2020 – Bremen’s Year of Coral Reefs

In July, the University of Bremen will host the most significant coral reef symposium worldwide. There will be public events in the city from January onwards. For the first time, the symposium will take place in Europe and is the largest marine sciences symposium in Germany to date.

The Übersee Museum Bremen, Haus der Wissenschaft (House of Science), Bremeninvest, and Science Notes magazine are partners of the International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS). On Saturday, January 11, 2020, the ICRS chair, Professor Christian Wild from the University of Bremen, will start a talk series in the House of Science. His presentation, titled “Coral Reefs in Crisis” (Korallenriffe in der Krise), will explain the life-threatening problems of these ecosystems and possible solutions. From January to July 2020, the fascinating yet threatened underwater world of tropical coral reefs will form the presentation topic once a month as a part of the “Wissen um 11” (Knowledge at 11) series. The talks will take place in the time-honored building at Sandstraße 4/5. Entry is free of charge.

“Coral Reefs – varying. vulnerable. vanishing?” in the Übersee Museum Bremen

The exhibition “Coral Reefs – varying. vulnerable. vanishing?” (Korallenriffe – vielfältig. verletzlich. verloren?) will open at the Übersee Museum at 6 p.m. on June 11, 2020.. Visitors can learn more about the significance of coral reefs for the oceans and humans and also how they are in threat due to overfishing, pollution, climate change, and ocean acidification from June 12, until October 4, 2020. Additionally, there will be information on effective protection measures available. The exhibition is in both English and German and is a worthwhile attraction for international guests in Bremen. The Übersee Museum and the ICRA 2020 organization team at the University of Bremen curated the exhibition.

Photo Exhibition in House of Science

“Colorful diversity, white death – what can colors tell us about coral reefs?” is the motto of the photography exhibition in the House of Science, which will be open for visitors from June 26, to August 27, 2020. The best images from the ICRS 2020 international photography competition in the categories beauty, threats, and science regarding coral reefs will be shown. Entry is free of charge.

Offers for Teaching Staff and School Pupils

During the International Coral reef Symposium, the Science Notes magazine will hold evening events, which will be mainly aimed at young people. There is also a workshop planned, which will last several days and be led by the Australian marine biologist Nathan Cook in the Übersee Museum Bremen. Bremen teachers and school pupils are warmly invited to come along.

Free “Coral Knowledge” Brochure

The free of charge “Coral Knowledge” (Korallenwissen) brochure will be available at each of the accompanying events. With understandable texts and impressive photos, the brochure will introduce you to the world of coral reefs. It is available thanks to the support given by Envirocom company and Bremeninvest.

Part of “Phänomenal 2020”

All accompanying events are part of “Phänomenal 2020”. Under this title, Bremen is inviting all citizens and guests of the city to experience the world of science from January until September 2020.

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Heinz Krimmer
ICRS 2020 Conference office
Marine Ecology
University of Bremen
Email: heinz.krimmerprotect me ?!icrs2020protect me ?!.de

Unterwasserbild mit Taucher und Korallen
In 2016, we were able to observe for the first time in New Caledonia that some corals fluoresce before they fade.