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Aktuelle Informationen aus dem Fach English-Speaking Cultures

Welcome sessions and introduction to the study programme B.A. English-Speaking Cultures (Major, Minor and Teacher training options) and the MA programme E-SC in the Winter Term 2021/22

Welcome to the University of Bremen and to the course programmes B.A. English-Speaking Cultures (Major, minor and Teacher training options) and MA Programme E-SC in the winter term 2021/22. We are happy to welcome you all in person in class and in our welcome sessions for newly registered students. Please come along to our mandatory induction sessions and enjoy all extracurricular events organised by the StugA E-SC.

NOTE: Please allow extra time for 3G checks upon your arrival on campus so that we will be able to start punctually. 

Full BA E-SC programme link: www.uni-bremen.de/uni-start-portal/owoche/week/events/44

Full MA E-SC programme link: www.uni-bremen.de/uni-start-portal/owoche/week/events/301

SESSION 1 - Introduction to BA English-Speaking Cultures (Bachelor)

This introductory meeting will inform students about the University of Bremen, the study programme, student representatives, different study options, counselling services and sports programmes as well as to introduce you to all faculty members.

12.10.2021 10:00 a. m. – 11:00 a.m. Raum: GW2 B 3009

Zoom – link (if you are unable to attend in person)


Meeting-ID: 952 7815 1447 Kenncode: 497022

SESSION 2 - Introduction to BA English-Speaking Cultures (Bachelor)

13.10.2021 02:00 p.m. – 03:00 p.m. GW2 B 1400

Zoom – link (if you are unable to attend in person)


Meeting-ID: 937 4831 9618 Kenncode: 866848

Please contact either Dr. Jana Nittel (jnittel[at]uni-bremen.de) or Dr. Tim Giesler (giesler[at]uni-bremen.de) if you need further support regarding our introductory sessions.

SESSION 1 - Introduction to MA English-Speaking Cultures

This introductory meeting will inform students about the University of Bremen, the study programme, different study options and counselling services as well as introduce faculty members. Students are invited to participate in person. Should you be unable to do so, you can follow the meeting online, pls see the link below.

13.10.2021 12:00 noon - 01:00 p.m. GW2 B 1400

Join meeting uni-bremen.zoom.us/j/97080519465

Meeting-ID: 970 8051 9465

Kenncode: 029824

Please contact Prof. Dr. Kerstin Knopf if you need further support regarding the introductory session.


Schulpraktikum im Ausland: Fremdsprachenassistenz (FSA) im Austauschjahr 2022/23

Mit dem Programm für Fremdsprachenassistenz (FSA) des Pädagogischen Austauschdienstes (PAD) können Lehramtsstudierende (sowie je nach Zielstaat und Einrichtung des Einsatzes auch Studierende anderer Fachrichtungen) für sechs bis 11 Monate ein bezahltes Unterrichtspraktikum im Ausland absolvieren. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 11. November 2021 (USA) / 06. Januar 2022 (alle anderen Zielländer). Weitere Informationen zu dem Programm und zu den genauen Bewerbungsvoraussetzungen finden Sie auf der PAD Homepage: https://www.kmk-pad.org/programme/fremdsprachenassistenzkraefte.html 

Internship abroad in primary and secondary education: Foreign Language Assistance (FSA) in the exchange year 2022/23

With the Foreign Language Assistance (FSA) programme of the Pedagogical Exchange Service (PAD), students training to be teachers (as well as students of other disciplines, depending on the destination country and the institution of the placement) can complete a paid teaching internship abroad for six to 11 months. The application deadline is 11 November 2021 (USA) / 06 January 2022 (all other destination countries). For more information about the programme and the exact application requirements, please visit the PAD homepage: https://www.kmk-pad.org/programme/fremdsprachenassistenzkraefte.html