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Kinesemiotic Body

  • Professional Dancer

    Professional ballet dancer Junor Souza wearing a motion-capture suit at the English National Ballet headquarters in London

Ballet dancer

Project Summary

The Kinesemiotic Body is a joint research project funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and  Arts & Humanities Research Council  (AHRC) in cooperation with the English National Ballet (ENB). The project brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers with the aim of evaluating whether a description of dance discourse informed by multimodal discourse analysis and visualised through enriched videos can capture the way dance communicates through a flow of choreographed sequences in space, and whether this description can support the interpretative process of nonexpert audiences. The theoretical framework of the research project is based on an extended dynamic theory called segmented discourse representation theory (SDRT) and on the Functional Grammar of Dance Movement created by Project Investigator Maiorani. Project's long-term goal is to develop an interdisciplinary area of research focusing on movement-based communication that can extend beyond the study of dance to other movement-based forms of communication and performance and foster the creation of partnerships between the academia and the institutions that host and promote such disciplines.

Loughborough University

Chun Liu

Chun Liu, MA.

Research Assistant

School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Chun is a Research Associate in Multimodality at Loughborough University on The Kinesemiotic Body project. Her research interests include multimodality, pragmatics and translation. Chun is in the final stage of a PhD with the University of Leeds, where her work presents a new way of conceptualising and analysing (translated) (im)politeness phenomena from a multimodal perspective.

Talks and Conferences

Related Publications

Maiorani, A. (2020). Kinesemiotics: Modelling How Choreographed Movement Means in Space. Routledge.

Maiorani, A. (2021). Emotion in motion: a kinesemiotics analysis of character interpretation through dance discourse. The Special Issue of RiPLA/Journal of Applied Psycholinguistics xxi/2 edited by Maria Lozano Zahonero and Sandra Petroni, 19-31.