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Corona: University of Bremen Switches to Digital Classes

The University of Bremen is temporarily switching to online classes. This a reaction to the pandemic development and the high infection numbers. Level four of the Level Plan for Teaching will be in effect from Monday, December 13, 2021, to January 7, 2022.

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Nurse consoling senior woman holding her hand.

Number of People in Need of Care Higher than Prognosed

The number of people in need of care will be far higher in the coming years than prognosed. This is one result of this year’s Care Report, which SOCIUM – Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy at the University of Bremen produced on behalf of the BARMER health insurance company.

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Glashalle im Sonnenschein

University Remains in Face-To-Face Mode

Corona warning level 2 entered into effect in Bremen City on November 25. This does not have any direct effect on operations at the university. The face-to-face semester will be continued under adherence to the hygiene regulations. The university additionally appeals to get a vaccination.

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Flags on the campus of the university

Corona Regulations: Mask-Wearing Obligatory Again

Due to the nationwide increase in infection numbers, the wearing of a mask will become obligatory once more at the University of Bremen on Monday, November 22, 2021. The measures are to help the university remain in face-to-face mode.

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Bernd Scholz-Reiter

President Re-Elected as HRK Vice President

Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter, President of the University of Bremen, has been re-elected Vice President of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK). His focus continues to be on international affairs. He has been in office since December 2018.

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The manned submersible vehicle Alvin

Explanation for Unusual Isotope Patterns

In the Guaymas Basin in the Gulf of California, MARUM researchers detected hydrocarbon gas patterns that could not have been generated by known formation pathways. They were able to simulate the hydrocarbon formation in the laboratory. Their study has now been published.

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Vaccination Truck on Campus Again

There are once more two dates on which students and staff can get their vaccination on the University of Bremen campus. The vaccination truck will be parked in the central campus area between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Monday, November 8, and Monday, November 15.

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Mann mit Kind

First Online Info Week for Uni Parents

Such events are an important part of a family-friendly university: From November 8 to 12, the first online information week for parents who are university members will take place at the University of Bremen.

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Glashalle im Sonnenschein
Uni-Allgemein| Corona|

Vaccination Campaign on Campus

Next week, unvaccinated students and staff can get their vaccination on the University of Bremen campus. Between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on October 11 and October 12, and between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. on October 18 and October 19, a vaccination truck will be parked in the central campus area.

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Yellow flower grows on arid soil

Global Climate Alliance Student Program

The University of Bremen and the International Universities Climate Alliance (IUCA) have launched an ambitious, accessible student engagement program that spans the globe, bringing together experts from various disciplines and participants with diverse lived experience.

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Exploring Digital Transformation: Special Funding Program

What are the consequences of digitalization on individuals and society as a whole? Bremen researchers are investigating these questions in four large-scale “exploration projects” and five initial funding projects. Bremen State is providing one million euros in a new type of funding program.

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EU-Flag in front of blue sky

Strengthening European Universities

In Germany, 35 universities and higher education institutions are represented in European university alliances. The University of Bremen – being part of the YUFE Alliance – is one of them. Jointly, they have now issued a statement to the EU.

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High Vaccination Rate Among University of Bremen Students

University of Bremen students show a high level of willingness for getting vaccinated against COVID-19. The majority wishes to return to face-to-face classes when all students have been given the opportunity to be vaccinated. That is the result of an online survey carried out by the IPP and BIPS.

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Forschungsschiff auf dem Meer

How Oceans Are Measured: Data for Climate Reports

Before the new IPCC report is presented on Monday, August 9, 2021, the German Marine Research Consortium (KDM) and the German Climate Consortium (DKK) will publish a brochure on the measuring of climate-relevant Atlantic circulation. The brochures shows how data is collected.

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Ausschnitt der Glashalle vor blauem, leicht bewölktem Himmel.

Corona: 3G Rule to Be Introduced on Campus

The 3G rule will apply on the University of Bremen campus from next week. All persons on campus must be fully vaccinated, recovered, or tested from August 2, onwards. This also applies to students and staff. It remains obligatory that masks are worn in buildings.

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Vaccination Without an Appointment: Special Campaign for Students

In the coming week, Bremen Vaccination Center will open its doors to students from all Bremen State universities for two days. Between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Friday, July 23, and Saturday, July 24, students can get their vaccination without prior appointment at the Bürgerweide vaccination center.

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Kiew brennt

How to Commemorate? 80 Years After the Invasion of the Soviet Union

With a memorial event, the university and Bremen State will commemorate the Wehrmacht’s invasion of the Soviet Union 80 years ago. Readings and discussions will take place via live stream on June 30, 2021.

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Grimme Online Award for Research Centre for East European Studies

The site has been awarded one of the renowned Grimme Online Awards. Professor Heiko Pleines and his team from the Research Centre for East European Studies at the University of Bremen are involved. Dekoder combines journalistic reports on Russia with scientific expertise.

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New YUFE Job Portal Online

The alliance wants to simplify searching for a job with a new, joint job portal from all ten YUFE universities.

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Glashalle im Sonnenschein

Corona Regulations: Further Changes

Auf dem Campus der Universität Bremen wird ab Montag, 14. Juni 2021 die Maskenpflicht im Freien aufgehoben. Das Abstandsgebot von 1,5 Metern gilt weiterhin. Für die Gebäude der Universität Bremen bleiben die bisherigen Regeln bestehen. Außerdem können weitere Lernorte gebucht werden.

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Coloured drawing showing a man with a child on his shoulders from behind. On the right you can see flowers in the picture.

“Ein eiskalter Fisch” Wins HUCKEPACK Storybook Prize

Each year, the Phantastische Bibliothek library in Wetzlar and the Institute of Storybook Research at the university award the HUCKEPACK Storybook Prize. This year, “Ein eiskalter Fisch” (An Ice-Cold Fish) by Frauke Angel and Elisabeth Kihßl, which was published by the TYROLIA in 2020, won.

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Sustainability Recommendations Adopted

University management teams from across the world have adopted recommendations for work needed to fight climate change and promote more sustainability in university societies. The University of Bremen President attended the Global University Leaders Council Hamburg (GIC), that meets every two years.

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Glashalle im Sonnenschein
Uni-Allgemein| Corona|

Sinking Incidence Value: Careful Easing of Restrictions

If the incidence value remains under 50, some areas of the University of Bremen will be able to offer more face-to-face services on campus from next week onwards. This applies to individual working spaces in the library and to classes. Café Central is also offering take-away food again.

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Universitiy of Bremen

A Strong and Dedicated Climate University

The University of Bremen is one of the global leading universities in the field of climate and environmental research. The university is now providing more information on this in a climate paper published in both German and English.

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Glashalle im Sonnenschein
Uni-Allgemein| Corona| Beschäftigtenportal| News|

Corona Regulations to Apply Until June 30, 2021

The general corona regulations on campus have been extended to apply until June 30, 2021. The university has also provided information on various testing options for staff and students. In addition to the state test center, there is now a test center in GW2 Building.

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Glashalle im Sonnenschein
Uni-Allgemein| Corona|

Corona: Regulations Extended until April 30

At the start of the semester, the decision has been made to extend the general regulations for students and staff at the University of Bremen until April 30 based on increasing corona infection rates. Employees of Bremen State now also have the opportunity to be tested for free.

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Notebook, cup with tulip and pen on a meadow.

University Extends Invitation for YUFE Schnack (YUFE Chit-Chat)

YUFE Schnack (YUFE Chit-Chat) is the name of the entertaining, digital event series where you can find out more about the diverse projects of the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) alliance. Kick-off is at 10 a.m. on Thursday, March 25. Everyone who is interested is cordially welcome

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Glashaus Universität Bremen Ansicht vom Boulevard
News| Uni-Allgemein|

Special Academic Senate Meeting

The Academic Senate will hold a special digital meeting on Monday, March 15. The Bremen Senate’s planned benchmark for the scientific budget is on the agenda.

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Ein Arzt schreibt ein Rezept

Medical Cannabis: Benefit Often Not Proven

Medical cannabis is prescribed too often without any proven benefit. A study carried out by SOCIUM at the University of Bremen, which was funded by BKK Mobil Oil and led by Professor Gerd Glaeske, has found out that areas of use have been approved with insufficient examination.

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Glass Hall of the University of Bremen

Corona: Regulations Extended Until April 11

Based on the decisions made by the federal and state governments, examinations will continue to take place largely online. The regulations for staff will also be extended until April 11, 2021.

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Glass Hall of the University of Bremen

University of Bremen Writes Open Letter to Mayor Bovenschulte

Due to the planned science budget cuts, the University Executive Board and Staff Council have written an open letter to the Mayor of Bremen State, Dr. Andreas Bovenschulte.

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Bremen Big Data Challenge Begins

The Cognitive Systems Lab is hosting the Bremen Big Data Challenge (BBDC) once more. Students from universities in Bremen and surrounding areas can take part until April 12, 2021. Monetary prizes totaling 1,500 euros can be won in the programming competition centering on the topic of data analysis.

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Solidarity with Members of Boğaziçi University

It is with great concern that the Executive Board of the University of Bremen is observing the massive encroachments on the university autonomy of Turkish universities – most recently the Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. The university management stands in solidarity with all students and academics.

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Uni Logo an der Glashalle

Corona Regulations: Few Exceptions as of February 15

After the decision of the federal and state governments, all classes at the university will continue to take place largely online. The University Executive Board and the faculties also agreed to hold examinations digitally in most cases. However, a few exceptions will apply as of February 15.

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Senator for Economic Affairs Finds out More about Startups

Startups are an important source of inspiration for the economy – especially regionally. That is why Bremen’s Senator for Economic Affairs, Kristina Vogt, found out about startups from the University of Bremen and support offers from the BRIDGE university network during a virtual visit.

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A Strong Social State Needs Strong Science

Together with the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE), the University of Bremen is creating an Institute of Interdisciplinary Social Policy Research. The facility, which opens on April 1, 2021, is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs with 8 million euros over five years.

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University Glas Hall Buildingshalle

Corona Regulations Apply Until Middle of February

The University of Bremen will remain in digital mode. According to the recent decisions made by the government and states and the talks between the universities and the state parliament, the current regulations will be extended until the middle of February. These affect students and staff.

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New Corporate Design

The University is Getting a Makeover

After nearly twenty years, the University of Bremen is implementing a new corporate design (CD). Young, dynamic, diverse, and open-minded – these aspects characterize the new logo and appearance.

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University Glas Hall Buildingshalle

Classes at the University of Bremen Still Online

Classes at the University of Bremen will continue to take place digitally. The current regulation is being extended until January 31, 2021. The universities in the state of Bremen agreed on this with the Senator for Science, based on the national regulations.

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Shore of the lake in the sunset

Climate Crisis is Causing Lakes to Shrink

Climate change is impacting not only the oceans, but also large inland lakes. As the world’s largest lake, the Caspian Sea is a perfect example of how a body of water can and will change. Authors of scientific article call for more attention to regions with falling water levels.

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Vier Leute

InnoWi Becomes Official Patent and Trade Mark Center for Bremen State

InnoWi GmbH - long-standing patent agency of Bremen State universities will assume the tasks of a state patent and trade mark center. It thus becomes an official cooperation partner of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. InnoWi will be able to provide better support in the field of IP rights.

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University Glas Hall Buildingshalle

University Switches Entirely to Online Classes

The university is completely switching to online classes. Classes will only take place digitally until initially January 10, 2021. This new regulation also affects laboratory sessions and learning spaces on campus.

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Apply now for a pan-European Study Program at YUFE

Students who are interested in studying Europe-wide and want to try something new can apply for the Diploma Supplement Track of the YUFE Alliance (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) until 6 December 2020. Places are limited.

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Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter is standing in the campus park. You can see the MZH building in the background.

University President stays HRK-Vice-President for International Affairs

Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter, President of the University of Bremen, was re-elected Vice President of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK). His focus continues to be on international affairs. He has been in office since December 2018.

