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Flame Aerosol Synthesis of Metal Sulfides at High Temperature in Oxygen-Lean Atmosphere

Suman Pokhrel; Jakob Stahl; Jan Derk Groeneveld; Marco Schowalter; AndreasRosenauer; Johannes Birkenstock and Lutz Mädler.

Advanced Materials  35 (2023), 2211104 

doi: 10.1002/adma.202211104

The development of a novel reactive spray technology based on the well-known gas-phase metal oxide synthesis route provides innumerable opportunities for the production of non-oxide nanoparticles. Among these materials, metal sulfides are expected to have a high impact, especially in the development of electrochemical and photochemical high-surface-area materials. As a proof-of-principle, MnS, CoS, Cu2S, ZnS, Ag2S, In2S3, SnS, and Bi2S3 are synthesized in an O2-lean and sulfur-rich environment. In addition, the formation of Cu2S in a single-droplet combustion experiment is reported. The multiscale approach combining flame sprays with single-droplet combustion is expected to pave the way toward a fundamental understanding of the gas-phase formation of metal sulfides in the future. The knowledge acquired can open the possibility for the development of a next-generation gas-phase technology facilitating the scalable synthesis of functional binary/ternary metal sulfides.

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Oxygen lean atmosphere
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