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Contact Details and Areas of Responsibility

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    Welcome to the website of the International Office!

    The International Office deals with international matters at the University of Bremen and serves as a contact point for students, employees and researchers.

The International Office

The International Office (IO) of the University of Bremen supports internationalization at the university as a central service institution.

As a supporting and counseling unit for the faculties and the University Executive Board

  • we offer counseling on strategic internationalization issues, providing data, analyses and information materials and representing the international profile of the University in a national and international context
  • we develop and maintain international partnerships
  • we offer counseling and support for international students and researchers coming to the University of Bremen
  • we support international mobility by organizing and supporting exchange programs for students, researchers and staff
  • we acquire funds for international topics and implement project management for pilot projects
  • we organize events and exchange opportunities on various topics related to international cooperation and support networking between international and Bremen students and sponsors
  • we work together with other administrative units on processes related to internationalization

The Areas of Responsibility at the International Office

Studentin bei der Erstberatung
Studentinnen im Gespräch
Icon International Office
Studenten im Gespräch
Internationale Studentin im Gespräch
YUFE Mitarbeiter und Studentin

Advisory Service for Students

Advisory and Counseling Office for Students

For advice during office hours, please contact our advisory and counseling office at the International Office.

You will find us on the ground floor of the VWG in room 0580.

Office hours

In presence und via Zoom (Online consultation):

Monday: 09:00 - 11:30 a.m
Wednesday: 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m

Via Zoom (Online consultation):

Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m

Postal Address

University of Bremen
International Office
Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 7 | 28359 Bremen


Below you will find all the contact details of the person in charge at the International Office. (Fax: +49 421 218-60370)


Administration and Management

Bild von Kimberly Walter

Kimberly Walter


Tel.: +49 421 218-60360
E-Mail | SFG 0290

Bild von Britta Rodewald

Britta Rodewald

Financial Management

Tel.: +49 421 218-60369
E-Mail | SFG 0315

Foto von Marejke Baethge

Dr. Marejke Baethge-Assenkamp


Tel.: +49 421 218-60361
E-Mail | SFG 0380

International Students in Bremen

Portrait Jutta Paal

Dr. Jutta Paal

Coordination Incomings & kompass

Tel.: +49 421 218-60363
E-Mail | SFG 0295

Platzhalter für Leute ohne Foto


Newcomer Service

Portrait Jens Kemper

Jens Kemper

Counseling for International Students

Tel.: +49 421 218-60365
E-Mail | SFG 0325

  • International student marketing

  • Advice on preparatory studies

  • Counseling for international students and prospective students

Platzhalter für Leute ohne Foto


Recognition of Degrees

Currently represented by Jens Kemper

Tel.: +49 421 218-60365
E-Mail | SFG 0325

Exchange Programs for Students/Employees/Doctoral Candidates

Bild von. Barbara Hasenmüller

Barbara Hasenmüller

Deputy Director & EU education programs

Tel.: +49 421 218-60362
E-Mail | SFG 0360

  • Erasmus university coordination

  • Advice on student mobility, mobility of employees

  • YERUN Coordination, Bremen-Cardiff Alliance Coordination

Platzhalter für Leute ohne Foto

Silke Prangemeier

International University Cooperations

Tel.: +49 421 218-60364
E-Mail | SFG 0320

  • Cooperation with universities outside of Europe

  • Coordination of the Promos scholarship program

  • Coordination of exchange students worldwide to non-EU countries (Outgoings)

Platzhalter für Leute ohne Foto


Erasmus+ Incomings

Bild von Emilia Padereska-Albers

Emilia Paderewska-Albers

Erasmus+ Outgoings

Tel.: +49 421 218-60367
E-Mail | SFG 0300

  • Advice and support for ERASMUS exchange students (Outgoings)
  • Processing of applications and financing (Outgoings)
  • Erasmus study visit
Jenny Bredull Portrait

Jenny Bredull (FAC 12)

Internationalization of Teacher Training (Faculty 12)

Tel.: +49 421 218-69127
E-Mail | GW2 A1.240

portrait Mathias Buecken

Mathias Bücken

Digitalisation, internship & short-term mobility

Tel.: +49 421 218-60374
E-Mail | SFG 0300

Welcome Center for International Researchers

Janna Wilbers Portrait

Janna Wilbers


Tel.: +49 421 218-57122​​​​​​​
E-Mail | SFG 0330

Bild von Julia Holz

Julia Holz


Tel.: +49 421 218-60381
E-Mail | SFG 0330

Bild von Jana Sievers

Jana Sievers

Project Coordination

Tel.: +49 421 218-60382
E-Mail | SFG 0370

Bild von Pauline von Oehsen

Pauline von Oehsen

Team Assistance

Tel.: +49 421 218-60386
E-Mail | SFG 0370

Portrait Amelie

Amelie Schnakenberg

Voluntary Services in the Field of Culture and Education

Tel.: +49 421 218-60368
E-Mail | SFG 0330

Stine Portrait

Stine Meyer

Trainee at the Welcome Center

Tel.: +49 421 218-60368
E-Mail | SFG 0330

Office Hours and Advise

Mo and Thu: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and by appointment

We advise international researchers (employees, fellows, guests) and their families before, during, and after their stay

  • Visa/ residency questions
  • Insurance
  • Language programs
  • Childcare and schools
  • Events & excursions
  • U Bremen Research Alliance
  • Alumni network
  • Scholarship 
  • Advice to host institutions

Website Welcome Center

Portrait Kirsten Beta

Kirsten Beta

Coordination of programmes for refugee researchers

Tel.: +49 421 218-60376
E-Mail | SFG 0410

  • Contact person for refugee researchers and mentors
  • University Coordination Philipp-Schwartz Initiative
  • Advisory service for the scholarship programme of the state of Bremen

YUFE - Young Universities for the Future of Europe

Porträt von Philipp Baur

Dr. Philipp Baur

Institutional Coordination YUFE

Tel.: +49 421 218-60384
E-Mail | SFG 0280

  • YUFE Institutional Coordinator for the University of Bremen
  • Contact person for national and international inquiries
  • Networking of measures and sub-projects
Portrait von Maife Wandemberg

Maife Wandemberg

YUFE Financial Administration

Tel.: +49 421 218-60378
E-Mail | SFG 0285

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    Unser Team

    Das Team des International Office ist Anlaufstelle für Studierende, Mitarbeitende und Forschende und begleitet die internationalen Anliegen der Universität Bremen.