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Gebäude, darunter ein Turm

University of Bremen Project Receives 2020 Scientific Prize

A project from the University of Bremen received the “Norddeutscher Wissenschaftspreis” (North German Science Prize) for 2020. The prize was digitally awarded today (November 25, 2020) by the state science ministers from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg, and Schleswig Holstein.

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Two women with a European flag can be seen from behind

Enroll in the First YUFE Academy Now

Interested University members and the general public have the opportunity to take part in the first YUFE Academy in November and December 2020. The ten partner universities are offering online lectures on Europe-related topics. Registration is open now.

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Gastprofessorin Shalini Randeria

New Podcast: Democracy in Question

Hungary, Brazil, Turkey, and the USA: The principle of liberal democracy is being questioned in many different places. The U Bremen Excellence Chair guest professor Shalini Randeria is investigating this topic together with some of the most important intellectual voices of our time in a new podcast.

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Eine junge Frau lächelt in die Kamera.

YUFE Alliance Supports Research Networks – Apply Now

The YUFE (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) alliance is giving researchers on all career levels the chance to expand their network. Bremen’s YUFE Mobility Award is offering financial support for research stays at the ten European partner universities.

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Universität Bremen

Why Bremen Is a Top University in Startup Creation

Based on population, Bremen is one of the most active German states according to the current Startup Monitor 2020. In the top ten of the German startup universities, the University of Bremen shares rank four with the Technical University of Munich (LMU) and the University of Mannheim.

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Spaces Still Open: Further Training for Early-Career Logistics Researchers

Small and medium-sized enterprises of the logistics industry face massive challenges in the technological transformation. But they will not be left on their own: Early-career researchers, who will soon be able to help companies, are being trained In the BreLogIK further training program.

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Bremen’s Drop Tower Turns 30!

At exactly 3:30 p.m. on September 28, 1990, the minister of research at the time, Heinz Riesenhuber, pressed the start button for a unique research facility in Europe. It was the beginning of three decades of successful operation for Bremen’s Drop Tower at the University of Bremen.

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Eine Gruppe von Kleinkindern mit bunten Jacken und Rucksäcken.

Forest Adventure in the Fall Holidays

The University of Bremen in cooperation with Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND) is offering childcare for children of university staff during the fall holidays. With games, fun, and a bit of exploring, children between the ages of six and ten will have the opportunity to experience fall.

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Der zerstörte Hafen von Beirut

Call for Donations: Support for Our Partners in Lebanon

The explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, destroyed large parts of the city. 165 people lost their lives, 6,000 were injured. The Saint Joseph University of Beirut, with which the University of Bremen has cooperated closely since 2012, is also affected by the destruction.

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Study: 94 Percent of Tropical Coral Reef Habitats at Risk

In a joint study, researchers from Jacobs University Bremen, the University of Bremen, and the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) have for the first time predicted the vulnerability of tropical coral reef habitats based on measurable environmental factors.

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Applications Are Open Now

YUFE Will Start Online Courses

Studying abroad despite current travel restrictions? This is possible with the virtual courses of the YUFE Introduction Offer. Students can register for online seminars at one of the ten participating European universities.

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MOSAiC ice flow

Sea-Ice in the Arctic at a Historical Low

The extent of Arctic sea ice in July is the lowest ever recorded. This was discovered by researchers of the MOSAIC expedition of the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI). The University of Bremen is also involved in the research project.

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A statue with a face mask on the university boulevard.

The Lecture-Free Period is Beginning!

An exciting and challenging lecture period is ending for students and staff at the university. All aspects of teaching had to be digitalized at short notice due to the corona pandemic. A great deal of flexibility and resilience was also needed in the fields of science and administration.

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perspektive promotion Turns 10: Program also for STEM Subjects

This year, perspektive promotion is celebrating its 10th birthday. With the program, the Unit for Equal Opportunities successfully offers workshops and individual consultation for female PhD students in the humanities and social sciences. The offer is now being extended to the STEM subjects.

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View of glass hall with boulevard and drop tower in the background

Winter Semester Will Be Taught Digitally and Face-to-Face

The winter semester 2020/21 will take the form of a “hybrid semester”. The department for science has agreed on this in talks with the executive boards of the university, the City University of Applied Sciences, the University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven, and the University of the Arts Bremen.

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Uni Logo an der Glashalle

Research Institute for Social Cohesion

After a one-and-a-half-year preparation phase, the Research Institute for Social Cohesion began its work on June 1, 2020. The institute is receiving 40 million euros in funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The University of Bremen is a member.

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A person writes the word BAföG on a piece of paper

Corona Crisis: Financial Aid for Students

The loan fund of the Bremen Student Services Organization will be increased so that students in need of help can be financially supported. This was decided by the Bremen Senate on Tuesday.

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University of Bremen in Mourning for Andreas Hilboll

It was with great sorrow that the University of Bremen came to know of the death of its staff member Dr. Andreas Hilboll. The postdoctoral researcher from the Faculty of Physics/Electrical Engineering passed away in a hospital in Crete due to COVID-19.

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Frau hält Rede vor sitzendem Publikum

European University: “We are Proud to be Part of YUFE"

The senator for science and ports, Dr. Claudia Schilling, supports the University of Bremen with the creation of a European university. Schilling took part in a network meeting at the University of Maastricht.

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University Glas Hall Buildingshalle

Transition Regulated: Director of Finance and Administration Position Will be Advertised

The University of Bremen will initiate the process to fill the position of director of finance and administration as quickly as possible, as has been agreed by the University Executive Board and Bremen State Science Department.

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DFG-Fachkollegien gewählt
News no.: 201945 |

Bremen Expertise for German Research Foundation (DFG)

The University of Bremen will be represented by 10 scientists on the DFG review boards. 10 professors were successful in the election. The 49 review boards are important advisory bodies during the allocation of DFG funds.

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News no.: 201943 |

Ethiopian Ambassador Solomon Visits IGS Doctoral Students

The new Ethiopian ambassador in Berlin, Mulu Solomon, visited Bremen. She took time to find out more about the International Graduate School for Dynamics in Logistics (IGS) at the University of Bremen. The program is a structured doctoral program within the LogDynamics research network.

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Zuhörer in einem vollen Seminarraum.
News no.: 201941 |

New joint Research Training Group funded by the DFG

Great success for a joint project of Jacobs University and the University of Bremen: The German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved funding for a Research Training Group at the jointly operated Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS).

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Portrait of a man with glasses
News no.: 201940 |

“Played a Decisive Role in the University Founding”

The University of Bremen is in mourning for its honorary citizen and sponsor Moritz Thape. The Bremen politician was the senator for science at the time of the founding of the university and was a constant advocate of the institution.

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Änderungen der Landnutzung durch den Menschen haben die Bodenerosion schon lange vor der Industrialisierung verstärkt.
News no.: 201939 |

Accelerated Soil Erosion by Humans Already Existed for 4,000 Years

Changes in human land use intensified soil erosion long before industrialization. This is the result of a study involving the University of Bremen, in which sediments in more than 600 lakes worldwide were analyzed.

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Fos­si­le Kalt­was­ser­ko­ral­len auf ei­nem Ko­ral­len­hü­gel vor der Küs­te Na­mi­bi­as, die erst­mals bei der Ex­pe­di­ti­on M122 mit dem For­schungs­schiff Me­te­or ent­deckt wur­den. Un­ter­sucht wur­den Pro­ben von der Ober­sei­te der Ko­ral­len­hü­gel, um fest­zu­stel­len, wann die Kalt­was­ser­ko­ral­len aus­star­ben.
News no.: 201938 |

Study: Cause of Stony Cold-Water Coral Death Found

When and why did the stony cold-water corals off the coast of Namibia, which were first discovered in 2016, die? Leonardo Tamborrino from MARUM and his co-authors provide the answers in a study that has been published in Geology journal.

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Prof. Brinksmeier
News no.: 201937 |

Professor Ekkard Brinksmeier Enters Retirement with Farewell Colloquium

Professor Ekkard Brinksmeier has now entered into retirement with a farewell colloquium. During his many years at the Leibniz Institute for Material Engineering (IWT) and University of Bremen, the renowned production engineer received several awards – amongst others the Leibniz prize in 1999.

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Konzentrierte Arbeitsatmosphäre: Rund 100 Interessierte diskutierten, wie die Europäische Universität von morgen aussehen kann.
News no.: 201936 | Uni-Allgemein|

“The European University is a Great Opportunity”

Around 100 participants at the University of Bremen learnt about and discussed what the European university of the future could look like. The event took place as part of the “Das Rektorat Informiert” series along with a World Café.

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News no.: 201934 | Uni-Allgemein|

CAMPUS AWARD 2019/2020: Submit Your Nominations Now!

The organizers of the CAMPUS AWARD: Research for a Sustainable Future are looking for the best theses at the University of Bremen on sustainable use of resources and protection of the environment, the climate and the oceans. The nomination round is open until December 6, 2019.

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/Gesellschaft/Engagement, /Person/Auszeichnung, /Person/Paar
News no.: 201931 |

Federal Cross of Merit for Marine Biologist Antje Boetius

High honor for a renowned marine biologist: Antje Boetius, director of the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) and professor at the University of Bremen, received the Federal Cross of Merit from the federal president.

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Gruppenbild: Die Gewinner des KI-Innovationswettbewerbs
News no.: 201930 |

Competence Center for AI in Medicine

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Enegy (BMWi) has declared itself in favor of the funding of a North German competence center for AI in medicine. The University of Bremen and the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) are project participants.

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technical photo
News no.: 201929 |

Blood Is Thicker Than Water and Flows Differently

An international team from the field of physics, engineering sciences and medicine intends to investigate instabilities in blood flow. The Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity (ZARM) from the University of Bremen is taking part.

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News no.: 201928 |

Self-Determined Learning with Studio-Quality Videos

The Zentrum für Multimedia in der Lehre (Center for Multimedia in Teaching – ZMML) has developed new digital teaching offers together with the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics. The highlight: the offers are not just for future business and economy scientists but rather for all students and

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Qualiservice ist am SOCIUM-Forschungszentrum Ungleichheit und Sozialpolitik der Universität Bremen angesiedelt
News no.: 201926 |

Success: Qualiservice Research Data Center Accredited

The German Data Forum (RatSWD) has accredited the Qualiservice research data center of the SOCIUM Research Center at the University of Bremen. The German Data Forum works as an independent advisory board for the government and is active in optimizing infrastructures for research data.

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News no.: 201925 |

Faserinstitut e.V. is Turning 50!

From cotton assessment to multifunctional fibers and fiber composites: Faserinstitut e.V. (Fiber Institute - FIBRE) is celebrating its 50th birthday! The institute has had a cooperation agreement with the University of Bremen since 1987 and is involved in research and teaching.

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Professorin Rozena Maart, Professor Alex Makulilo, Rektor Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter und Dr. Natascha Zaun (v.l.)
News no.: 201923 |

University Strengthens International Network

University President Prof. Bernd Scholz-Reiter named three new research ambassadors during a reception. They are to raise awareness of local research activity and promote scientific exchange.

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News no.: 201922 | Personal|

Uni KLEX: Career Support through Flexible Childcare

The University of Bremen already has a good reputation as a family-friendly university – now it is getting even better in this respect: with the flexible childcare system Uni KLEX, scientists in the qualification phase will in future also receive targeted support in the off-peak periods.

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Drei Männer und eine Frau in Gruppe lächeln in die Kamera
News no.: 201921 |

Kristina Vogt Explains Left-Wing Economic Policy

As part of the series “Economists talk to top candidates for the state election,” the department welcomes Kristina Vogt from Die Linke, the Left party, as its guest this time.

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Three men and a woman smiling
News no.: 201920 |

Top Candidate from the Green Party (Die Grünen) Debates with the Economists

“Sustainable management – how does that work?” The top candidate from the Green Party and chair of the party in the Parliament of Bremen, Maike Schaefer, was invited by the Faculty of Economics to discuss this challenging topic.

