "whitewashing" reality in the perception of their users and thus jeopardising further trust. The team of authors rounds off their study with editorial recommendations for future solution-oriented (crisis) reporting.

The study is available (in German language) digitally with additional links at the Otto Brenner Foundation and can also be ordered there free of charge as a print copy.