YUFE Stars: “A real enrichment”

YUFE students participating in the Diploma Supplement Track (DST) pilot project must earn ‘YUFE Stars’ in addition to academic achievements in their courses. The example of student Meret Budde is used to illustrate exactly what these are.

Meret Budde started as a DST student in the summer semester of 2020. “YUFE’s offer perfectly matched my interest in other cultures and languages. And I wanted to gain more experience abroad in my studies,” she says. She took advantage of the wide range of foreign language offers and took a virtual French course at YUFE’s University of Cyprus. The 21-year-old also explored Chinese and Welsh, two languages that were completely new to her, in self-study courses at the “Open University”. This is a university in the UK that specializes in online and blended learning and has many free self-learning opportunities for students. She then applied her language skills at a Puls camp - a camp organized by the volunteer agency in Bremen for 20 young people with or without a refugee background. Among other things, Meret helped people to learn German at the Fluchtraum counseling cafe.

Meret recently received a Language Star for her activities. “I have benefited greatly from the opportunities to expand my existing language skills, explore new languages, and combine them with volunteer projects such as the Puls camp,” she says. “The language program with the Language Star is a real enrichment.” 

So what’s next for Meret Budde? “I’m finishing my bachelor’s degree in Psychology soon,” she says. Meret is currently writing her bachelor’s thesis alongside an internship at Bremer Erziehungshilfe. Then, in April, she plans to go to Japan for a semester.

YUFE Stars:

For the YUFE Alliance, it is important to not only recognize academic achievements, but also the commitment of its students in the areas of mobility, language learning, vocational training, job shadowing, and volunteering in the region. In doing so, a Language Star reflects YUFE’s mission statement of multilingualism. It is earned through a combination of language courses, language activities (language cafes, tandems, self-study courses) and reflections on one’s “Language Journey”. 

More Information:   (Question 25: What is the YUFE Star System?)

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Meret Budde
Earned the first Language Star at YUFE: Meret Budde has greatly benefited from the opportunities within the program to build on existing language skills, explore new languages, and combine them with volunteer projects. Copyright: Private