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Prof. Dr. Ludwig Huber
News no.: 201919 |

In Mourning for Ludwig Huber

The University of Bremen is in mourning for Professor Ludwig Huber. “The passing of Ludwig Huber is a great loss”, stated Thomas Hoffmeister, Vice President for Academic Affairs. “He accompanied our university as a friend and advisor. We will miss his exceptional mind.”

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Bremer Bürgermeister und Alumnus der Universität: Carsten Sieling
News no.: 201918 |

“I Do Not Fear for Bremen”

An important visitor to the Faculty of Economics in two senses: the guest, Carsten Sieling, was not only in attendance as the Mayor of Bremen but also as an alumnus of the University of Bremen. The podium discussion focused on the future of local economic policy.

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Karoline Linnert und Johann Bizer (sitzend), Henning Lühr, Bernd Scholz-Reiter und Andreas Breiter (stehend, von links)
News no.: 201916 |

Digital management: New Endowed Professorship at University of Bremen

The University of Bremen will receive a new endowed professorship for “Digitale Transformation der öffentlichen Verwaltung (E-Government). The chair is located within Faculty 3 and is funded by the Bremen State Finance Department and Dataport (IT service provider for public administration).

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Kinder und Erwachsene experimentieren am Computer
News no.: 201915 |

Senator Bogedan Visits School Laboratories

On the occasion of the Children’s University, Senator for Education Dr. Claudia Bogedan visited the school laboratories at the University of Bremen. In total, more than 10,000 schoolchildren take part in the activities of the school laboratories every year and experience the campus as an exciting ou

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Four men smiling
News no.: 201914 |

Carsten Meyer-Heder Wishes the University Would Offer “a Bigger Picture”

After Christian Lindner comes Carsten Meyer-Heder. For the second time, the Department of Economics invited a politician to ground the academic world. Moderated by Dean Professor Jochen Zimmermann, the focus was on the digital economy in Bremen from a critical viewpoint.

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Mädchen dreht an einem Rad
News no.: 201911 |

“Kinder-Uni”: School Classes on Campus

The university will welcome 1,600 schoolchildren from the third to sixth grades to the “Kinder-Uni” children’s university on campus. In eleven lectures, there will be research news from areas ranging from English studies to physics.

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Runde diskutiert
News no.: 201910 |

Federal Minister Hubertus Heil Visits SOCIUM

Another high-ranking politician visited the university. A good week after Christian Lindner, leader of the FDP party, visited, Hubertus Heil, Federal Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, was also a guest. Current legislative proposals and the state of social policy research were discussion topics.

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group of persons on a staircase
News no.: 201909 |

Alumni in Bremen Parliament

Great interest in an offer from the alumni association of the University of Bremen: The parliament visit and the discussion on science policy was a complete success. Instead of the planned 30 participants, the number of interested parties doubled.

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Professorin Annelie Keil
News no.: 201908 |

Professor Annelie Keil will be awarded the senate medal for art and science by the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

The Senate of Bremen Honors Annelie Keil’s Services to Social and Health sciences for the University and the state of Bremen with the Senate Medal of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

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The logo of the University of Bremen on the Glass Hall building.
News no.: 201906 |

State of Bremen Advocates Freedom of Science – Four Scholarships Awarded

The state of Bremen has set up a scholarship program for junior researchers from abroad who are in precarious situations. In the first round of applications, two scholarships for postdocs and two graduation scholarships for doctoral students will be awarded. Deadline for applications is March 31.

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Gerold Wefer erhält Senatsmedaille
News no.: 201905 |

Professor Gerold Wefer Receives Senate Medal for Art and Science

This is cause for celebration at the University of Bremen too: Professor Gerold Wefer, who for decades has been a driving force in the development of marine sciences not only at the university, has been awarded the senate medal for art and science of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.

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Mann am Mikrophon
News no.: 201904 |

Memorial Symposium for Professor Stefan Gößling-Reisemann

How can energy systems be designed to be sustainable and resilient? This was Professor Stefan Gößling-Reisemann’s research topic. His sudden death in July 2018 was a shock to his staff. He is to be remembered with a symposium on March 6, 2019.

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Junge Frau lächelt in Kamera
News no.: 201902 |

Bremen Study on the Trump Effect Becomes Media Hit in the USA

The sociologist Lara Minkus did not expect this sort of media response. Her study on the Trump Effect in Europe, which she published together with two colleagues from Florence and Magdeburg, was reprinted by many US newspapers.

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smoking volcano
News no.: 2018040 |

Research Unit: How Do Volcanoes Influence the Climate?

How do volcanic eruptions affect the atmosphere and climate? This is what scientists from seven research institutes in Germany are investigating. The Institute of Environmental Physics at the University of Bremen is one of them. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation – DFG)

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Four persons laughing
News no.: 2018039 |

Why Glaciers in the Alps Are Now Only Dead Ice

“Glaciers are the icons of climate change.” This is what Professor Ben Marzeion says in the small kunstmix gallery in Schnoor. Here, science meets art for the first time. The geographer explains his research and is surrounded by photomontages by Swiss artist Franziska Rutz.

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News no.: 201837 |

Orchestra and choir rehearse for the end-of-semester concert

The university orchestra and choir are currently rehearsing intensively for the final semester concert, which will take place in Bremen Cathedral on 27 January 2019 - the day of commemoration of the victims of National Socialism. This time the contemplative and moving oratorio "A Child of Our Time"

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group of men and women
News no.: 201836 |

2018 Berninghausen Prize: Seven Teachers Received Awards

The university and the unifreunde association awarded the 2018 Berninghausen Prize to seven higher-education teachers in the categories of “excellent, innovate course” and “student prize.” The festive event took place in the evening of the Day of Teaching in the Schütting.

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News no.: 201833 |

University Honored for Exemplary Environmental Protection

Federal Minister Svenja Schulze has honored the university as one of 15 organizations for its exemplary environmental protection. On the occasion of a conference, a corresponding certificate was recently awarded to environmental manager Dr. Doris Sövegjarto-Wigbers.

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Group of people laughing
News no.: 201832 |

Head Coach Kohfeldt: “I Got a Lot from My Studies.”

Constructive proposals determine the Health Information Day of the Faculty of Human and Health Sciences. “Stress at college or nice campus life?” is the decisive question. And, of course, media coverage – because Florian Kohfeldt, head coach of SV Werder Bremen, is one of the guests.

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Melting ice on the ocean
News no.: 2018030 |

Arctic Ocean Loses a Substantial Amount of Sea Ice

When the Arctic sea ice stops melting this September, the ice cover is expected to have melted to an extent of 4.4 million square kilometers. This is reported by scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI), and the University of Bremen.

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Professorin Antje Boetius
News no.: 2018029 |

Professor Antje Boetius Receives German Environmental Award 2018

Scientist Antje Boetius will receive the German Environmental Award 2018. She is Vice-Spokes­per­son of the cluster "The Ocean in the Earth Sys­tem" at MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Bremen and Director of the AWI in Bremerhaven.

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Das Team des BIPS
News no.: 2018028 |

BIPS Successfully Evaluated

The Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology – BIPS GmbH at the University of Bremen has successfully passed the regular evaluation procedure for Leibniz facilities. The Senate of the eponymous association recommends that the Federal Government and States continue to promote BIPS.

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Ein Studierender arbeitet in der Bibliothek am Laptop.
News no.: 2018027 |

Online Access to Elsevier Journals Now Limited

The Bremen State and University Library (SuUB), like approximately 200 other German universities, higher education institutions, and research institutes within the framework of the nationwide DEAL negotiations, did not renew its contract with the Elsevier ScienceDirect publishers at the end of 2017.

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Young men and women are sitting at desks and are looking in the camera.
News no.: 2018025 |

Opportunities of Digitization for Social Sciences

More than 50 international junior researchers and experts from social and computer sciences will meet in Bremen from July 23 to August 3. The summer school is organized by the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS).

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five persons at award ceremony
News no.: 2018023 |

Dennis Barasi Receives Advancement Award for Intercultural Master’s Thesis

Dennis Barasi, an educational scientist from Bremen, has received the Augsburg Academic Prize for Intercultural Studies advancement award for his master’s thesis. He is a research associate in the department of intercultural education, where he is writing his dissertation on the topic of migration.

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Buildings with a tower
News no.: 2018022 |

THE ranking: University of Bremen once again among the 50 best young universities worldwide

The University of Bremen is once again confirmed to be among the world’s top 50 young universities. This is the result of the latest “Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Ranking 2018”. Bremen is ranked on place 34 among the 250 listed universities.

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News no.: 2018021 |

Pioneers of the Oceans

Since 2009, the 8th of June is celebrated by the United Nations as “World Ocean Day”. Scientists working at the MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences at the University of Bremen conduct research on the importance of the oceans, the Polar Regions and the world’s atmosphere.

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News no.: 20180120 |

What happens to the obsolete equipment of wind turbines?

Wind turbines are high quality, complex products made from a variety of materials. The first of the approximately 29,000 systems in Germany are approaching the end of their product life cycle. In the coming years, a strong increase is expected in the number of plants to be decommissioned.

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News no.: 2018019 |

Harvard Professor Beckert: “Bremen has won my heart”

The semester topic “Global Cotton: One University - One Book - One City” has been successfully launched at the University of Bremen. At the central opening event, Harvard Professor Sven Beckert presented his book "King Cotton - A History of Global Capitalism" and opened the discussion.

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News no.: 2018018 |

Science Council gives the go-ahead for new research building

Bremen’s Senator for Science and the University of Bremen welcome the recent decision reached by the German Council of Science and Humanities. At its meeting on April 27, 2018, the Council gave its approval for the construction of a new research building at the University of Bremen.

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News no.: 2018017 |

Alice Lima de Faria receives HUCKEPACK Picture Book Award 2018

Alice Lima de Faria has been awarded the 3rd HUCKEPACK prize for her picture book "Ich war’s nicht!, sagt Robinhund" [It wasn’t me!" Says Robinhund]. The HUCKEPACK prize is awarded jointly by the Bremer Institut für Bilderbuchforschung and the project "Reading aloud to Families".

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Portrait of a woman
News no.: 2018016 |

Antje Boetius Receives the Communicator Prize 2018

Professor Antje Boetius receives the Communicator Prize 2018 for her long-term commitment to communicating the results of her own research on the deep sea and the Polar Regions as well as general questions surrounding the science system and science communication.

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News no.: 2018015 |

BIGSSS reports record number of social science dissertations

At the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), more PhD Fellows have completed their social science dissertations than ever before.

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Uni-Logo an der Glashalle
News no.: 2018014 |

More Money for Science: University of Bremen joins in European demands

The University of Bremen supports the demands of European university associations to increase the funding of the forthcoming EU Research Framework Program. YERUN, LERU, EUA and others had recently come out in public with a joint statement.

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Mann vor einem Mikroskop sitzend
News no.: 2018013 |

Honorary Professorship strengthens Geography at the University of Bremen

For the first time, the University of Bremen has appointed an honorary professor of geography. From summer semester 2018 onwards, Dr. Felix Bittmann will be teaching vegetation and landscape history. His appointment intensifies the exchange between science and the practice.

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Girl is slamming a hammer to illustrate what acoustics means.
News no.: 2018012 |

It's Children's University Once Again

The 15th Children's University has begun: From March 12 to 14, some 1,200 pupils from grades 3 to 6 will be attending the traditional event at the University of Bremen. During the Easter break, around 420 eight- to twelve-year-olds will become junior researchers for the 3 days from March 19 to 21.

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Uni-Logo an der Glashalle
News no.: 2018011 |

A Strategy for the University

The University of Bremen’s “Strategy 2018-2028” is the result of an intensive dialogical process. It sets clearly defined goals for the coming decade and builds on the University’s strengths as well as its shared values ​​and its very own “Bremen spirit”.

