Lecture Series - Blue Humanities - Histories, Cultures, Literatures, and Media

Lecture Series – Blue Humanities: Histories, Cultures, Literatures, and Media
Date and Topic:
25 Oct. 2023 Launch of the Bremen Blue Humanities Research Group & Opening Keynote:
Steve Mentz, St. John’s University*: Introducing the Blue Humanities: Opportunities and Controversies
01 Nov. 2023 Kerstin Knopf, U of Bremen: Figurations of the Ocean in Canadian Literature
08 Nov. 2023 Jeannette Armstrong, U of British Columbia Okanagan*: BC Rivers, Salmon and Syilx Restoration Campaigns
15 Nov. 2023 Paula von Gleich, U of Bremen: Re-imagining the Atlantic: Slavery, Migration, and the Ocean in Black American Literature and Theory
22 Nov. 2023 Charne Lavery, U of Pretoria*: Vertical Indian Ocean: Submersion in Yvonne
Adhiambo Owuor’s The Dragonfly Sea
06 Dec. 2023 Oluseun A. Tanimomo, independent scholar*: When to Tell a Single Story: On
Helon Habila’s Shimmery Brackish Waters, Environmental Justice, and the
Blue Humanities
13 Dec. 2023 Sukla Chatterjee, U of Aberdeen*: The Timeless and the Dispensable:
Looking at the Mediterranean and the Refugee through The Optician of
20 Dec. 2023 Corina Wieser-Cox, U of Bremen: Mermaids, Oceans, and Queer Speculative
Futures in The Deep
10 Jan. 2024 Andrea Muehlebach, U of Bremen: Do Waves Have Rights?
17 Jan. 2024 Andreas Gutmann, U Kassel*: Rivers in the Courtroom
24 Jan. 2024 Keir Waddington, Cardiff U*: How to Feel and Behave During a Drought:
Historical Droughts and Everyday Experience
31 Jan. 2024 Mohammed Muharram, U of Bremen: Introducing Arabic Blue Humanities
Faculty 10, Linguistics and Literary Studies, Bremen Blue Humanities Research Group
Speakers marked with * will join us via Zoom in the Cartesium.
For online access, please contact Dr. Paula von Gleich.