New working paper by ZeMKI-member Dr. Dennis Redeker: “Mapping Policy Responses to the Covid-19 Misinfodemic”

The research paper was produced within the course "Global Governance of Digital Technologies" together with students from the University of Bremen. It has now been published as part of the Working Paper Series of the Institute of Political Science (IPW) at the University of Bremen.

Targeted and unintentional misinformation related to the Covid 19 pandemic is still a major challenge for government actors and social media platforms. However, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, regulatory measures had to be taken under great time pressure, so that an exciting range and variability of (corporate) political action is revealed, which the new research report addresses. Even though the report does not claim to be a universal analysis of the fight against the so-called "misinfodemic", it allows a comparative insight into an important topic by describing the measures taken in Peru, Nigeria and France, for example. The report shows that, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, there was a strong trend towards state intervention in public communication on Covid-19, which cannot always be easily separated from politically-motivated state censorship, as in Hungary or Egypt.

In nine case studies, the nine authors have evaluated reporting from the years 2020 and 2021 and analysed them with the help of a theoretical perspective from internet governance research. Eight (former) students of the University of Bremen are also authors of the report: Mariana Bernardes, Giorgi Davidian, Esther Hammond, Martin Baller, Loredana Cazacu, Silvia Cirolini, Alina-Anna Josephson and Florian Recknagel. 

The working paper can be downloaded from the IPW website: 



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