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[Translate to English:] Männerkopf
News no.: 48 |

University Mourns Former Rector Professor Alexander Wittkowsky 

The University of Bremen mourns the death of former Rector Alexander Wittkowsky. He passed away on February 14, 2018 at the age of 81. Wittkowsky was Rector of the University of Bremen from 1977 to 1982. 

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Group of persons

Five Graduates Awarded the Bremen Study Prize

The “unifreunde” society of friends of the University of Bremen and Jacobs University and the company Bruker Daltonik GmbH presented the 2017 Bremen Study Awards in the prestigious atmosphere of the Upper Town Hall.

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Vier Männer lächeln in die Kamera
News no.: 6 |

Faculty of Human and Health Sciences Appoints Honrary Professor

With a festive colloquium in Haus der Wissenschaft, members of the Office of the Dean of the Faculty Human and Health Sciences appointed a new honorary professor, Dr. med. Matthias von Schwanenflügel. “The last time we appointed an honorary professor to our Faculty was in 2003,” said Dean Professor…

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Containerterminal Bremerhaven
News no.: 2018005 | TOP Meldungen|

“Workmate robot” Helps to Empty Sea Containers

Emptying a huge container box entails hard work – a job still mostly done hand. Together with partners in industry, the BIBA – Bremen Institute für Production and Logistics at the University of Bremen has come up with a novel robot that will be able to take over the task in future. By now they are…

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Sechs Männer und eine Frau stehen am Geländer und lachen in die Kamera.
News no.: 2018004 |

Confident into the New Science Year

With determination, self-confidence, a touch of humor and warm applause for the newly appointed professors to the University of Bremen and Jacobs University, the “unifreunde” friends of the University celebrated their traditional New Year's reception with guests from the realms of science, politics…

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ToGo-Becher vor Bremer Rathaus
News no.: 2018003 |

Deposit System for Bremen Coffee Cups

Every year, about 23 million disposable plastic coffee cups land in the rubbish – and that’s just in Bremen! That is quantity estimated by the Union for Environment and Nature Protection Germany (UNION). A group of seven master students at the University of Bremen’s Chair in Small Business and…

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Menschen singen auf einer Bühne
News no.: 2018002 |

End-of-Semester Concert: Cantatas from Mexico for Justice and Peace

The end-of-semester concert has become a treasured tradition for the Orchestra and Choir of the University of Bremen. This year, on Monday, January 29, 2018, at 8 pm, music from Mexico will be on the program in “Die Glocke” concert hall. The concert is titled “Sueños Dreams of a Better World”. Under…

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Senioren mit PC im Bett
News no.: 2018001 | TOP Meldungen|

being old = being offline?!

Hard to believe, but true: Of the people aged 70+ in our country, 10 million have never used the Internet. Another 10 million users have never purchased anything online. The Bremen Professor Herbert Kubicek of the Institute for Information Management Bremen (ifib) at the University of Bremen…

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Die Arktis, eine wunderschöne Gegend
News no.: 201790 | TOP Meldungen|

Top Performance in Promoting Junior Researchers: Two of the University’s Research Training Groups to be extended

The promotion of young researchers at the University of Bremen is first-rate and highly successful. This has once more been confirmed by the German Research Foundation (DFG), which has extended its financial support for two of the Research Training Groups it has already been funding. The Research…

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Mann an einem wissenschaftlichen Gerät
News no.: 201789 | TOP Meldungen|

High recognition: Chemists at the University of Bremen use ultramodern X-ray lasers

Not everyone is allowed to work with these machines: The European X-ray laser “European XFEL” in the Hamburg metropolitan region and the Swiss X-ray laser “SwissFEL” at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen are among the most complex research tools in the world. Chemists at the University of…

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Windenergie Anlagen auf hoher See
News no.: 2017088 |

11.5 Million Euros for Wind Energy Research in Bremen

An important accolade for the Federal State of Bremen as a location for science: The University of Bremen and the Fraunhofer IWES in Bremerhaven are to receive 11.5 million euros in funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy for a joint project with industrial companies. The…

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Alte Frau
News no.: 2017087 | TOP Meldungen|

SOCIUM successful in Europe-wide call: How much staff is required for good quality care?

They have won a competitive Europe-wide call for an important study and thus raised 3.7 million euros in third-party funding: 14 members of the Research Center for Inequality and Social Policy (SOCIUM) at the University of Bremen are now to develop and put into practice a procedure for the uniform…

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Porträt Fabio La Mantia
News no.: 2017086 |

Bremen Production Engineer Receives ERC Consolidator Grant

Lots of happy faces at the University of Bremen and at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Applied Materials Research (IFAM): Fabio La Mantia, Professor in the Faculty of Production Engineering and an expert in the field of battery research, is to receive an ERC Consolidator…

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Gruppenbild mit Podiumsteilnehmern
News no.: 2017085 |

“We share a fighting nature”

This is what the President of the University of Bremen, Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter, said when asked how things will continue with the University of Bremen. The occasion was a panel discussion held in the Focke Museum. As part of the exhibition “Protest and new beginnings: Bremen after 68”, the…

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Uni-Logo auf Glashalle
News no.: 2017084 |

Great success: Approval for a New Collaborative Research Center and Another One Extended

Collaborative Research Centers (CRCs) are among the most sought-after grants for researchers at German universities – and that’s why spirits at the University of Bremen are now particularly high: the German Research Foundation (DFG) has decided to support a new CRC in the social sciences at the…

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Gruppenbild mit einer Frau und zwei Männern
News no.: 2017083 |

Award for Outstanding Teaching: Teaching Science Live

This year the University of Bremen once again awarded the Bernighausen Prize for extraordinary commitment to teaching for the 25th time. This year's winners of the Berninghausen Prize are the psychologist Dr. Iris Stahlke, the jurist Dr. Dennis-Kenji Kipker and materials scientist Professor Lucio…

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Viele Studierende bei einer Diskussion
News no.: 2017082 |

Education Day - Opportunity to exchange ideas on further education and studies

The University of Bremen uses Education Day to exchange views about the further development of academic teaching and studies with all interested students and teachers. This year it takes place on 22nd November and the main focus is on the concept of “research-based learning”. Various events take…

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Uni-Logo auf Glaswand
News no.: 2017081 |

Academic Senate: What we now need for our development

At its recent annual retreat with the University management, the Academic Senate debated the future of the University. The focus was on its excellence strategy. The discussion once again made clear: The University will continue to pursue cutting-edge research and is already preparing for…

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Drei junge Frauen zeigen ein Kinderbuch
News no.: 2017080 |

New Ways: How the University of Bremen approaches high potentials

In the frame of the very first MINT student competition held by the University of Bremen in cooperation with the Hans Riegel Foundation, 30 teams from upper secondary school in Bremen submitted their project work in the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. The prizewinners were…

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News no.: 2017080 |

Key component of the energy transition: A new research group called “Power Electronics”.

The use of wind energy is a success story in Germany – and that is not least to due to excellent research, including from the University of Bremen. This is now being further strengthened: With a grant of 1.5 million euros, the University is setting up a new research group for the high-performance…

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Drei Männer im Gespräch am Stehtisch
News no.: 2017079 |

Discourse and driving force: 30 years of Bremen University Talks

Whether teacher training, artificial intelligence or the future of industrial production: The Bremen University Talks – BUG for short – make a decisive contribution to prompting debate on socially relevant topics. This year, the event which is organized jointly by the Wolfgang Ritter Foundation, the…

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zwei Männer und eine Frau mit Blumenstrauß stehen im Halbkreis
News no.: 2017078 | Web-News|

Appreciation for Gisela Gründl: The perfect organizer and networker

The well-known campus personality Gisela Gründl is retiring and leaving the University of Bremen after 27 years of service. Her name is inextricably linked to the Children's University, numerous advanced training courses for teachers, and successful educational formats for high-school students at…

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Gruppe von Personen an einem Podium
News no.: 2017077 | Web-News|

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon discusses with ERC Grantees

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the European Research Council (ERC), came to the campus at the invitation of Bremen's Senator for Science, Professor Eva Quante-Brandt, to promote European science funding. This European Union contributes significantly to such funding through grants awarded by…

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Frauenhand hält Smartphone
News no.: 2017076 | Web-News|

“Tinder” the Town: Innovative App for Local News

Regional newspapers are facing a crisis, and apps for local news haven’t really captured the public’s imagination. Against this backdrop, the Center for Media, Communication and Information Research (ZEMKI) and the Institute for Information Management (ifib) at the University of Bremen as well as…

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Gruppe von Personen in Kamera lächelnd
News no.: 2017075 | Web-News|

Bremen’s Senator for the Economy, Martin Günthner, Visits the University of Bremen

Today, three young start-up companies presented themselves at the University of Bremen. The university initiative “BRIDGE—start ups from Bremen's universities” had invited Bremen's Senator for the Economy, Labor and Ports, Martin Günthner, to attend the presentations on the University campus.

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News no.: 2017074 | Web-News|

Plants Are Capable of Having Three “Parents”

The ultimate goal pursued by all living things on our planet is reproduction. In order to secure offspring, it is not unusual for the males of the species to produce huge amounts of sperm cells. While this strategy increases the likelihood of fertilization, it also carries the risk of an egg merging…

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Zwei Männer im Anzug begrüßen sich
News no.: 2017073 | Web-News|

Chilean Ambassador Pays a Visit to the Marine Sciences

The growing threat to marine ecosystems from humans calls on all coastal communities to develop a stronger awareness of the consequences of climate change on marine life. With 6,400 kilometers of Pacific coastline, from the subtropics to the Antarctic and Easter Island, Chile is an important natural…

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News no.: 2017072 |

Renewed recognition for fair and transparent appointment negotiations

The Deutsche Hochschulverband (DHV) has awarded the University of Bremen the seal of quality for fair and transparent appointment negotiations for a further five years: It was first granted the award in October, 2014. The University of Bremen has now successfully passed the re-audit procedure, which…

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Portrait Eva-Maria Feichtner
News no.: 2017071 |

The University Management Has a New Member: Professor Eva-Maria Feichtner, Vice-President Diversity and International

Since October 1, the President’s Office of the University of Bremen has a new member: Professor Eva-Maria Feichtner is now the Vice-President Diversity and International. Her predecessor, Professor Yasemin Karakaşoğlu, held the office for more than six years. She would now like to turn her attention…

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Schiff im Hafen
News no.: 2017070 |

Excellence Strategy: University of Bremen Scores Success in the Marine Sciences

The marine sciences at the University of Bremen have scored a first success in of the Excellence Strategy. In the first round of the federal- and state-sponsored competition, the MARUM Center for Marine Environmental Sciences was able to convince the jury with its outline proposal for a cluster. “We…

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Porträt von Hartmut Jürgens
News no.: 2017069 |

On the death of Hartmut Jürgens: “A special and generous person”

The University of Bremen mourns for its friend and sponsor Hartmut Jürgens, who died on 23 September 2017 in Bremen. “I remember Hartmut Jürgens as a special and generous person who rejoiced at being given a second life. He wanted others to take part in this happiness,” says Professor Bernd…

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Hand mit rotem Stift über beschriebenem Blatt Papier.
News no.: 2017068 |

An App for Functional Illiterates

The good-night story for the children, the menu in the restaurant, the letter from the bank or the information leaflet that comes with medicines – everyday things like these present a major obstacle for more than seven million adults in Germany: Because they cannot properly read and write and are…

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Männer bringen ein Gerät auf Eisfläche in Position.
News no.: 2017067 |

In Search of Extraterrestrial Life

The University of Bremen is participating in a major research project to develop techniques for navigating in deep ice. The aim is to prepare a space mission to search for extraterrestrial life on the Saturn moon called Enceladus. Under its several-kilometer-thick ice cover, Enceladus houses a…

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Zwei Männer halten einen Blumenstrauß und lächeln in die Kamera
News no.: 2017065 | Web-News|

