MAPEX Research Highlights

An analytical multilayer source stress approach for the modelling of material modifications in machining

Carsten Heinzel, Jens Sölter, Maxim Gulpak and Oltmann Riemer.

CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology (2017) 66, 531–534.

In the research concept of Process Signatures machining induced changes of surface and sub-surface material properties are considered as material modifications caused by the physical conditions the material is exposed to during the process. This paper presents a newly developed multilayer source stress model to analytically describe the material modifications caused by the machining process in multiple passes. The analytical model that needs measured shape deviations as input is validated via finite element simulations. The approach incorporates the effects of machining induced source and the contribution of residual stresses present in the workpiece before machining. Results from milling experiments show a pronounced correlation between the identified workpiece material modifications and the width of cut.

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