Research Foci/ Supervision

Write your BA thesis in Literary and Cultural Studies in English!

The following faculty members (in alphabetical order) are happy to supervise your BA and/or MA and PhD theses and are looking forward to your informed proposals. Please contact the respective faculty members directly and explore the list of registered supervisors and co-supervisors for the current term.



    Please follow the links as provided below for a list of all faculty members who are authorized to supervise and assess BA/MA theses in this field.

    Dr. Karin Esders

    • Cultural History / Cultural Studies
    • Film und Popular Cultures
    • Critical Race Studies
    • Postcolonial Studies
    • Gender Studies
    • Transnational Cinema
    • Media Theories

    Dr. Paula von Gleich

    • African American and Black Diasporic Literature and Theory
    • Border Theories and the Literature of Migration
    • Critical Race Studies
    • Postcolonial and Transnational Literary Studies

      Kim-Nicola Kück M.A.

      • Narratology
      • Biofiction
      • Historical Fiction
      • Science in Literature
      • Gender Studies
      • Theatre Studies

        Dr. Vanessa Herrmann

        • Adaptation Studies
        • Shakespeare and Film
        • Game Studies (Adventure Games)
        • Gothic Fiction and Film
        • Popular Culture in Film and Literature

        Prof. Dr. Kerstin Knopf

        •  Postcolonial Film and Media
        •  Epistemological Power Relations and Postcolonial Knowledges
        •  German Colonial Texts in Papua New Guinea
        •  Postcolonial Studies (Cultures, Theories, Literatures and Films)
        •  Indigenous Literatures, Film and Media worldwide
        •  African Diaspora Studies
        •  American and Canadian Nineteenth-Century Literature
        •  American Prison Literature
        •  Women and Gender Studies

        Dr. Katalina Kopka

        • Film Studies
        • Pop Culture
        • Science and Literature
        • Gender Studies
        • Gothic Fiction
        • Trauma Studies
        • Cultural Memory Research

        Dr. Jana Nittel

        • British, Anglo-American and Anglo-Canadian Literature of the 18th to 21st Century
        • Film and Media studies
        • Literary Masculinities Studies
        • Anglophone Crime Fiction and Film
        • Anglophone Travel Literature of the 13th to 21st Century

        Prof. Dr. Norbert Schaffeld

        • British Literature
        • Australian and Canadian Culture
        • Shakespeare Adaptations
        • Film Studies
        • The History of Science
        • Fictional Representations of the Natural Sciences

        Corina Wieser-Cox

        • Borderland, Chicanx, and Latinx Studies
        • Queer & Gender Studies
        • Speculative Fiction and Film
        • Trans* & Nonbinary Representations in Film and Literature
        • Indigenous North and Central American Film and Literature
        • Postcolonial Theories & Concepts
        • Indigenous Teachings & Knowledges
        • Two-Spirit & Queer Indigeneities in Fiction and Film