New Trust Foundation: Bremen Citizen’s Pro-Active Commitment to the University

The University of Bremen has gained another trust foundation. Dr. Heino Rose, a retired specialist for internal medicine and gastroenterology, wants to support teaching and research projects at the University. This is the fifth sheltered foundation to be founded under the umbrella of the university.…

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Porträt von Carina Schmitt
News no.: 2017064 | Web-News|

Carina Schmitt is awarded an ERC Starting Grant

Carina Schmitt, Professor of Global Social Policy at SOCIUM, has been selected for one of the coveted ERC starting grants awarded by the European Research Council. The European Research Council will be funding her research with almost 1.5 million euro. “I am very happy about this award. It will…

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Drei Männer sitzen am Tisch und betrachten Flyer
News no.: 2017063 | Web-News|

University wants to bring more men into Elementary Schools

“Rent a Teacherman” is a project run by the Faculty of Pedagogy and Educational Sciences in cooperation with the Bremen educational authorities. The aim of the project is to give elementary schools in Bremen the opportunity to “hire” a male teacher for a while. It is an endeavor to remedy the…

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Mann lächelt in Kamera
News no.: 2017062 | Web-News|

University President begins second period of office

“The main objective I have set myself for my second period of office will be to build on the successful achievements to date in the areas of teaching and research”, says the President of the University of Bremen, Bernd Scholz-Reiter, who now is to lead the University for another five years. A most…

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News no.: 2017061 | Web-News|

The CAMPUS PRIZE for Sustainability Research Enters New Round

Once again it’s time for the CAMPUS PRIZE: ‘Research for a sustainable future’ – and the University of Bremen is looking for the best dissertations and doctoral theses on the sustainable use of resources, environmental protection, the climate, and the oceans. New this time round is that there are…

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Mann im Profil
News no.: 2017059 | Web-News|

In memory of Peter Bürger: “An alert and critical mind”

He was one of the very first professors appointed at the University of Bremen – we sadly report that the renowned literary scholar Peter Bürger passed away at the age of 80 in Berlin. The University of Bremen mourns the loss of this highly respected Romance philologist, who in 1971 was among its…

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News no.: 2017058 | Web-News|

Bremer researchers contribute to report for the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has announced the names of the researchers appointed to co-author the UN “Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate” (SROCC), which is to be published in 2019. Out of the 569 nominations put forward by 57 member states, the…

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Zwei Männder mit Medaillen
News no.: 2017057 | Web-News|

Professor Frank Kirchner Receives Honorary Doctorate from Centro Universitário SENAI CIMATEC, Brazil

At a ceremony recently held Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, the Centro Universitário SENAI CIMATEC bestowed an honorary doctorate on Professor Frank Kirchner, leader of the Robotics Innovation Center at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and Professor of Robotics at the…

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Zwei Frauen und ein Mann lächeln in Kamera
News no.: 2017056 | Web-News|

Informatica Feminale: Senator Praises “Culture of Encouragement”

Words of praise from Bremen’s Senator for Science, Professor Eva Quante-Brandt, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Summer University: “The Informatica Feminale has been a successful project for women by women ever since its inception.” More than 50 participants, teaching faculty and…

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Gruppe von Personen in einem Raum
News no.: 2017055 | Web-News|

Excellence Strategy: Mayor Carsten Sieling Forms an Impression

“I’m naturally curious to know more about the University‘s excellence strategy”, says the Mayor of Bremen, Carsten Sieling. He visited the campus especially to gain a better impression of the five outline proposals for excellence clusters submitted by the University in the excellence competition…

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Internationale Studierende an einem Tisch
News no.: 201754 | Web-News|

Targeted Support for International Students

The need for young academics in mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and engineering – the so-called STEM subjects – is particularly strong. The University of Bremen has subsequently decided to strengthen its support for international students studying STEM disciplines and launched a…

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Roboter hebt Hand in Siegerpose
News no.: 2017053 | Web-News|

Robot Soccer: B-Human World Champions – Once Again!

Team B-Human is made up of eleven robots, nine University of Bremen students with their supervisor, Dr. Tim Laue, and Dr. Thomas Röfer, who works in the research area Cyber-Physical Systems at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). This has proven to be a tremendously…

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Mann mit Datenbrille arbeit an technischem System
News no.: 2017052 | Web-News|

A System Incorporating Data Goggles Helps Maintenance Personnel Working on Wind Turbines

A new assistance system incorporating data goggles supports technicians doing maintenance work on wind turbines: Following two years of research and development, the Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH (BIBA) at the University of Bremen, together with its partners AnyMotion (Bremen) and…

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Stadt mit Windrädern im Hintergrund
News no.: 2017051 | Web-News|

University of Bremen Coordinates Pioneering Energy in the Town of Heide

The North German town of Heide in the district of Dithmarschen is playing a pioneering role in future-oriented energy technology. The neighborhood Rüsdorfer Kamp has been chosen for the development of a highly efficient heat and power supply. The aim is to achieve near complete utilization of…

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Fugzeug in den Wolken
News no.: 2017050 | Web-News|

Aircraft Measures the Impact of Air Pollution on European Cities

HALO, a research aircraft belonging to the German Aerospace Center, is currently being deployed over several European conurbations, where chemists and atmosphere physicists are using it to measure the impact air pollution over urban centers exerts on the Earth’s atmosphere. The abbreviation HALO…

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News no.: 2017046 |

University Launches Online Consultation Process for “Strategy 2018 to 2028”

How and in what direction should the University of Bremen develop going forward? What goals should it pursue? What values does it stand for? In answer to these and similar questions, the university leadership has drafted an initial ten-year strategy proposal for the whole institution. All students…

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News no.: 2017049 |

“Modern science has to form swarms”

“We are young, agile, and highly motivated.” These were the words used by the President of the University of Bremen, Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter, on welcoming members of the Science Council to their summer meeting in Bremen. The Science Council is highest advisory body on science policy in…

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Portrait eines lächelnden Mannes
News no.: 2017048 | Web-News|

Uni Bremen Is the First German University to Join the International SERU Network for Young Researcher Development

The University of Bremen is expanding its cooperation with world-leading universities. As the University’s Vice President Research, Professor Andreas Breiter, explains, the purpose is to promote young researchers and offering them the best possible support, “We have therefore joined the US-American …

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News no.: 2017054 | Web-News|

International Stir Caused by Unusual Study on Noble Gases

Reactions with noble gases have long been a cause of fascination for chemists. The substances used as light sources in fluorescent tubes, for instance, are extremely slow to react in respect of their chemical reactions – they are therefore called “noble”. A newly published study in this area of…

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Zwei Männer sitzen mit einem Schriftstück am Tisch
News no.: 2017045 |

University of Bremen and AOK Bremen/Bremerhaven Conclude Cooperation Agreement

The University of Bremen and the health insurance provider AOK Bremen /Bremerhaven have just concluded a cooperation agreement. Further subcontracts relating to a number of medical topics are in the pipeline.

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Mann und Frau in Talaren lächeln in die Kamera
News no.: 2017044 | Web-News|

University of South Florida Bestows Honorary Doctorate on Professor Gessler

Professor Michael Gessler has received a high honor for his international networking activities in the area of vocational and further education. He has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of South Florida. Gessler is a research academic at the University of Bremen, where he also…

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Mann hält sich drehendes Rad hoch
News no.: 2017043 | Web-News|

OPEN CAMPUS Draws Large Crowds

“Open Worlds – Share Knowledge”: This is the by now well-known motto of OPEN CAMPUS. The third event of its kind held last Saturday drew around 19,000 visitors to the campus. Already in the hours running up to the official opening, large numbers of people came to the more than 40 exhibition tents…

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News no.: 2014042 | Web-News|

BYRD Graduate Center Offers Support at All Career Stages

In order to optimize the support it offers to early-career academics, the University of Bremen has expanded its former “ProUB” graduate center and given it a new name:  It is now called BYRD, which stands for Bremen Early Career Researcher Development. “BYRD builds on the successful work of the…

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News no.: 2017041 | Web-News|

“Open Worlds – Share Knowledge: OPEN CAMPUS at University of Bremen on June 17, 2017

The third OPEN CAMPUS is drawing closer. Starting at 2.00 p.m. on Saturday June 17, 2017, the University of Bremen will once again be inviting members of the public to come on to the campus and gain some insights into what it does. In 40 exhibition tents spread around the Campus Park and under the…

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Finger auf einer Tastatur vor grün flimmerndem Monitor
News no.: 2017040 | Web-News|

How Can Electricity Blackouts Be Avoided?

How can our power supply be made safe against hacker attacks and extreme weather events and still be relatively stable? How can technicians cope with the threat of power cuts and create robust learning systems?

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Porträtfoto eines jungen Mannes
News no.: 2017039 | Web-News|

„Jugend forscht“: Uni Bremen Helped Prizewinner Arta Safari to Success

A shining example of how the University of Bremen not only stands by its own students and doctoral candidates, but also students still in high-school: Arta Safari recently took third place for Chemistry in the nation-wide youth science competition “Jugend forscht”. On top of this, he received the…

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Mann steht neben drei Robotern.
News no.: 2017038 | Web-News|

DFG Grants University of Bremen a Further Collaborative Research Center

“Lay the table!” – executing simple instructions like this might not be so difficult for humans to perform: but for robots they present an enormous challenge. Carrying out even simple tasks takes whole lot of extremely complex information for granted: What precisely should be laid on the table??…

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Mann sitzt am offenen Kofferraum und wird von Fernsehteam interviewt
News no.: 2017037 | Web-News|

University Granted Permission to Test Autonomous Vehicle on Public Roadways

Researchers in the Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Science at the University of Bremen will now be able to test run their own autonomous research vehicle on public roads – albeit with a human driver standing by at the wheel. Bremen’s Senator for Transport, Joachim Lohse, has already handed over a…

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Forschungsflugzeug Polar 5 überfliegt das Forschungsschiff Polarstern bei einem Zwischenstopp auf Spitzbergen.
News no.: 2017036 | Web-News|

Arctic Climate in Focus: CRC Launches Expedition in the Polar Region

The effect of global climate warming in the Arctic region is the focus of a major expedition starting end of May with the participation of more than 60 researchers from all over Germany. With two specially equipped research aircraft and a research vessel at their disposal, they are taking part in a…

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Roboter spielen Fußball
News no.: 2017035 | Web-News|

Robot Soccer: Team B-Human World Champions Once Again

They seem to be invincible: The robot kickers Team B-Human, “trained” by the German Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and the University of Bremen, are once again German champions. The reigning European and world-champion squad successfully defended their title in the Standard Platform…

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Drei Frauen und zwei Männer stehen im Halbkreis
News no.: 2017034 | Web-News|

Marine Biologist Antje Boetius Receives the Carl Friedrich Gauß Medal

Professor Antje Boetius has received the Carl Friedrich Gauß Medal in recognition of her outstanding research in the field of Deep-Sea Ecology. The award will take place in the frame of the annual conference held by the Braunschweigische Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft [Braunschweig Scientific…

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Luftaufnahme eines Gletschers in Grönland
News no.: 2017033 | Web-News|

How Does Ocean Warming Affect Greenland’s Continental Ice Sheet?

