Corina Wieser-Cox (Wiss. Mitarbeiterin)

North American and Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies

Corina Wieser-Cox

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Curriculum Vitae


  • Doctoral Student | University of Bremen - North American and Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Master of Arts | January 2021 | University of Bremen - English-Speaking Cultures: Language, Media, Text
  • Bachelor of Science | May 2017 | Troy University - English Literature and Creative Writing

Awards & Scholarships

  • Troy University Chancellor’s Scholarship | Aug. 2013 – May 2017
  • Troy University Track and Field Scholarship Aug. 2013 – May 2017
  • PhD fellowship by Evangelisches Studienwerk e.V. | Jan. 2022 – Jan. 2023
  • GAPS Graduate Award May 2021
  • Bremer Studienpreis | March 2022

Academic Functions

  • PhD Student & Research Assistant since January 2022
  • Coeditor of COPAS (Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies) since August 2022
  • Coeditor of the Routledge Handbook of Indigenous Film (in preparation)


B.A. English-Speaking Cultures, University of Bremen:

  • Summer Semester 2021: Speculative Queer Fiction in Contemporary US Literature
  • Winter Semester 2021/22: Key Moments in the Cultural History of the English-Speaking World 
  • Summer Semester 2023: Indigiqueer and Two-Spirit Fiction and Poetry in North America
  • Winter Semester 2023/24: Of Women and Nature - Ecofeminist Literature in North America
  • Summer Semester 2024: Environmental Dystopias in Postcolonial Film and Literature

Research Areas

  • Borderland & Chicanx Studies
  • Queer & Gender Studies
  • Horror & Speculative Fiction and Film
  • Trans* & Nonbinary Representations within Film
  • Native Mexican Literature and Film
  • Postcolonial Theories & Concepts
  • Indigenous Teachings & Knowledges
  • Two-Spirit & Queer Indigeneities in Fiction and Film


Native American and Indigenous Studies Association's Thirteenth Annual Conference: June 6-8, 2024, Bodø, Norway

  • Critiquing Heteropatriarchal Mexican Cinema with Decolonial Representations of Gender and Sex in Ángeles Cruz’s Nudo Mixteco (2021)

Grenzüberschreitende Literatur(en) in einer polyphonen Welt: Mehrsprachigkeit als Quelle der literarischen Kreativität: March 14-15, 2024, University of Bremen

  • "The Bracero Program, Migrant Workers, and Chicana Rage in V. Castro’s Queen of the Cicadas"

Guest Lecture - Bremen Blue Humanities Lecture Series: December 20, 2023, University of Bremen

  • "Mermaids, Oceans, and Queer Speculative Futures in The Deep"

Imagining Queer Ecologies - The British Society for Literature and Science: December 1, 2023, University of Oxford 

  • "Desire and Intimacy During Doomsday: Indiqiqueer & 2Spirit Apocalyptic Literature"

Guest Lecture - Gender, Culture, Feminism: November 22, 2023, University of Bremen

  • "Chicana Feminism, Intergenerational Trauma, and the Myth of La Llorona in V. Castro's The Haunting of Alejandra"

PGF 2023 - Spaces of Affect in the Americas: November 9-11, 2023, University of Hannover

  • "Desire and Intimacy During Doomsday: Indiqiqueer & 2Spirit Apocalypses in Love After the End (2020")

Science goes PUBlic: November 9, 2023, Kono Bar, Bremen

  • "Indigiqueer & Two-Spirit Futurisms In North America"

Conference Co-Organizer of Queering Postcolonial Worlds - Postgraduate Conference: October 6 & 7, 2023, University of Bremen

Disruptive Imaginations: The Association for Research in the Fantastic: August 15-19, 2023, Technical University of Dresden, Germany

  • "Femicide and Indigenous Vengeance: Disruptive and Decolonial Rage in V. Castro’s Queen of the Cicadas"

Postcolonial Narrations – Matters of Life and DeathOctober 20-22, 2022, University of Bonn, Germany

  • “Transgressing the Borders of Being: Posthuman Indigenous Resistance in Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer (2008)”

Research/er/ed: Navigating, disrupting, and exploring liminal spaces between researcher and researched: October 3, 2022, The London School of Economics and Politics, online

  • “Existing and Researching in the Queer Borderlands”

Key Topics in Literature and Cultural History: The Postcolonial World in Literature and Film - the USA: July 18 & 21, 2022, University of Bremen, Germany

  • “Analyzing Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer (2008) and Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street

Northeastern Modern Language Association (NEMLA)March 11-14, 2022, University of Buffalo, Baltimore, MD, USA

  • “Queering Dark Academia – Investigating Cultural Expressions of the ‘Other’”

Key Topics in Literature: US Latinx Writing: January 21, 2022, University of Bremen, Germany

  • “How to Come Out in a Walmart Parking Lot: And Other Life Lessons”

Speculative Fiction and Ethics: The Association for Research in the Fantastic: September 23, 2021, University of Cologne, Germany

  • “This Is the World We Made: Intersectional Representations of Queer Futurism, Neo-Colonial Militarization and Scientific Ethics in The Old Guard (2020)”

Global Gender Nonconformity, Past and Present: June 10, 2021, King's College London & Northumbria University, online

  • “The Decolonization of Language in Akwaeke Emezi’s Pet: Investigating Trans* & Neurodivergent Representations in Young Adult Literature”



  • Blackmore, Ernie, Kerstin Knopf, Wendy Pearson, and Corina Wieser-Cox, eds. Routledge Handbook of Indigenous Film. London: Routledge (July 2024).


  • Novak, Stina, and Corina Wieser-Cox. “‘This Is the World We Made’: Queer Allegory, Neo-Colonial Militarization and Scientific Ethics in The Old Guard (2020).” Gender Forum, no. 82, Aug. 2022, pp. 75–98.
  • Wieser-Cox, Corina. "Spectacle of the Demonic Other: Transcoding Evil in American Horror Story: Apocalypse." Screen Bodies: The Journal of Embodiment, Media Arts, and Technology, Vol. 8, Iss. 2, Winter 2023, pp. 60-77
  • Wieser-Cox, Corina. “Transgressing the Borders of Being in Alex Rivera’s Sleep Dealer (2008).” Routledge Handbook of Indigenous Film, eds. Blackmore, Ernie, Kerstin Knopf, Wendy Pearson, and Corina Wieser-Cox. London: Routledge, 2024. 

Film Reviews

  • Wieser-Cox, Corina. "Intergenerational Trauma and Absurdist Nihilism in Everything, Everywhere, All at Once." The Quint: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly from the North, vol 15, issue 2. March 2023, pp. 261-268.