PD Dr. Patrick Ian Watson

British and Irish Literature and Culture; Literary Writing

Werdegang ‒ Curriculum Vitae

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Studied at the Queen's University of Belfast, later post as temporary lecturer, completing a PhD in Comparative Literature there in 1971. Has published poetry, essays and reviews alongside scholarly publications since 1969.

Resident in Bremen since 1972. Married, with two children. Post-doc dissertation (Habilitation) in 1985. Various posts at the University of Bremen: Assistenzprofessor, Professor auf Zeit, Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben - and, since 2002, as Hochschuldozent/Senior Lecturer for British and Irish Literature and Culture and Creative Writing.

Founding editor of newleaf magazine (1994), now co-editor with Simon Makhali (Bremen) & Julia Boll (Edinburgh) - since 1994. Werder Bremen season-ticket holder.


  • Literary writing (formerly "Creative Writing" - poetry and narrative)
  • The eighteenth and nineteenth-century novel, particularly Austen, Dickens and the industrial novel
  • British and Irish poetry from 1750 to the present, particularly Romanticism and contemporary
  • Twentieth-century war poetry
  • Contemporary British and Irish fiction
  • Popular music
  • Football culture


  • Theory and didactics of Literary Writing
  • British football culture
  • War and anti-war literature
  • British and Irish folk song and popular music


  • War and Peace: Voices from the Battlefield ( Stuttgart 1995)
  • Alive and Kicking: Fußball zwischen Deutschland und England (Hamburg/Berlin 1995, co-editor)
  • Song and Democratic Culture (London/New York 1982)
  • Founder and co-editor newleaf magazine
  • Scholarly essays; reviews; radio features; television film
  • Literary translation
  • Poetry in English and German