Over a third of the worldwide increase in sea levels can be traced to the massive retreat of Greenland’s ice sheet. For the past twenty years, researchers have been observing with concern how climate change is melting the ice masses on and around Greenland. The role played in this process by ocean…

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Gruppenbild mit Männern und Frauen bei Preisverleihung
News no.: 2017032 | Web-News|

Dr. Martin C. Lukas Receives the CAMPUS AWARD

The very first winner of the CAMPUS AWARD is Dr. Martin C. Lukas, who received the accolade for his doctoral thesis on the multifaceted relationships between the causes and effects of land utilization in coastal areas of Indonesia. The CAMPUS AWARD is awarded in recognition of outstanding theses in…

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Gruppenbild mit drei jungen Männern und fünf jung Frauen
News no.: 2017031 | Web-News|

Students Participate in DLR Space Competition

Feverish last minute preparations for the eight students of the University of Bremen taking part in an experiment they want to see included in a space mission one day: They entered their idea in the nation-wide “High Flyer” competition organized by the German Aerospace Center. And they have already…

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Zwei Forscher im Labor vor Aquarien
News no.: 2017030 | Web-News|

Research team publishes new studie on coral bleaching

Nitrogen fixing bacteria, common residents of tropical reef-building corals, contribute to coral bleaching even in the absence of ocean warming This is the key finding of a new study carried out by an international research team under the joint supervision of Prof. Dr. Christian Wild (Marine…

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News no.: 2017028 | Web-News|

University of Bremen to Open New Institute for European Studies

The area of European Studies at the University of Bremen is being given a facelift: With a large majority, the Faculty of Social Sciences voted in support of a proposal to establish an institute for European studies. The institute will bundle the University’s teaching and research competences in the…

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Drei Männer vor Maschinenhalle
News no.: 2017027 | Web-News|

Foundation Institute of Materials Science Becomes a Leibniz Institute

At a recent meeting of the Joint Science Conference [Gemeinsame Wissenschaftskonferenz von Bund und Ländern (GWK)] it was agreed to accept the Foundation Institute of Materials Science (IWT) as a member of the Leibniz Association as of January 2018. The decision came after an application procedure…

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News no.: 2017026 | Web-News|

University of Bremen Supports “March for Science”

Worldwide movement for independent research and science. On April 22, people around the world will be demonstrating their support for independent science. The international initiative “March for Science” has called for protest marches to send a clear signal against denial or relativization of…

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Luftbild vom Campus
News no.: 2017025 | Web-News|

University of Bremen Once Again Ranked Among the 50 Best Young Universities Worldwide

The University of Bremen performs outstandingly in the new university rankings published by the renowned science magazine Times Higher Education (THE). In the list of the 200 best young universities worldwide, Bremen is ranked in position 41, placing it firmly in the international top 50. The Young…

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Gebäude der Uni Bremen mit Fallturm
News no.: 2017024 | Web-News|

Eastern European Professorships: Evaluation Completed

The aim of the Excellence Initiative launched by the Federal Government and the Federal States is to strengthen the international competitiveness of German universities. In 2012, the University of Bremen received the accolade “University of Excellence” in recognition of its institutional strategy…

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News no.: 2017023 | Web-News|

Excellence Strategy: University of Bremen hands in five Cluster Proposals

The big day approaches: Next week on April 3, the German Research Foundation is expecting about two hundred pre-proposals, so-called Skizzen [English: outline proposals], for Excellence Clusters. This marks the start of the next round of the competition for excellence funding financed by the Federal…

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Europaflagge und britischer Union Jack
News no.: 2017022 | Web-News|

Brexit: A Threat to Scientific Cooperation?

So it’s official: On March 29, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, submitted her country’s notice to leave the European Union. Great Britain’s decision could pose a real threat to international scientific cooperation. This is the fear shared by the University of Bremen and its partners in the…

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News no.: 2017020 | Web-News|

Official Start of the Pi3 Research Training Group

Mathematics is a universal language. No other science is quite so capable of making complex issues manageable by breaking things down to the essentials. No end of scientific, engineering, industrial and economic applications/functions and even life’s problem issues can be illuminated on the abstract…

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Weltraumroboter in Laborhalle
News no.: 2017019 | Web-News|

University Launches Two New International Aerospace Masters’ Programs

Bremen is a major international location for aerospace technology. The University of Bremen and its partner institutes surrounding the campus enjoy high worldwide recognition in the area of aerospace research. And aerospace enterprises are constantly on the lookout for highly trained graduates in…

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Zwei Männer mit einer Urkunde
News no.: 2017018 | Web-News|

Lutz Mädler Receives the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize 2017 in Berlin

At a recently held award ceremony in Berlin, Professor Lutz Mädler received the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize 2017 for his ground breaking research on the formation of nanoparticles from the gas phase and their effect on living matter. Awarded annually by the German Research Foundation since…

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Frau steht auf Straße und lächelt in Kamera
News no.: 2017016 | Web-News|

“Bremen’s Woman of the Year 2017” Is from the University

Veronika Oechtering is Bremen’s Woman of the Year 2017. The computer scientist from the University of Bremen received the award during a ceremony in Bremen’s historic City Hall. The Bremen Committee on Women’s Rights awarded the accolade in recognition of Veronika Oechtering’s 20 years of proactive…

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Zwei Männer halten einen Preis
News no.: 2017017 | Web-News|

Taiwan Bestows Highest Science Prize on Professor Gerhard Bohrmann

Marine geologist, Professor Gerhard Bohrmann, has received the Tsungming Tu Award in recognition of his services to science. This is the highest academic honor that the West Pacific Island can bestow on a foreign research scientist. The prize, which is awarded in cooperation with the Alexander von…

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News no.: 2017015 | Web-News|

The Press Office Has a New Leader: Kristina Logemann Moves to the University of Bremen

On March 1, 2017, Kristina Logemann took over from the former press and communications officer, Eberhard Scholz, who goes into retirement. One of her duties as new leader of the Press Office is to act as spokesperson for the President of the University of Bremen. After leaving school, Kristina…

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Fontansicht eines Hauses
News no.: 2017014 | Web-News|

Social Science Study on Public Awareness of Haus der Wissenschaft

“Research-based learning” is high on the agenda at the University of Bremen. Just recently, for instance, Social Science students under the leadership of Professor Uwe Engel published the results of a representative survey they carried out. The title says it all: “Bremen and its Exhibitions. How the…

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News no.: 2017013 | Web-News|

Focus on Bremen Teacher Education: Presentation of the Uni’s New Yearbook

Educating teachers – Shaping the Future: This is the motto of the University of Bremen’s new Yearbook. About 14 per cent of the University’s 20,000 students are aspiring teachers. And no less than nine of the University’s twelve Faculties are in one way or another involved in training teachers for…

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Gruppenfoto mit vier Frauen und fünf Männern
News no.: 2017012 | Web-News|

Outstanding Accomplishments: Award of Bremen Study Prize 2016

In and outside Bremen – the Bremen Study Prize has become a firmly established institution in the regional science landscape. For 34 years now, the “unifreunde” [Friends of the University of Bremen] has been awarding this accolade for outstanding student theses submitted at the University of Bremen.…

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Drei Männer an einem Tisch
News no.: 2017011 |

Ecological Reader on Marine Research

There has hardly been a more comprehensive publication on the many aspects of marine research than the recently published “Faszination Meeresforschung” [Fascination marine research]. This “ecological reader” is edited by the Bremen Professor Gotthilf Hempel (founding director of the Leibniz Center…

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Sechs Personen lächeln in Kamera
News no.: 10 | Web-News|

The “unifreunde” New Year’s Reception: Knowledge Is Not Elite, But Elementary

The science year 2017 in Bremen got off to an official start with the traditional New Year’s reception given by “unifreunde” e.V., the friends of the University of Bremen and Jacobs University. A large number of guests representing science, politics, the economy and civil society attended the…

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Porträt von Rudolf Hickel
News no.: 2017006 | Web-News|

Rudolf Hickel Receives the Bremen Senatsmedaille

Happy news for economist Professor Rudolf Hickel – and it makes the University happy, too: The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen has bestowed on him the Bremer Senatsmedaille [a medal of honor awarded by the Bremen Senate for services in art and science]. Hickel, who counts among Germany’s most…

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News no.: 2017005 | Web-News|

Uni Takes “Colored States” into School

How do you get young people interested in technology early on? While they’re still at school is probably the best way. And that’s just what the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 1232 called “Colored States” is now trying to do in cooperation with the Wilhelm-Focke Oberschule in the Bremen suburb…

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News no.: 2017004 | Web-News|

Health Sciences Acquire 4.8 Million Euros

The Health Sciences at the University of Bremen have been granted funding in an amount of 4.8 million euros from Innovationsfonds (see below). The Bremen researchers owe this extraordinary success to their development of practice-oriented topics in the area of healthcare research. The…

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Mann und Frau in Arztkittel mit einem Messgerät
News no.: 2017003 | Web-News|

Implementation Phase for New Wound-Healing Therapy

The phase started with several successful projects conducted by the University of Bremen in cooperation with the Bremen clinics Gesundheit Nord. An excellent example is the research project on cicatrization carried out by plastic surgeon Professor Ursula Mirastschijski in cooperation between…

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Foto einer Bilderausstellung
News no.: 2017002 | Web-News|

Micro Components Real Big: A Photo Exhibition in Citylab

Although we hold them in our hands every single day, we are hardly even aware of their existence. They can be found in everything from smart phones and automobiles to hearing aids: Miniature metal components. The Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 747 “Micro Cold Forming” at the University of…

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News no.: 2017001 | Web-News|

Uni Bremen StartUp Makes Machines Talk

Sensosurf is a spin-out from the University of Bremen’s research area of Electrical Engineering. The company digitalizes machine components by means of razor-thin sensory surfaces. This makes it possible for the components to feel, think, and talk. This forms the basis for a business idea that has…

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News no.: 2016087 | Web-News|

Stipends for Persecuted Foreign Academics

For the second time, the University is able to award a most unusual stipend: Already in summer 2016, two politically persecuted academics from Turkey sought refuge at the University of Bremen, where they are now able to continue their studies here in a safe environment. This was made possible by the…

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Mann lächelt in Kamera
News no.: 2016086 | Web-News|

Academic Senate Endorses President’s Re-Appointment

On December 14, 2016, the Academic Senate of the University of Bremen re-elected the incumbent President, Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter, for a further five-year term. “I thank the Academic Senate for the trust put in me and I’m looking forward to my second term as President of our fine University”,…

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News no.: 2016084 | Web-News|

Great News! Bremen Researcher Lutz Mädler Has Been Awarded the Renowned Leibniz Prize 2017

Professor Lutz Mädler in the area of process engineering of the Faculty of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen has been awarded the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz-Preis 2017. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) [German Research Foundation] bestowed the prize on Mädler for his…

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Porträt einer jungen Frau
News no.: 2016083 | Web-News|

DAAD Prize 2016 for Ukrainian Student

A very special award for a very special student: Kateryna Solopova has been awarded the Prize 2016 by Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes (DAAD), the German Academic Exchange Service. The accolade goes to international students for outstanding academic achievement and civic engagement. Kateryna…

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Drei Männer mit einer Trophäe an einem neuartigen Förderband
News no.: 2016082 | Web-News|

Bremen Research Team Wins Innovation Competition

A team of three researchers from the Bremen Institute for Production and Logistics (BIBA) at the University of Bremen recently seized the opportunity to present their novel conveyor system called “Celluveyor” to a large international audience during “DHL Innovation Day”. They were one of only three…

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Porträt eines lächelnden Mannes
News no.: 2016081 | Web-News|

Postdoc Maciej Grodzicki Receives Coveted DAAD Funding

Maciej Grodzicki from the University of Bremen is to receive a coveted research grant from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The grant is awarded in the frame of a program titled “Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience” (P.R.I.M.E.). It goes to excellent postdocs who…

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Raumtransporter kurz vor dem Ankoppeln an die ISS
News no.: 2016079 | Web-News|

ZARM-Experiment in Space

In October 2016, the space transporter CYGNUS operated by the American firm Orbital ATK docked onto the ISS international space station. Part of the freight it was carrying was the international experimental setup called SAFFIRE II. The University of Bremen’s Center for Applied Aerospace Research…

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Publikum während der Vergabefeier
News no.: 2016078 | Web-News|

Sixth Year of the “German Stipend” Deutschlandstipendium

It is now 5 years since the Deutschlandstipendium, in English German Stipend, was first launched. Funded 50% by foundations, private persons and enterprises, and 50% by the Federal Government, it has now become an established part of university life and handing over the sponsoring certificates is a…

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News no.: 2016077 | Web-News|

International Comparative Study on European Tenancy Law Reveals Large Discrepancies

It seems that the tenancy laws in EU Member States are as different as the countries themselves. In England, for example, it is quite usual to sign a rental contract for a term as short as 6 months: Whether it will be extended is at the complete discretion of the lessor. In Eastern Europe, people…

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Anstecker zur US-Wahl 2016
News no.: 2016075 | Web-News|

Shock Following US Elections and the Triumph of Populism

On November 17, 2016, just a few days after the shock result of the presidential election in the USA, a group of renowned experts will be meeting in New York City to discuss the boom in political populism on both sides of the Atlantic. The debate is a joint initiative of the Bremen International…

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Gruppenfoto mit zwei Frauen und drei Männern
News no.: 2016074 | Web-News|

Award of the Berninghausen Prize for Outstanding Teaching

Named after the late Friedo Berninghausen, the Berninghausen Prize has now been awarded over no less than 24 years. The coveted prize is awarded to members of the teaching faculty for creativity and outstanding commitment to their teaching activities. Altogether endowed with 6,000 euros, the prize…

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News no.: 2016073 | Web-News|

Education Day at the University of Bremen

Today (November 9) is Education Day or »dies academicus«. The University Faculties hold decentralized events dedicated to discussion on how to improve the quality of academic studies and education. In the afternoon there will be a central information event and poster presentation on the ongoing…

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Mann mit drei humanoiden Robotern
News no.: 2016071 | Web-News|

Who Will Take the Lead in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics?

