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Bildungsgerechtigkeit in Bremen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit

Lecture series

11.01.2023, 16-17:30h (Großer Saal at the Handelskammer (Schütting), Am Marktplatz 13, Bremen)

22.02.2023, 18:30-20h (Großer Saal at the Handelskammer (Schütting), Am Marktplatz 13, Bremen)

10.05.2023, 16-17:30h (Haus der Wissenschaft, Sandstr. 4/5, Bremen)

28.06.2023, 16-17:30h (Großer Saal at the Handelskammer (Schütting), Am Marktplatz 13, Bremen)

The number of places is limited. We would like to welcome you appropriately and therefore ask you for each of the four dates individually in advance for binding registration by email to: Ms. Annette Sabotke, University of Bremen.

Weitwinkel Bildung:

Contact: Prof. Dr. Sabine Doff 

The topic of “educational equity” concerns everyone; everyone has an opinion about it and knows what it is all about. In public debates that are often highly controversial, the argument that “if it’s educationally fair, it’s good” is considered to have no alternative: who would seriously claim to strive for educational inequity? Those involved in these debates often assume, as a matter of course, that everyone who uses the term “educational equity” means the same thing and implements it in the best-case scenario. When numerous, sometimes contradictory educational initiatives are then implemented under this objective, from kindergarten to vocational school, many rub their eyes in wonder: Is this really (educationally) fair - or rather the opposite? Recent developments such as the Covid19-pandemic and the renewed wave of refugees in the education system have made the social debate about how things can be as fair as possible in education even more diverse and intensified.

Against this backdrop, Weitwinkel Bildung invites you to the House of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce to discuss different viewpoints from business, politics, science, and education on this highly relevant concept for the entire education system.


Digitale Bildung, Inklusion und Fachunterricht

Conference at the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg (Delmenhorst)

26.06.2023, 09-15:30h

The exploration project “Media meets Diversity @ School - Promoting Diverse Potentials in the Inclusive Education System with Learner-iPads,” funded by the Bremen-Fonds, will present its results at the conference. There will also be a series of exciting lectures and workshops. Registration is free of charge, can be made by email to Ms. Thurid Werner, and is possible until 30.04.2023.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Sabine Doff, Dr. Joanna Pfingsthorn, Oliver Kück