Historical language contact and emergent / emerging varieties in the Indian Ocean

International Conference

The aim in this workshop is to take a look at the historic language contact situations and the emergent / emerging contact phenomena, codes and varieties through input talks, round table discussions and keynote addresses. This event is concerned with historic language contact in and around the Indian Ocean including the geographic spaces of East Africa, Mauritius and the Seychelles, the Arabian Gulf, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, all of which are sociohistorically interrelated through many layered networks.

The Indian Ocean from a point of view of human interrelations is a very old and, despite its vastness, strongly interrelated Oceanic space. It is characterized by multiple (trade) networks from early on. It was colonized over a long period of time often in form of trade hierarchies by such groups as the Arabs, Ottomans, Malay, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British. Through these interrelations we have a dense linguistic space with many languages from various linguistic families creating multiple (historic) contact situations that persist next to each other as well as overlapping and creating many levels of simultaneous and subsequent contact induced processes of mutual influence and change.


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Tabea Salzmann
(Universität Bremen)

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