The news hasn’t quite been absorbed yet: In September, IBM, Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, five of the world’s most powerful IT corporations, formed a consortium to promote research in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In their own words, they want “to take a significant step…

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Uferregion eines Sees
News no.: 2016070 | Web-News|

Researchers Investigate Cause of Low Oxygen Levels in Lakes

Science has been aware of the lack of oxygen in lake waters for more than 160 years. Increased amounts of waste water in our towns and cities and the use of artificial fertilizers in agriculture have had a growing impact on the ecological balance in lakes all over Europe. A group of international…

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Gruppenfoto mit drei jungen Frauen und drei jungen Männern
News no.: 2016069 | Web-News|

Unique in Germany: The “Duale Promotion” Program for Trainee Teachers

The area of Teacher Education needs to ensure ongoing doctoral research especially in the field of subject didactics. Once they finish their 18-month practical in-school internship, though, graduates of teacher training tend to lose contact with their alma mater. To make sure enough teachers return…

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News no.: 2016068 | Web-News|

Uni Students through to Finals of Worldwide Robotics Competition

A team comprising students of three of the University’s Faculties has made it through to the finals of the competition “DHL Robotics Challenge 2016“. Their “Last Mile Assistant Robot” (LaMA) impressed the jury so much that on November 17, 2016, the team has been invited to present the cart they…

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Gruppenbild mit zwei Frauen und zwei Männern
News no.: 2016067 | Web-News|

Uni Bremen Receives System Accreditation

Our University has moved up another notch in quality assurance with respect to education and studies. The Swiss Accreditation Council has certified the system of quality assurance put in place by the University of Bremen across its study programs. Now all programs that have examinations offered by…

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Gebäude der Uni Bremen
News no.: 2016066 | Web-News|

The MARUM Excellence Cluster

Among the numerous research institutions contributing to the University of Bremen’s Excellence Cluster called “The Oceans in the Earth System” are the MARUM-Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology and the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Center…

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Frau mit Trophäe und Mann mit symbolischen Scheck
News no.: 2016065 | Web-News|

CAMPUSiDEEN: Outstanding Start-up Ideas Thought up by Bremen universities

Improved cancer diagnosis, tidy TV cabinets, or online marketing for small-scale production units: The ideas competition called CAMPUSiDEEN rewards young Bremen start-up entrepreneurs. This year the competition attracted 52 entries. It is the fourteenth time the annual event awarded prizes for the…

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Frau im Kajak
News no.: 2016063 | Web-News|

Fit for Winter Semester: University Sport Starts Taking Registrations

Online registration for the more than 500 courses offered by University Sport at the University of Bremen starts at 7:00 a.m. on October 4, 2016. If you prefer to come to register in person, the University Sport office in the Sport Tower building opens its doors from 9:00 a.m. onwards. Courses begin…

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Szenen aus der Vollversammlung
News no.: 2016061 | Web-News|

Re-Establishing Psychology at the University of Bremen

In today’s fast-moving society the demand for psychologists is steadily increasing and many young people choose to study psychology. Nevertheless, a while ago the fate of the subject at the University of Bremen seemed to be sealed. As part of the drive to consolidate the University’s budget,…

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Porträt von Daniel Meyer
News no.: 2016060 | Web-News|

Otto Kienzle Commemorative Medal for Daniel Meyer

The Bremen production engineer, Dr. Daniel Meyer, has been awarded the Otto Kienzle commemorative medal in recognition of his interdisciplinary research approach in the field of manufacturing technology. “Daniel Meyer’s interdisciplinary research approach is mould breaking: It marked the beginning…

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Logo Campus-Preis
News no.: 2016059 | Web-News|

Nominate now: CAMPUS PRIZE for sustainable research honors theses

The initiators of the new "CAMPUS PRIZE: research for a sustainable future" are convinced that this kind of research deserves the awarding of a prize. The award was launched by the KELLNER & STOLL FOUNDATION FOR CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENT, the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT) and the…

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Porträt von Peter Masuch
News no.: 2016058 | Web-News|

Honorary Doctorate for Peter Masuch

The University of Bremen has conferred an honorary doctorate on Peter Masuch, president of the Bundessozialgericht [Federal social court]. Masuch studied law at the University of Bremen in the 1970s. After graduating, he continued his ties with the University as a lecturer. To mark the occasion, the…

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Junge Frauen
News no.: 2016056 | Web-News|

September Academy: Getting Studies off to a Good Start

September Academy is a free service offered by the University of Bremen to help incoming students get off to a good start. The service is available to students who are already enrolled at the University. Taking place already before Orientation Week, which deals above all with the more formal aspects…

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Flussbett in den Tropen
News no.: 2016055 | Web-News|

Tropical rivers breathe carbon

About half of the carbon dioxide that is produced by humankind, and which plays an important role in global warming, is taken up by seas and oceans. In addition to the oceans, however, large tropical river systems can also store substantial amounts of carbon, which are released when the climate…

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News no.: 2015054 | Web-News|

Online Voting for the Innovation Radar Prize

For a second time, the European Commission is awarding the Innovation Radar Prize. The award is for particularly innovative EU-funded projects in the field of digitalization. This year, two University of Bremen projects have been nominated. You can support the project you find best by placing your…

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News no.: 2016053 | Web-News|

University Sport about to Start Again

Do you want to play quidditch without Nimbus 2000 or Firebolt?! Yes, it’s possible! For several years now, quidditch has no longer been confined to the magical world of Harry Potter. This increasingly popular sport is now even included in the program offered by Hochschulsport [University sport] at…

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Eine Passagiermaschine wird beladen
News no.: 2016052 | Web-News|

More Security in the Airfreight Chain

From visual examination to X-rays – a whole series of control checks is necessary before a package is finally stowed into the cargo hold of the aircraft. All this is time consuming, labor intensive, and correspondingly expensive. Together with a group of five partners, over the past three years,…

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News no.: 2016051 | Web-News|

University of Bremen Protests against Treatment of Turkish Academics

It is with great concern that the University of Bremen has been following current developments at institutions of higher education in Turkey. Concurring with statements issued by the German Rectors’ Conference and the European University Association , the leadership of the University of Bremen…

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Porträt einer lächelnden Frau
News no.: 2016050 | Web-News|

Bremen Economists Research Consequences of EU Sanctions against Russia

The EU has just prolonged the sanctions against Russia up to January 31, 2017. Beside the restrictions on financial transactions, the sanctions encompass the export of machines and parts for oil and gas extraction, as well as weapons and so-called dual-use goods that can be used for military…

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Drei Fußballroboter in Aktion
News no.: 2016049 | Web-News|

Bremen “Team B-Human” RoboCup World Champions for Fifth Time

Rejoicing among the humans in the team from the University of Bremen and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI): After three years, B-Human managed to regain the world championship title in the Standard Platform League of the Robocup 2016 finals held in Leipzig.

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Menschen in einem Überschwemmungsgebiet
News no.: 2016046 | Web-News|

DFG Priority “Sea Level Change and Society” with Strong Bremen Participation

Rising sea levels and the consequences for society: The German Research Foundation (DFG) has agreed to fund four new projects at the University of Bremen in an amount of 1.4 million euros in the context of a new DFG Priority Program called “Regional Sea Level Change and Society”. The successful…

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Zwei Männer lächeln in die Kamera
News no.: 2016044 | Web-News|

Humboldt Research Prizewinner Karol Miller Is Guest of the University of Bremen for One Year

The University of Bremen‘s Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI) is currently playing host to a top level researcher: Professor Karol Miller from the University of Western Australia. Professor Miller, a winner of the Research Prize awarded by the Alexander von Humboldt…

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News no.: 2016044 | Web-News|

Playful Basic Research

Funded by the German Research Center, the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) “Micro Cold Forming” at the University of Bremen understands how to explain their complex topic in an easy-to-learn playful way: They have just developed a new learning game called “mikromal Mobil”. The clever app features…

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News no.: 2016042 | Web-News|

More Successful DFG Applications: University and Partners Are Granted Two New Collaborative Research centers

The University of Bremen’s success story continues: Following the recent news that Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) [German Research Foundation] approved all three applications for Research Training Groups and will fund them at the University with 12 million euros, the DFG has now given green…

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Mann und Frau auf einer Sternwarte
News no.: 2016040 | Web-News|

DFG Approves All Three Proposals for Research Training Groups

It couldn’t be better: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) [German Research Foundation] has approved all the University’s applications for structured doctoral programs, i.e. research training groups, proposed by the University of Bremen. Among others, this means green light for a new research…

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Gruppenfoto mit internationalen Studierenden
News no.: 2016039 | Web-News|

May 27: International “kompass” Network Celebrates 10 Years of International Day

It’s now ten years since the international network “kompass” was set up at the University of Bremen. Between 12.00 pm and 5.00 pm on Friday May 27, 2016, the University invites people to come to the Glass Hall on the campus to celebrate the occasion of the tenth anniversary of “kompass”…

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Junge Leute an Informationsständen
News no.: 2016038 | Web-News|

May 25: Information Day for Prospective students

This year once again, on May 25th people thinking of studying at the University of Bremen are invited to attend “isi”, which this year is held under the motto “isi – good questions, good answers”. The German abbreviation “isi” stands for information day for prospective students of the University of…

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Drei Schüler im Labo
News no.: 2016037 | Web-News|

“Jugend forscht” Finals: University Supports Three Regional Winners

A number of people at the University of Bremen will be keeping their fingers crossed when the finals of the nation-wide youth science competition “Jugend forscht” get under way on May 26, 2016. For several months now, members of the University have been supporting three young winners of the regional…

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Verschiedene Teile des experimentellen Aufbaus zur Vermessung der Nanolaser
News no.: 2016036 | Web-News|

How to Avoid Congestion on Information Superhighways

A team of researchers comprising physicists from Bremen, Dortmund, Magdeburg and Wurzburg is investigating the particular type of clusters formed by photons. According to initial research findings, photons may be capable of making the transmission of data on the internet more efficient and ensuring…

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News no.: 2016035 | Web-News|

Successful Function Test: MICROSCOPE is Transmitting!

