Minuti tal-konferenzi u l-laqgħat tal-GĦILM

Titelseite Studia Typologica 21

Tabungsband 5. Lingwistika Maltija

Saade, Benjamin & Mauro Tosco (eds.). 2017. Advances in Maltese Linguistics. (Studia Typologica 21). Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.


Benjamin Saade and Mauro Tosco
Maltese linguistics: What is new?| VII

Part 1: New looks into the past
Andrei A. Avram
On the phonology of Sicilian Arabic and early Maltese | 3

Carles Biosca and Carles Castellanos
Aspects of the comparison between Maltese, Mediterranean Lingua Franca and the Occitan-Catalan linguistic group | 39

Part 2: Maltese, and just Maltese

Ray Fabri and Albert Borg
Modifiers and complements within the Maltese verb sequence | 67

Slavomír “bulbul” Čéplö
Focus particles in Maltese: A corpus survey | 87

Thomas Stolz and Carolin Ahrens
On prepositional ellipsis and the factors which block its application in Maltese | 121

Part 3: Beyond Maltese, now and then

Amany Al-Sayyed and David Wilmsen
Verbal negation with muš in Maltese and Eastern Mediterranean Arabics | 151

Gilbert Puech
Maltese kiteb vs. Tunisian (Sūsa) ktib | 173

Marie Azzopardi-Alexander
The phonetic study of speakers along the Maltese-English continuum | 193

Lydia Sciriha
The visibility and salience of Maltese in bilingual Malta’s linguistic landscape | 225

Kees Versteegh
The myth of the mixed languages | 245

Titelseite Studia Typologica 19

Puech, Gilbert and Benjamin Saade (eds.). 2016. Shifts and Patterns in Maltese (STTYP 19). Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.


Table of contents:

Gilbert Puech and Benjamin Saade: Preface | VII

Martine Vanhove: From Maltese phonology to morphogenesis: A tribute to David Cohen | 1


Part I: Phonology

Gilbert Puech: Minimalist representation of Maltese sounds | 19

Andrei A. Avram: Phonological changes in Maltese: Evidence from onomastics | 49

Alexandra Vella, Flavia Chetcuti and Sarah Agius: Lengthening as a discourse strategy in Maltese: Phonetic and phonological characteristics | 91


Part II: Morphology & Syntax

Maris Camilleri: How inflectional morphology meets subcategorization frame distinctions in Maltese | 115

Hans-Jörg Döhla: The origin of differential object marking in Maltese | 149

David Wilmsen: Polar interrogative -š in Maltese: Developments and antecedents | 175

Thomas Stolz and Benjamin Saade: On short and long forms of personal pronouns in Maltese | 199

Christopher Lucas and Michael Spagnol: Connecting /t/ in Maltese numerals | 269


Part III: Contact, Bilingualism & Technology

George Farrugia: Languages in contact. Is the gender assignment system in Maltese undergoing change? | 293

Bernard Comrie and Michael Spagnol: Maltese loanword typology | 315

Marie Azzopardi-Alexander: Language profiling: The weaving of Maltese and English in Maltese children’s conversations | 331

John J. Camilleri: Digitizing the grammar and vocabulary of Maltese | 359

Perspective on Maltese Linguistics

Borg, Albert; Caruana, Sandro & Alexandra Vella (eds.). 2014. Perspectives on Maltese Linguistics (STTYP 14). München: Akademie Verlag.



Historical Studies

Arnold Cassola - A note on the dating of ħ, għ and x in Maltese

Martin R. Zammit - The Sfaxi (Tunisian) element in Maltese

Daniele Baglioni-  Italian loanwords in Maltese and the vocabulary od "Levant Italian"


Phonological Studies

Gilbert Puech - Prime constituents od Maltese sounds

Alexandra Vella, Michael Spagnol, Sarah Grech & Flavia Chetcuti - The role of silence in spoken Maltese: durational and distributional characteristics of breaks and pauses


Morphological Studies

Phyllisienne Gauci & Maris Camilleri - Syncretism in Maltese: the case of the dual

Thomas Mayer, MIchael Spagnol & Florian Schönberger - Fixing the broken plural in Maltese


