Enrollment as a Doctoral Student

A doctoral degree not only looks good on your business card, but is also a prerequisite for a scientific career. Many students also use the in-depth knowledge acquired through a doctorate as preparation for the labor market outside of research. The doctoral procedures at the University of Bremen are regulated by the individual doctoral regulations compiled by the Faculties. The formal start of a doctoral project is for the Faculty to accept you as a doctoral candidate. Acceptance as a doctoral candidate by the Faculty is a prerequisite for enrollment as a doctoral student at the University of Bremen. Contact the Bremen Early Career Researcher Development BYRD for information on studying for a doctorate in Bremen and career development.


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Regulations and Committees

All doctoral regulations and doctoral committees



Necessary forms for enrollment as a doctoral student


For further questions regarding the enrollment of doctoral students, please contact the Student Office .

For advice on all interdisciplinary topics related to doctoral studies, please contact the doctoral center.

If you have provided the necessary evidence and the required semester contribution has been booked, the semester documents will be sent to you by post. Please note that you, as a doctoral student, always have to pay the full semester fee for enrollment. An exemption from the semester ticket and a leave of absence with or without a semester ticket and an application for a semester abroad are not possible for the doctoral candidates.

Important Information

Tuition and use of facilities

Enrollment as a doctoral candidate entitles you to take advantage of the social benefits associated with enrollment and to use University facilities.


As enrollment takes place outside the regular admission procedure, there is no enrollment deadline for doctoral students. You can be enrolled at any time for the current or the upcoming semester. Admission to doctoral studies does not depend on being enrolled, though. You can, for example, be accepted as a doctoral candidate at the University of Bremen without having to enroll.

Declaration of acceptance by the doctoral committee

Enrollment as a doctoral candidate can be applied for once the declaration of acceptance is verified by the responsible doctoral committee.

If you have not yet received the declaration of acceptance from the doctoral committee, you can still be enrolled for a period of one year or a maximum of two semesters, provided you can submit confirmation from a professor who is prepared to supervise the doctoral project.

This enrollment option is valid for a maximum of two semesters. To be enrolled after this period has elapsed, you must be able to submit the final declaration of acceptance by the responsible doctoral committee at the latest at the beginning of the semester (October 1. / April 1).

Leave of absence for doctoral students

Doctoral students are an independent group that is not assigned to the students. They belong to the group of academic research assistants and are included in the list of doctoral students according to the matriculation regulations.

Therefore, a leave of absence is not possible for doctoral students.

An exemption from the semester ticket is possible if you stay outside the area of validity for at least 120 days for study or doctoral purposes.
The application for exemption from the semester ticket can be submitted via the moin portal up to two weeks after the start of lectures.

Exemption of administrative costs for scholarship holders

(Foreign) doctoral students who are eligible for tax exemption under intergovernmental or supra-national agreements or university agreements or through support programs funded predominantly by public funds from the federal or state governments or the European Union are exempted from the payment of the administration contribution.

Proof of the scholarship must be provided along with the enrollment application, otherwise they cannot be exempted.

Recognition of Foreign Academic Certificates for Doctoral Students

If the academic degree have been obtained abroad, the foreign educational certificates must be recognized for admission to doctoral studies and enrollment as a doctoral candidate. We will explain the required procedure for the recognition of foreign academic certificates.