The first announcement that the experiment was running according to plan came at the beginning of May: The research satellite carrying an experiment of the Center for Aerospace Research and Microgravity (ZARM) was transmitting! The research team at ZARM was able to watch via video broadcast as their…

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News no.: 2016034 | Web-News|

“U Bremen Research Alliance”: Universtiy Strengthens Cooperation with External Institutes

Close-knit networks, low bureaucracy, high reputation in the scientific community: The successful collaboration between the University and the external research institutes located around the campus and other parts of the city state of Bremen lend national and international visibility to Bremen as a…

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Zwei Männer bei Vertragsunterzeichnung
News no.: 2016033 | Web-News|

Santander and University of Bremen Prolong Partnership

The University of Bremen and Santander Consumer Bank recently agreed to prolong the partnership they entered into in 2013. University Rector Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter and Ulrich Leuschner, Chairman of the Board of Santander Consumer Bank, recently signed the new agreement in Bremen. “Nowadays,…

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Mann mit Brille lächelt
News no.: 2016032 | Web-News|

The University of Bremen Mourns Hans Koschnick

On hearing the news of Hans Koschnick’s death, University Rector Professor Bernd Scholz-Reiter announced: “With the death of Hans Koschnick the University of Bremen has lost one of the key figures responsible for its founding and a friend whom we could always rely on for valuable feedback and…

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Höhle aus blau-weißem Gletschereis
News no.: 2016031 | Web-News|

University of Bremen Scientist affirms: ‘Glacier Melt is already committed’

The glacier melt in many mountainous regions of the world is already pre-programmed and cannot be stopped. That is the distressing finding of a long-term study conducted by scientists of the universities of Bremen and Innsbruck. Ben Marzeion, Professor of Physical Geography – Climate Science at the…

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Rakete auf Startrampe
News no.: 2016030 | Web-News|

Delayed Launch of the Candle-wax Rocket

A test of nerves to the last: Due to unfavorable weather conditions and technical problems the “hot countdown” for launching the ZEpHyR had to be delayed three times. In face of these difficulties and with a minimum of red tape, the project sponsors in the space division of the German Center for…

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Mann lächelt in Kamera
News no.: 2016029 | Web-News|

Forecasting in Complex Networks: DFG Supports Till Becker’s Research with 260,000 Euros

Logistics expert and specialist for business information systems, Professor Till Becker, is able to tell you in advance how material flows, and subsequently production processes, will develop within an enterprise. He does this by means of stochastics, the mathematically underpinned “art of…

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Computerdarstellung eines Satelliten über der Erde
News no.: 2016028 | Web-News|

Was Einstein Really Right?

This week sees the start of final preparations for a highly challenging space mission that scientists at the University of Bremen’s Centre for Applied Aerospace and Microgravitation (German abbreviation ZARM) have been working on for more than 15 years. Expectations are high: The mission could prove…

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News no.: 2016027 | Web-News|

Qualify As a Teacher and Obtain a Doctorate at the Same Time? Soon Possible at the University of Bremen

The teaching profession has specific requirements. It takes five years to graduate from university: first you have to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and then go on for a Master’s. Before becoming a fully qualified teacher, though, graduates have to spend another 18 months training in school,…

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Gruppenbild mit vier Studenten und einer Studentin
News no.: 2016026 | Web-News|

Perfect Parking: Students Program Model Automobile

Watching the OptiCar moving into a parking space will make you envious. One, two, three quick turns of the wheel and the little roadster fits perfectly into the parking slot. The 1:8-scale model automobile drives itself without remote-control interference. Ultrasonic sensors and mini cameras act as…

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News no.: 2016025 | Web-News|

Bremen Robot Kickers Remain Unbeaten European Champions

The Bremen robot kickers “Team B-Human” have recovered the championship title in the Standard League Platform of the RoboCup European Open held in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. Team B-Human, runners up in the last world cup tournament, was victorious over the Nao-Team HTWK from Leipzig, who were…

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Porträtfoto einer jungen Frau mit lockigen Haaren
News no.: 2016023 | Web-News|

Céline Teney Awarded Most Important Prize for Early-career Researchers

Sociologist Céline Teney in the University of Bremen’s Faculty of Social Sciences has been awarded the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize 2016, the most important prize for early-career researchers in Germany. The prize endowed with 20,000 euros is granted by German Research Foundation and the Federal…

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Mann an einem Schreibtisch voller Bücher
News no.: 2016022 | Web-News|

Finally explained: Political Scientist Sheds Light on the Refugee Crisis

Stefan Luft, a political scientist at the University of Bremen, recently presented his new book titled “Die Flüchtlingskrise” at the Leipzig Book Fair. The public interest is great and he was invited to Leipzig City Hall for a reading and discussion. Luft is an expert on migration and integration,…

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Gruppenfoto mit Studierenden
News no.: 2016021 | Web-News|

Ecological Rocket Power: Into Space with Candle Wax and Oxygen

You’d never think it just looking at a candle: But when used as fuel, paraffin develops an unexpected power potential. Mixed together with liquid oxygen in a combustion chamber, it forms a fuel combination that releases enough energy and thrust to launch a 3.8-meter rocket weighing 80 kg to an…

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Malerei "Tennis am Meer" von Max Liebermann
News no.: 2016020 | Web-News|

Hochschulsport Bremen: Starting summer with sports and fun

Why not tennis, for a change? Or tango? The new program of the Hochschulsport of the University of Bremen starts on April 4, 2016. About 500 different sports courses are offered during the summer semester from Mondays to Sundays - on every proficiency level. The online registration and the detailed…

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Porträt einer blonden Frau
News no.: 2016019 | Web-News|

Bremer Marine Physicist Awarded the Albert-Defant Medaille

Excellent scientific expertise coupled with admonishing practicality: these are some of the characteristics which have earned Bremen Marine Physicist Monika Rhein a first-class reputation around the world. On March 14 she was awarded the Albert-Defant Medaille 2016 for her outstanding research on…

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Drei Oberstufenschüler führen ein Chemiexperiment durch
News no.: 2016018 | Web-News|

Get a Taste of Studying with the Lecture Series EINBLICKE

Maths? Informatics? Digital Media? You want to study something in the area of science and maths but still don’t know what subject to choose?! The lecture series EINBLICKE can help you make up your mind. Every year during the Easter break, high school students in the 11th to 13th grades have the…

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Mann nutzt Routenplaner auf Smartphone und kommuniziert darüber gleichzeitig mit seinem Elektroauto
News no.: 2016017 |

Collaborative EU Project “bIoTope”: Bremen Researchers Paving the Way to the Smart City

Everything from traffic regulation and monitoring the weather to optimizing waste disposal and searching for places to park: various IT systems have been making our lives easier for quite a long time. In the city of tomorrow, these systems will have to work together. Now 22 partners in 10 different…

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News no.: 2016016 | Web-News|

Bremen Study Prizewinners: “The University couldn’t have better ambassadors”

True to tradition, once again this year the University of Bremen followed the 33-year-old practice of awarding the Bremen Study Prize for outstanding Master theses and doctoral dissertations. On February 29, this year’s winners were invited to a two-hour ceremony in the City Hall to receive their…

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News no.: 2016015 | Web-News|

Yearbook Reception: Rector Thanks the University’s Friends and Sponsors

Cool jazz background music, festively dressed people in expectant mood, sparkling wine and finger food: A fitting setting to announce publication of the University of Bremen’s new Yearbook. A large number of guests, friends and sponsors as well as members of the University followed the Rector’s…

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Mann mit technischen Geräten auf einem Gletscher, dden er untersucht
News no.: 2016014 | Web-News|

Geography professor Ben Marzeion Coauthored Important Study on Sea-level Rise

By the end of the century the sea level is expected to rise by between 50 and 130 centimeters if there is no worldwide curb on greenhouse gas emissions. That is the prediction resulting from a new study compiled by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Research. Ben Marzeion, who since September 2015…

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Mathelehrer mit Schüler an einer Tafel
News no.: 2016013 | Web-News|

Telekom Foundation Funds STEM Teacher Training Concept

“Diagnosis and Individual Support” is the name of a collaborative project in which the University of Bremen is participating with 2 sub-projects. The core idea: Learning a subject in social togetherness. The aim is to further improve the training of future teachers of STEM subjects at elementary-…

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Drei Schülerinnen im Gespräch mit einer Erwachsenen.
News no.: 2016012 | Web-News|

Launch of School Project Called “Bremer Stadtforscher”

Hustle and bustle on the stairway in campus building GW2: on this day, some 200 school pupils from Bremen and the surrounding area converged on the University. The young people came to gather information on the topic of refugees and migrants, for over the next few months they will be taking part in…

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Gebäudeansicht der Bibliothek und des Fallturms
News no.: 2016011 | Web-News|

SuUB to Build up Specialized Information Service for Political Science

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft [German Research Foundation] has commissioned the University Library (SuUB) to build up a nation-wide specialized information service in the field of political science. Over the next four years the project will be funded in an amount of 1.3 million euros. Importa…

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News no.: 2016010 | Web-News|

End of Semester Concert: Uni Orchestra & Choir Peform Bruch’s “Odysseus – Scenes from the Odyssey”

Von Max Bruch is best known for his Violin Concerto No. 1, one of the most performed pieces of classical music. Although seldom played today, while he lived his Oratorio “Odysseus – Scenes from the Odyssey” was also a great success. Now we can consider ourselves fortunate as after almost 120 years…

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News no.: 2016009 | Web-News|

Carsten Sieling Addresses New Year’s Reception: “We want to keep Bremen excellent”

The academic year in Bremen has been heralded in – officially: With the traditional New Year’s reception held for the University of Bremen and Jacobs University. 350 guests from the realms of politics, science, business, culture and society followed an invitation from “unifreunde” to attend the…

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Portrait einer Frau mit Brille
News no.: 2016008 | Web-News|

ERC Grant for new Therapy against Burn Scars

Major accolade for Professor Ursula Mirastschijski from the Center for Biomolecular Interactions in Faculty Biology/Chemistry, who has received a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to develop a novel therapy against burn scars. People who have suffered severe burns are very often scarred…

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News no.: 2016007 | Web-News|

University of Bremen Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Nazism

On January 27, 1945, red army soldiers liberated the inmates of the concentration camp in Auschwitz. Since 1996, all over Germany this date has been a day of remembrance for the victims of the Nazi terror. This year, the day of remembrance will be marked by two lectures organized by the Faculty of…

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News no.: 2016006 | Web-News|

Lecture Series: Is Our Science System White?

The Academic Senate of the University of Bremen has produced a strategy paper that details its perception of diversity as a cross-sectional task. Now the aim is to breathe life into the proposals put forward in the paper and to engage the support of all members of the University in dealing…

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News no.: 2016005 | Web-News|

University’s Central Web Portal in New Mobile-friendly Format

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make life so much easier! For instance, on the way to the Mensa you can quickly check what’s on today’s menu, search for information on study programs or find out what’s new at the University. Keeping pace with the mobile generation, we have now optimized…

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Gruppe von fünf Personen vor einem Container mit Plakat
News no.: 2016004 | Web-News|

University of Bremen and AWI Open Observatory in the West Pacific

The University of Bremen’s Institute for Environmental Physics and the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) have opened an atmosphere observatory on the campus of the Palau Community College (PCC). Palau is a small island state in the West Pacific with just…

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News no.: 2016003 | Web-News|

German Research Foundation Grants Herbert Obinger a Reinhart Koselleck Project

Did the military and conscription influence development of the welfare state? And if so, to what extent? These are the research questions Professor Herbert Obinger wants to pursue in a project called “Conscription, the military, and development of the welfare state in Europe”. The research is being…

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Rote Koralle auf weißer Koralle
News no.: 2016002 | Web-News|

Corals and sponges communicate via metabolism

By using their metabolism, corals and sponges are able to communicate. This surprising discovery on coral reefs was recently made by an international research team. Interestingly, this food web linkage apparently not only exists in tropical, shallow warm-water reefs, but also in deep-sea cold-water…

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Zwei Männer und eine Frau unterzeichnen den Vertrag
News no.: 2016001 | Web-News|

New Peitgen Foundation Sponsors Digital Change and Socially Disadvantaged Children

Karin and Heinz-Otto Peitgen, the sponsors of the Peitgen Foundation, and Dr. Martin Mehrtens, the University of Bremen’s Director of Finances and Administration, recently finalized the Statutes and Trustee Agreement of the “Karin und Heinz-Otto Peitgen-Stiftung”. The newly set up foundation is a…

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