Syntactic Studies

Maris Camilleri - The Maltese restrictive relative clause

Slavomír "Bulbul" Čéplö - An overview of object reduplication in Maltese

Christopher Lucas - Indefinites and negative concord in Maltese: towards a dynamic account

Thomas Stolz - It-tlieta li aħna = the three of us. Numerically quantified person reference


Maltese in the digital age

Mark Borg, Keith Bugeja, Colin Vella, Gordon Mangion & Carmel Gafà - Preparation of a free-runing text corpus for Maltese concatenative speech synthesis

Lara Vella - Language used in Internet chatting and its effect on spelling

Caruana, Sandro, Fabri, Ray and Tomas Stolz (eds.). 2012. Variation and Change: The Dynamics of Maltese in Space, Time and Society (STTYP 9). Berlin: Akademie Verlag.


Part I: The Lexicon and Variation

Albert Borg: Lectal variation in Maltese

Joseph M. Brincat: Describing literary Maltese: concordances to Dun Karm and Rużar Briffa

Antoinette Camilleri Grima: Giving compliments in Maltese

Lara Brincat & Sandro Caruana: il-Malti Mgħaġġel - Maltese in computer-mediated chat conversations

Ray Fabri: The language of young people and language change in Malta

Laura Mori: Linguistic variation in legal Maltese - EU directives compared to national implementation laws

Part II: Morphology and Syntax

Maris Camilleri: On pronominal verbal enclitics in Maltese

Michael Spagnol: The causative-inchoative alternation in Maltese

Thomas Stolz: The possessive relative clause in Maltese

Part III: Phonology

Marie Azzopardi-Alexander: The vowel system of Xlukkajr and Naduri

Alexandra Vella, Michael Spagnol, Sarah Grech & Flavia Chetcuti: A preliminary investigation of filled pauses in Maltese

Gilbert Puech: Syllabic structure and stress in Maltese

Introducing Maltese Linguistics

Comrie, B., Fabri, R., Mifsud, M., Stolz, T., & Vanhove, M. (eds.). 2009. Introducing Maltese Linguistics. Selected papers from the 1st International Conference on Maltese Linguistics, Bremen, 18–20 October, 2007. Studies in Language Companion Series, 113. Amsterdam; Philadelphia: John Benjamins.




Maltese and the World Atlas of Language Structures

Bernard Comrie | pp. 3–11



Vowel duration and Maltese 'għ'

Elizabeth Hume, Jennifer Venditti, Alexandra Vella and Samantha Gett | pp. 15–46

On Maltese prosody

Alexandra Vella | pp. 47–68



Topicalisation in Maltese

Albert Borg and Marie Azzopardi-Alexander | pp. 71–81

A head-driven phrase structure grammar for Maltese

Stefan Müller | pp. 83–112

Complex predicates in Maltese: From a neo-Arabic perspective

Utz Maas | pp. 113–132

Splitting the verb chain in modern literary Maltese

Thomas Stolz | pp. 133–179

"Pseudo-verbs": An analysis of non-verbal (co-)predication in Maltese

John Peterson | pp. 181–204



Compounding and adjective-noun compounds in Maltese

Ray Fabri | pp. 207–231

Auditory and visual lexical decision in Maltese

Adam Ussishkin and Alina Twist | pp. 233–249

Electronic language resources for Maltese

Michael Rosner | pp. 251–276



The Vowel system of Cantilena: Its historical development

Sumikazu Yoda | pp. 279–290

The shaping of Maltese throughout the centuries: Linguistic evidences from a diachronic-typological analysis

Laura Mori | pp. 291–307

"Imma l'oriġinal oriġinali?": A noun-adjective opposition in some Maltese word-classes of Romance origin

Manwel Mifsud | pp. 309–320

A different kind of gender problem: Maltese loan-word gender from a typological perspective

Christel Stolz | pp. 321–353

Terminology of Italian origin used in EU Maltese: A case of linguistic "Europeanisation"?

Sandro Caruana | pp. 355–375



Diglossia: Variation on a theme

Antoinette Camilleri Grima | pp. 379–391

Maltese English: History of use, structural variation and sociolinguistic status

Lisa M. Bonnici | pp. 393–414